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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva August 22nd 2015

On the British schooling system, the kids and I had 7 weeks holiday (the kids actually have 8 weeks), so we spent 6 weeks in Europe, as Murray was working from the Geneva office. This meant Murray got up at his regular time and went to work Monday-Friday, and came home approximately 6pm every evening. Just to clarify, Murray was not on holiday, but we made the most of the summer evenings and weekends. The kids and I enjoyed our apartment, till we were told off for being too loud, more on that later. We saw a bit of Geneva and explored a little around the Ferney area which is on the French side of the border where we were staying. Mostly we just slept in, rested and swam. I underestimated how tired I was from ... read more
Our little family lakeside
The Lake
Swimming in Lake Geneva

Europe » Switzerland » South-East August 5th 2015

Kelheim to Regensburg meant we popped out of Germany and into Switzerland but on route we did stop at The Befreiungshalle (The Hall of Liberation) which Kaiser Ludwig 1 had erected to commemorate the victories against Napoleon 1813 - 1815 and help unite the German nation. A massive imposing structure, thats rest majestically atop the hill and so could be viewed for miles in all directions. After 'almost' making it to the top on our bikes, the ride down for a swim in the Donau was easy. Regensburg turned into one of our favorites, great little alleys and arcades, old & new, funky & traditional, great music alcoves, dancing in the street - an artistic & relaxed persona. So it was with a little regret we left to ride on and explore the way to Straubing ... read more
Jan way on the other side, inside Befreiungshalle
Regensburg Cathedral
Quaint Regensburg alleys

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken August 1st 2015

If you have ever felt daunted by the idea of taking a road trip in a foreign land, such as Switzerland, you are not alone. At first, I didn't know what we were getting ourselves into! There weren't that many useful resources explaining step by step how to take a road trip around the Swiss mountain range. Most message boards warned against the idea of driving here, especially in the winter when the roads are covered in snow, so we really didn't know what to expect. I'm glad we listened to our intuition and did it anyway, because we got to experience the most magical land with unbelievable landscapes, guided by an innovative route system that is very driver-friendly. We even got a chance to jump off a mountain paragliding! The surprising fact about Switzerland is ... read more
Interlaken/Lauterbrunnen Valley
Stunning views on our road trip.
Taking a surprise boat ride on gorgeous Lake Lucerne.

Europe » Switzerland July 23rd 2015

Day 9 - July 22 ,2015 - Champex Lac, Switzerland to Trient, Switzerland Woke up to a beautiful morning after a night of heavy rains. As we headed out of Champex, we passed by an awesome bakery which we stopped at to get some bread to make a sandwich for lunch. We then continued walking alongside the road coming to a big paved parking lot where there were lots of cars presumably from people doing day hikes. It's not long before we start a gradual climb through the woods on a very nice wide path crossing over a stream and then continuing with a gentle walk through the open meadows passing by some very beautiful homes. As we continued walking we passed by a hay baler which is so different from what my dad used on ... read more

Europe » Switzerland July 22nd 2015

Day 8 - La Fouly, Switzerland to Champex Lac, Switzerland The day began with us hiking to the end of town and then crossing the road to join the footpath that took us across the river and into the woods - to Grandma's house we go - ha!. As we entered the woods we came across some very unique hanging paintings which we have no idea why they were there. Before long we came to a clearing in the woods that made we think "what an ideal place for a bear to suddenly appear". As we continued on we passed by a very beautiful waterfall. The trail then followed alongside the river winding in and out of the woods with a gradual uphill climb. Before long the trail made a turn and we left the river ... read more

Europe » Switzerland July 21st 2015

Day 7 - July 20, 2015 - Refuge Bonatti, Italy to La Fouly, Switzerland After having a good breakfast at the refuge, we started the day with a small gradual climb up the mountain. Following the path, we crossed over several small streams and gullies traversing the hillside of the mountain before descending to the floor of the Val Ferret. Upon reaching the floor, we walked along the tarmac until we passed the Chalet Val Ferret. We then crossed the river and what decides to run across the path right in front of me - my most feared animal - a mouse. Once I had gotten my feet back on the ground, we started the climb to Rifugio Elena where we stopped for coffee and the most amazing blueberry tart. After getting our bodies re-energized for ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West July 19th 2015

With only a few hours to spend in Geneva we were keen to get started. We went to catch the bus and had the fun of trying to buy tickets from a machine that wasn't working. We got one ticket just before we had to get off and had paid for the other but didn't receive it. Chris had told us about the museum of the International Red Cross so we left the bus just outside the UN building and walked up the hill. Outside the museum was a set of statues called "The Petrified" which were really moving. They showed human figures wrapped in shrouds standing huddled together. Visitors were encouraged to interact with the statues and doing so was a strangely humanising experience. We went into the museum not sure what to expect. Getting ... read more
"The Petrified" by Carl Bucher
The Geneva Convention
Banner from mourners of the Srebrenica Massacre

Europe » Switzerland July 12th 2015

Summer of 2015 is well under its way. The temperatures had already reached 30s end of June, and we had 3 sunny weeks in a row. Early July and we are already talking about hiking to 2600m. What a great start. This post will list all the hikes for this season which are originally posted on my swiss blog (for historical reasons), along with some very best photos of the year. Saturday July 11 - Walserweg stage 3 : Tomülpass... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West July 12th 2015

The Eurail has brought us to our final Alp destination, Interlaken. We have spectacular views of the famous mountain trio Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau as well as the two lakes on either side of the city, the Thun and Brienz. Interlaken is the gateway to the Bernese Oberland and to our final adventure, climbing to the top of the tallest mountain in Europe...Jungfrau! Tomorrow we head for Zurich and fly home the following day. Stay tuned for next year as the Alpine Gals have already begun planning their next adventure!!... read more
Interlaken - Hotel Carlton Europe
Interlaken - Hoheweg
Interlaken - Hoheweg

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken July 12th 2015

PANORAMA: Panorama Weg with the Eiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau in the distance 95 degrees in Switzerland??? You've got to be kidding me!! But, I'm not. It was the hottest we have ever experienced. It was hotter than Greece! We're not complaining, just amazed. The Swiss WERE complaining! Our solution was to jump on a lift and hike in the high mountains. It's what we do anyway, so it was all good for us. Sleeping at night, without AC, was a totally different story. We come here repeatedly because we love the beauty and the hiking. That is what we do everyday, we hike. Enjoy the photos and short videos of some of our favorite spots in all the world. We're home now and getting ready for the next summer adventure. I will be heading ... read more
Mannlichen view point overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley
Bowling in the mountains

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