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July 14th 2019
Published: July 14th 2019
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Ok wow. I mean... I don't think there's more to describe how beautiful today was.

I took the train down to Interlaken - coming in along the Thun Lake (the first of 2 lakes) was just stunning - doesn't matter how often I'm seeing it, the vibrancy of the turquoise and the water is just beyond words. A short 10min walk to my hostel was even beautiful - to my right you see the 3 Kings loom over head: Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch. And to my left? A giant park where paragliders come in to land. Are you kidding me??? I'm living in a postcard.

After I dropped my bags off, I sat there for a bit watching the gliders swirl around the sky. I was contemplating it myself... until I saw some of them doing loop de loops. And when I saw the price tag haha. I'll be happy with my zipline and my trottibike later this week.

I familiarized myself with the town (it's really not that big) and then since today's the day I have no rail pass for the mountains, I went off to explore some caves! St Beatus to be exact. Bus ride isn't long from Interlaken - plus like Bern and Lucerne, you get a free bus pass as a visitor. Brilliant. The bus to the caves goes along the Thun Lake again - just a beauty. There's then quite the non-shaded climb to the caves (wah) but the caves themselves are a wonderful 8-10C. A nice reprieve!

The caves were a fun find tbh - I can't remember how I found about them, because they don't seem as publicized as other things in the region. It's basically stalagmites and underground waterfalls. They say it takes about 75min to walk the caves (it's a loop), but I'm pretty sure I took longer just because of the continuous photo stops. Also I'd let groups and kids go ahead so that I could enjoy some silence hahaha. Honestly, for a good chunk all I could hear was either water running from the numerous underground falls or simply my own footsteps. There was one grotto I stopped in and it was literally silent. Nothing. No water. No chatter. Pure silence. Bless.

Of course a few minutes later I crossed paths with a group of 20-somethings singing "Frere Jacques" at the top of their lungs lol. One extreme to the other.

Back in town I spent the evening makes a rough plan of attack for the next few days... of course everything is weather dependent, so grain of salt... but I have an idea at least! Speaking of weather - it doesn't look overly promising so I'm very glad I brought my rainproof backpack and a brand new rain jacket (thanks Dad and Colleen!) It will get its use this week!

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15th July 2019
Stalagmites and their reflections

This photo reminds me
Hi Julie, This photo in particular is reminiscent of one I took this winter in Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. The colours and textures and endless variety in formations are amazing, as are the reflections that you wouldn't even know were there unless pointed out. Sounds like you are having another great trip, which we always enjoy reading about.
15th July 2019
Stalagmites and their reflections

Hi Joan, Hm I'll have to check those caverns out if I'm ever down that way - I love exploring caves. Hope you're having a nice summer!

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