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Europe » Switzerland » South-West May 17th 2019

Geneva sits on a slip of land at the west of its lake. Flying in to clear blue water beneath us, after a delayed and just tolerable Easy jet flight, we’re so pleased to arrive. The most French of Swiss cities, it took an effort to get out of the now freely thought habit of speaking español. Channeling the high school French lessons for P2 helped with the basics. Such as, we said hello to a dog, Le chien. I’ve since been encouraged to consult google translate, not him. Our Airbnb was on the fourth floor of an early 1900s building, serviced by a lift as small as a fridge, in a wired cage, and that you may have to wait some time for. We figured out the floor buttons didn’t properly register after squeezing ourselves ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich May 4th 2019

Many of you know that I have enjoyed rail travel in the past. Whether across our great country, or the famous Trans Siberian Railway across Russia, I have enjoyed most every trip. And for those of you still working, yes, train travel is for retirees, since it takes more time. Here are some interesting train facts. Train stations, once quaint and archaic expressions of architecture and beauty, are becoming the bustling nerve centers of many of the world’s largest cities. Train travel is convenient and can be much easier than traveling by car or bus, but that does not mean it doesn’t come with a cost. Train travel makes it easy to connect parts of city, region, town or country. However, of the many train stations in the world, there are quite a few that currently ... read more
Penn Station, NYC
Shinjuku station, Tokyo
TSR, from Vladivostok to Moscow

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne May 2nd 2019

This morning we boarded the bus following breakfast and headed down the steep, winding, narrow road toward the village of Stans, Switzerland. It is the home of the Stanserhorn Mountains and cable car. The mountain railway is the first electric powered mountain railway which also used a steam powered generator as back up. The cabrio (cable car) is the first double decker, open air cable car. Of course we went straight to the air car. We started our ride partway up the mountain on the mountain railway and transferred to the cabrio about halfway up the mountain. This mountain is 6300 feet above sea level. You could feel your ears pop as you ascended the mountain. Once you got to the end of the cabrio line you could walk to the very top of the ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West May 1st 2019

Today is a travel day so we had to pack up our suitcases and put them outside our door by 7 am. Then it was off to breakfast, then board the bus by 8 am. Today I’ll post a picture f the map of our trip. You’ll see we are covering lots of territory. I must say I like riding the bus and seeing the scenery but it’s hard not to sleep since we are tired. Our first stop was at a rest area like our turnpike stops in West Virginia. There’s usually a gas station, parking for cars, buses, and tractor trailers. There’s rest rooms and restaurants....not much different than in the US. Today however, we didn’t have to pay! One thing we noticed was the number of tractor trailers parked at all the rest ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East May 1st 2019

Geneva,Switzerland Toi nay toi dinh ngu tai Lyon, France de sang hom sau toi di den cac Unesco sites gan do de xem. Tren duong den Lyon toi thay di gan Geneva nen toi ghe Geneva den khach san Four Season Hotel Des Burges de tham vieng noi day ma toi da den 8-2018 vi noi day rat dac biet doi voi toi la vi Hoi nghi Geneve 1954 da xay ra tai day. Toi den Geneva luc 6Pm va o day den 8Pm thi di ve Lyon de ngu. Toi den Lyon khoang 11PM. Duong xa o Lyon rat kho di, kho di hon ca Paris vi rat nhieu duong ham va cach lam duong o Paris hay o nhung thanh pho lon nhu Paris , Lyon, Havana…ho xay khong nhu he thong Block o ... read more

Europe » Switzerland April 25th 2019

We could say that the desire to start a trip is enough. While it is true and little else is needed, we have to say that there are several things, also important, that we should take into account and review before getting on track. We leave you a selection of few things you should keep in mind when preparing a trip and that, we believe, will help you travel lighter. 1. Flights, the great expense in a trip. Or not? One of the great budget items of a trip is, without a doubt, the flight. Although this can always be nuanced a bit and we assure you that, with a little time and some tips, you can save enough dollars : Start looking at the flights with time. Contrary to what may seem, the last minute ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Saas-Grund April 24th 2019

Have we ever actually skied in the Swiss part of the Alps? Well we have now. Normally opting for the cheaper French or Italian Alps and not being disappointed, we realized we had avoided the pricey-er Swiss part of the Alps. As spring flowers were blooming in our garden, tennis rackets were out, bicycle tyres were pumped up, walks to the local playground etc, spring had definitely arrived in Geneva. We enjoyed hosting the Phyares for a weekend of fun, the girls enjoying having their friends around. We went to Nyon and caught the boat to Yvoire, always a fun trip. But most of all we just hung around and enjoyed having our friends around. It is such fun to see these guys and we really appreciate the wee detour they have done for a few ... read more
Traditional swiss houses, Saas Fee
Transport in the village
Mountain in Saas Fee

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva April 17th 2019

Another ski season based in Geneva, this season we tried some new things. This season we learnt to cross country ski - my favourite as there are no chair lifts to fall off! La Vattay is in the Jura Mountain range, just down the road from Col de la faucille where we were skiing other seasons. We started snow shoeing at La Dole and St Cergue. On my bucket list, was to snow shoe at night to a refuge for fondue, Murray and I were lucky enough to go with some fellow kiwis. This was planned after meeting some kiwis at Waitangi day and ended up being a few days after the Christchurch mosque attack. It was nice to be with fellow kiwis to remember those that died in the attacks and come together against this ... read more
H at La Vattay cross country skiing
La Vattay
The family cross country, La Vattay

Europe » Switzerland March 26th 2019

Montag, 25.03.19 - Dienstag, 26.03.19 Heute war nur noch packen und am Laptop arbeiten angesagt. Sarinya kam gegen 19.00 Uhr nach Hause. Da sie bereits gegessen hatte, holte ich mir noch kurz etwas in der Nähe. Um 20.30 Uhr begleitete mich Sarinya noch zur Haltestelle, wo wir uns verabschiedeten. Es war eine tolle Zeit bei ihr und mit ihr. Mit dem Bus fuhr ich zum Flughafen. Ich war zwar noch etwas früh dran, aber dafür konnte ich es gemütlich nehmen. Beim Einchecken musste ich erneut etwas umpacken, doch vom Gewicht her war es dieses Mal kein Problem, weil bei diesem Flug mehr Gewicht erlaubt war. Gegen 00.50 Uhr startete meine Rückreise in die Schweiz. Während dem Online-Checkin hatte ich noch den Sitzplatz gewechselt und hatte somit Glück, dass nun ein Sitzplatz neben mir frei war. So ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva January 26th 2019

Term 1 seemed more hectic than normal. Murray was away a lot in Bangladesh responding to the emergency there. I was working full time covering for a colleague. C at a new school and the others still at primary, we are now on 3 different campuses. Still enjoying the beautiful place we live in, as the weather changes into winter.... read more
Day with mum and dad before they left Geneva
Murray sailing on lake Geneva
Murray preparing the boat for a sail

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