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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva January 26th 2019

Term 1 seemed more hectic than normal. Murray was away a lot in Bangladesh responding to the emergency there. I was working full time covering for a colleague. C at a new school and the others still at primary, we are now on 3 different campuses. Still enjoying the beautiful place we live in, as the weather changes into winter.... read more
Day with mum and dad before they left Geneva
Murray sailing on lake Geneva
Murray preparing the boat for a sail

Europe » Switzerland November 2nd 2018

October 2018 Switzerland-Italy 10/19 - DFW, NYC DFW Flying solo has become such a typical experience, this part of the trip is no different. I've become such a proficient flier, navigating an airport is almost second nature by now. Delay at getting out of DFW. Apparently some problem with the flight electronics. Had to sit at the gate for about 45 minutes. This is the most frustrating part of flying NYC Fourth time to NYC and the city never gets old. Great view flying in over Manhattan. Statue of Liberty and Central Park all easily seen from the left side of the plane, my usual plane seat. Landed only about 30 minutes late Taxi! A little chaotic getting a taxi from LGA to Manhattan, but I expected that. Love hearing New York accents. The New York ... read more
American Airlines Premium Economy
Premium Economy Meal

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Glarus October 29th 2018

We knew it was going to be wet today but we didn't bargain on it being quite so cold. We had a low of 5 and a high of 9. Never mind, we had a city tour in mind which would work in well with the weather and we did have warm clothes. Chur (pronounced Core) is just over 2 hours train ride from here so manageable for a day trip. We arrived in Chur in the middle of the day and set off for the Old Town which is through the new town and up the hill. The first feel on entry is that it feels spacious and not hemmed in but off the main square are many narrow streets with little over bridges joining one building to another across the street. Also there are ... read more
A little overbridge in an old street in Chur
A colourful street in Old Chur

Europe » Switzerland October 18th 2018

European Organization of Nuclear Research, Switzerland: CERN CERN, Switzerland 10 2018 France, Switzerland 10-2018 DVD 230320 0 France, Switzerland 10-2018 DVD 230320 1 France, Switzerland 10-2018 DVD 230320 2 Chuyen di Paris 10-11 toi 17 2018 10-11-2018 Toi roi Lax luc 7PM ngay 10-10-2018 va den Paris ngay 10-11-2018 luc 5pm. Toi di den Arc the Triump. 10-12-2018 Paris Sang nay 10-12-18 toi di den thap Eiffel de di vieng mo Vua Bao Dai ma toi da co lan vieng nam 201... read more
IMG_20181016_112359252 - Copy
IMG_20181016_113742277_BURST000_COVER_TOP - Copy

Europe » Switzerland » South-East October 18th 2018

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 10 2018 Geneva: Nam 1954 khi Phap thua tran Dien Bien Phu, Phap dau hang va rut quan ve dao New Calendonia ngoai khoi Thai Binh Duong ma noi day cung co nguoi Viet sinh song ma da so la tu nhan nguoi Viet , nhung nguoi dam dung len chong lai su do ho cua Phap roi bi Phap giam cam o dao nay. Vi phan chanh tri Phap truoc khi phai giao tra Vietnam cho nguoi Vietnam Phap va chanh phu Viet Minh luc bay gio dong y gap nhua o Geneva , ThuySi de noi ve so phan tuong lai cua dat nuoc Viet Nam de roi ca 2 ben dong y chia 2 dat nuoc, mien Bac thuoc cong san duoi su cai tri cua chanh quyen Viet Minh, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland October 16th 2018

Finally a trip to Switzerland, 25 years in the making. Visiting some of the places from DDLJ.. - Alok Rana... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg October 3rd 2018

Am 3. Oktober habe ich meinen letzten Ausflug von Bern gemacht. Nach Fribourg. Ich muss aber sagen, dass ich nicht mehr besonders motiviert war und ihn auch entsprechend kurz gehalten habe. Das Wetter war schön und ich bin ein bisschen herum gelaufen. Kathedrale. Altstadt. Zentraler Platz. Kaffeepause. Danach wieder zum Auto und zurück nach Bern.... read more
Spaziergang durch Fribourg.
Spaziergang durch Fribourg.
Spaziergang durch Fribourg.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva October 2nd 2018

Während meiner 17. und letzten Woche in Bern habe ich zwei Ausflüge gemacht. Den ersten davon nach Genf. Mein erster Besuch in dieser Stadt war während meiner Interrail-Tour 1992 und mein zweiter 2000. Danach war ich 2002/03 während meines Projektes am gleichnamigen See nochmals in der Stadt. Diesmal habe ich wieder problemlos einen zentralen Parkplatz gefunden und meinen Spaziergang begonnen. Zuerst bin ich zum Starbucks und habe dort Kaffee getrunken und Kuchen gegessen. Den Marmorkuchen gibt es anscheinend in allen Filialen der Welt. Von dort bin ich durch due Altstadt hinauf zur Kathedrale, wo ich 1992 schon einmal Rast eingelegt habe. Danach bin ich in die Haupteinkaufsstraße und habe dort eine Metzgerei entdeckt. Ich hätte eigentlich gewarnt sein müssen. Für zwei Steaks habe ich über 100 Euro bezahlt, aber immerhin war eines davon mein erstes Wagyu ... read more
In der Altstadt von Genf.
Die Kathedrale von Genf.
Mein Wagyu-Steak.

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Glarus September 30th 2018

Once again we have another lovely sunny and calm day although we expect it to change for tomorrow. This is therefore our last chance to experience the mountains around here before heading home. There is a lake called Klontal in a valley near Glarus and it looks lovely in the pictures so it would be a shame to leave this valley without a visit. We could get the train and then bus up there but since it is a Sunday, Marc could take us up in the car and we could walk along the lake track. We packed a picnic and set off with the backpack for Sophia and packs for us. It was a good theory but fell down in that Sophia was having nothing to do with the backpack and let the entire lake ... read more
View of Klontal Lake from the dam
The Linth Valley looking up towards the Klausen Pass

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Glarus September 29th 2018

As titled, the Cows Come Down to the Town. It has a poetic symmetry to it, doesn't it? It started with a distant rumbling, clanging noise. Cows! We dashed outside just as they arrived and I missed the start. Darn! I photographed what I could then went inside. Then we heard bells again. This time we made it to be there for the front runners. What a sight. The families in their white smock tops led the cows who had their heads decorated in flowers and greenery. Around their necks they had huge bells so you can imagine the noise of a hundred or so cows clomping their way through the streets. Throughout the herd were families separating their own herds from the others. It was such a wonderful sight that you would not see anywhere ... read more
A little flock of goats leading the cows
A garlanded tractor at the rear of the Alpabzug
Tail end Charlie.  The dog

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