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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Interlaken » Matten bei Interlaken September 30th 2022

It’s 9.40 pm and it’s been a long day. I’ll drop in a bit of information, some interesting facts, and let the beautiful scenery do the rest. Tim and I did another early dash to Jumbos, the Swiss Bunnings, to pick up some more things, like a 450mm drill extension, for the dishwasher, and after taking on Tim as a work experience boy - no need to pay them - I had the help I needed to get the job done. No leaks, it powers up, but with French instructions, I didn’t have time to run a test. Should be good, but just in case I made sure we were well down the highway before it was tested. It drizzled constantly as we headed to Spiezer, with me taking over driving duties. Tim wanted a break, ... read more
This was the Geneva I got to see
Another Geneva Gem
Wall of Colour

Europe » Switzerland » South-West September 29th 2022

Cooler weather is forecast but I’m not sure why it’s a forecast; it is cooler. We tidied up, put out the rubbish, and left Saint Remy in a car bulging with wine, food, gifts, clothes and essentials, and us. Wipers clearing drizzle have turned the windscreen into a grey, smeared rainbow, and I soon regretted not cleaning the screen. It was number 3 on my mental check list but was never checked off. Petrol stops are generally autopay, and rarely is there a bucket and squeegee, so I made do with my ever present handkerchief and my water bottle. We are hemmed in by steep , rock faced mountains, and are saving time by cutting through the mountains via tunnels. These can be kilometres long and are well lit up. Safer than the open road in ... read more
The Time Savers.
Annecy Church on a canal island.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Montreux September 20th 2022

Lovely day today and all the more precious as last full day of the holiday. Still three full days but those will be travelling days with stops each night as we drive up France to Calais ready for the ferry on Saturday. We had found a boat trip round this end of the lake running every couple of hours for two hours and headed down for the one just before 1pm. Miscalculated the time and we were way too early so changed our plans a little and went to the Coop for the bits of food we needed to get us home. Then we set off to explore the medieval village of Villeneuve en route back to the campsite. Rather astonishingly we had only just realized it was there, tucked away behind the main street. Quite ... read more
220920 Villeneuve (98)
220920 Villeneuve (107)
220920 Villeneuve (62)

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lausanne September 18th 2022

Really loving this location on Lake Geneva. This area on the north coast, eastern side is called the Riviera and it certainly has the feel of the French Riviera with a hint of Italian Lakes 😊 It was chilly in the night. The season definitely changed with the falling first snow of the year and the night temperatures from now on will be decidedly autumnal. Daytime is a different matter. Woke to glorious unclouded blue sky. Saw that several people on the campsite were pretty well dressed for winter but I took no notice and dressed in my sunny day outfit of suntop and shorts… and I didn’t need the cardigan I took out with me just in case 😊 We whizzed along the north shore of the lake towards Montreux and then carried on to ... read more
220918 Villeneuve (56)
220918 Villeneuve (83)
220918 Villeneuve (245)

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Montreux September 17th 2022

Quite a long drive today and most of the way on the motorway. Seemed to be right across Switzerland, East to West but Switzerland is a very funny shape with lots of bits sticking out in all directions if you look at it on the map. It rained all night exactly as forecast and sure enough when we looked out at the mountains to the East, those we had just come down from, there was snow showing on some of the peaks. So glad we made the decision to come down on Thursday as we did. If we had been up the mountain in the night the way that rain was coming down in a very wintery way, I would have spent the night at the window checking if we were getting snowed on and in. ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » St. Moritz September 16th 2022

Early start today as we had a train to catch just before 9am at Chur Bahnhof. Not the famous Bernina Express, as Bob had not managed book seats for any reasonable time on that, but the normal Chur to St Moritz train goes on exactly the same line so we had return tickets for that and they proved to be really good. Arrived nicely in time and found forward facing seats on the right hand side as Bob had read that was the best view and it was indeed. Absolutely super ride. Two full hours of magnificent views as the red train snaked higher and higher through the mountains, tips topped with lots of white haloes of cloud as it had rained quite a lot in the night. The first half hour of the ride is ... read more
220916 Chur (211)
220916 Chur (88)
220916 Chur (353)

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Cunter September 15th 2022

Today was planned to be a day of leisure as we seem to have been dashing somewhere every day so far. A shower, leisurely breakfast, stroll along the fields beyond the campsite and maybe a coffee in Churwalden village. It rained, as forecast, in the night and the campsite looked rather spectacular when we woke with lumps of white cloud hanging around over everything. It did rather reinforce the idea that the weather really was changing as rain was forecast and rain it did. Sometimes we change our plans. I had been checking the weather and though I knew we were expecting rain and possible thunderstorms in the next couple of days, Snow was not on my agenda. For one thing I haven’t brought my boots nor any trousers. Silly maybe as we are in the ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Arosa September 14th 2022

Planned trip out today. A train ride up to Arosa in the mountains. This is the Raetian Railway RHB line and goes only to Arosa (the terminus) and back. A 1000 metre climb over 26 kilometres. The train ride starts from outside the station and goes along the streets of Chur before climbing up through the mountainous landscape of Schanfigg to Arosa at the end of the line. We drove down the wibbly wobbly hairpin bend road into Chur to the station and parked in the station carpark as before and boarded the 10.08 from platform 2 right outside the station. It wasn’t full so we could choose our seats and needed to be on the right hand side looking forward as the main views are on that side. The journey takes 1 hour and ends ... read more
220914 Chur walden (22)
220914 Chur walden (339)
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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Chur September 13th 2022

First time down the Lenzerheide pass to Chur in Smart Arse and it coped very well. Some very tight hair pin bends but at least, on the way there at least, it was downhill all the way. We headed first for the station as wanted to check the way there and parking facilities ready for train rides later in the week. We drive right through the bus station, which is also part train station as the train to Arosa sets off through the streets rather than the standard train rails which run from within the Bahnhof behind. Not sure we were allowed to drive through there but finding directions is a challenge when you are trying to read directional signs, listen to Clarissa tomtom who appears to be out of date for Chur and also take ... read more
220913 Churwalden (165)
220913 Churwalden (153)
220913 Churwalden (82)

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lenzerheide September 12th 2022

Today we headed up the mountain by cable car again. This time from the cable car right next to the campsite. Such a delight to wake up in such a lovely spot, halfway up a mountain and to be woken to the gentle sound of the cable car passing over the motorhome on its way up and down the mountain. Handily there is a small supermarket just down the track to the campsite so I nipped down first for some fresh bread rolls and croissants. Always a lovely way to start the day. Then off to the cable car and up, up and away. The cable car is called the Panorama and that is what it is. It doesn’t connect to any other ski lifts or other mountain transport and slightly sadly there are no refreshment ... read more
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