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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Chur October 12th 2019

What a difference a day makes , twenty four little hours - if you of a certain age you will remember that song . Mum always said things will feel different tomorrow if I ever felt ill. She was right . Those twenty four hours can make all the difference in the world . Today was one of those days . Who would have expected to lose the high temperatures and wake up to the first frost of the Autumn? Gabby the motorhome was parked up at Camping Splugen. We had not intended to stop in Switzerland . This trip was never about that . Switzerland is always expensive and we had other fish to fry but somehow things as always change along the way. We almost didnt find Camping Splugen. Not Silly Sat Navs fault ... read more
Switzerland and its mountains
One of the many hillside castles along the route

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Versoix October 9th 2019

Some of you have wondered WHY this three month trip....well, in part, it is because Bill and I are not getting any younger!! That’s a fact. In particular, I was/am hoping to recapture some of the excitement and clarity-of-thought that we both remember from our year-long 1994 excursion. Until climbing the mountain, I wasn’t sure if we could accomplish that. However, while walking in weather-turning-to-snow, and being afraid because we might have taken the wrong path, I concentrated on putting one foot in front of another, in front of another, in front of another, and focused on NOT falling down the mountainside. I thought about not panicking, and not getting mad because I didn’t know what was coming up... I won’t kid you. There have been some moments in the last month when I have been ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Versoix October 4th 2019

Well, this was an interesting SERVAS stay...when I emailed, I mentioned our two preferred nights, and they replied, well, come for one night, and we will see about the next...turns out that this young couple (with a three-year-old) had just joined SERVAS...apparently, the interviewer blabbed on and on about how great it was to get someone young and never really mentioned how it works. As in...the expected stay is for two nights. The host, not the traveller, can suggest additional nights. So we got out the SERVAS list from France and showed them that French very often indicate that one night is NOT OKAY. We explained that the first night is not really for visiting. One New Zealand host summed it up nicely as she turned us down, stating, “I am only here for one of ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-East October 3rd 2019

A firm favourite is the Des Alps celebrations at La Fouly. We have stayed at Glaciers camping ground for 3 years in a row now. The first was by accident and we missed the festivities, last year the girls and I went (Murray was on a work trip), so this year was the first time as a family to see the Des Alps. My parents, who have been helping out with the kids, extended their trip by a few days so they could join us and witness this unique Swiss tradition. Des Alps is the start of winter, when the cows come down from grazing in the mountains over summer time, to shelter in the barns over the harsh winters. The cows get dressed up, wearing flower head dresses and their ceremonial bells. Swiss horns play, ... read more
Last camping trip in Switzerland
Stream through the camp ground
Church in the Valley

Europe » Switzerland September 22nd 2019

22 September 2019 In the middle of Lake Biel is St Peter’s island which is connected to the mainland by a 3k long promontory. We had a pleasant cycle ride from the campsite along the promontory and around the island. At the landward end of the promontory is the village of Erlach. It happened to be their harvest parade and on our return trip we had an enjoyable couple of hours joining the locals watching the bands and floats go by and getting samples of the local produce.... read more
Cycling on the island
One of the bands in the Erlach parade
A float

Europe » Switzerland September 21st 2019

21 September 2019 15,000 years ago, during the last ice age, there was a tectonic shift which formed the impressive 23m high Rhienfall with 700 cu metres of water per second making the drop in a raging torrent. We visited it today and the series of observation platforms provided gave us an excellent opportunity of appreciating its immense power. We also had a short boat trip which took us right underneath the falls. Afterwards we drove 180k westward to a pleasant campsite on the shore of Lake Biel, close to the Jura Mountains.... read more
The viewing platforms got us closer
And closer, a spray bow came into view
And really close

Europe » Switzerland September 20th 2019

20 September 2019 In returning clear weather we had a long, tiring but interesting day on the Swiss Rhine. The morning was spent exploring Medieval Schaffhausen with its many buildings decorated with frescoes and intricate oriel windows. After lunch we boarded a cruiser for a two hour ride along the river past forest covered hills, vineyards and attractive villages to Stein am Rhein with its spectacular Rathausplatz. We returned by train, a first trip by Swiss Rail on this trip.... read more
The plain interior is as it was built with modern fittings which add to its charm
A typical street scene showing some of the oriel windows
More intricate medieval work

Europe » Switzerland September 19th 2019

19 September 2019 About 20k south of Ägerisee there is the village of Stoos at an altitude of 1300m. Stoos is reached by the steepest funicular in the world which was completed two years ago. Above Stoos are a series of skiing chair lifts which in the summer give access to a walk along a mountain ridge between the local peaks, Klingenstock and Fronalpstock. The weather was mixed but the forecast said it should improve so I decided to walk the ridge. Wendy accompanied me on the funicular which turned out to be a spectacular ride made more interesting because the cars revolved to remain level on the steep sections. I continued up the chair lifts and walked the ridge but unfortunately the weather did not clear, and I was in mist all the time. Afterwards ... read more
Passing the other carriage comprising four tilting cars
The misty ridge path
The closest I got of a view to Lake Lucerne in the valley

Europe » Switzerland September 18th 2019

18 September 2019 The weather turned dull today and we walked from the campsite up to the local summit, Brandhöchi at an altitude of 1127m. As we had almost finished our descent, Wendy slipped on some gravel and grazed her knee. A local couple who had just finished walking their dog saw the bleeding and kindly drove us back to the campsite.... read more
On the summit, there were a few men hunting deer up there

Europe » Switzerland September 17th 2019

17 September 2019 The bikes have been on their rack on the back of the van without us using them, but today we made up for that with a wonderful 9 mile gentle ride along the cycle path which closely followed the perimeter of Ägerisee.... read more
A small ferry moves between several stops on the perimeter of the lake
We had a delicious lunch of fish from the lake at Hotel Eierhals
On one of the rural lanes we used

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