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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 22nd 2023

We are back in Bled, having walked the Juliana Trail. The total ascent is equivalent to more than climbing Mt Everest. And as we are back where we commenced the descent is the same. There’s much debate about which is more difficult but rest assured there are difficult uphill sections and difficult downhill sections on this trail but they are rewarded with spectacular views and with scenic vistas which have been quite breathtaking. The figures and statistics are intriguing. We regularly walk more than 40000 steps which on the flat would translate to about 30 km but on no day did we walk nearly that far. The weather was too hot today as the temperature rose above 30 degrees and the heat radiating from the roads made it uncomfortable. Anyway it’s now ancient history and we ... read more
The final 2 km or so through the streets of Bled.
Burgers and beer. Good as it looks.
You serious! No cereal!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 10th 2023

Day nineteen. 2023. I love Bled. (I may not have made this clear enough 😂) This morning was a visit somewhere new, a mini zoo. I'm not sure it was what you might expect of a zoo but it had snakes (quite terrifying as they stared at you) lizards (see above) the biggest free roaming grey parrot who clicked and spoke to you (in English) but equally looked like one wrong move and it would peck your eyes out, and all manner of terrapins. They had an insect area, the underside of a giant stick insect will make up all my nightmares from now on, they had fish (well, one tank anyway) chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits (not entirely sure if the small flurries and insects were there as potential food for the reptiles mind you but we'll ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 9th 2023

Day 16 2023, Tuesday. A little less sun but hey, it's still paradise. After clearing out the moths from the bathroom, we headed out to the tourist train. Yes, we've done it before but a trip to Bled really isn't a trip without a slow paced, diesel fume filled chug around the lake. Teeth chatteringly bumpy in places thanks to the storms, we took in the new fences and old haunts before getting back to where we started. On a hunt for bled cake we stopped at the shop but there was none so we made do with a couple of slabs of something Slovene (and done ice tea, it's really fabulous) to take back for lunch. Next was swimming. It should have been golf but with no nearby parking, we went to the beach. The ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 7th 2023

day 15, 2023, Monday, perfect day. A lazy morning in the apartment have us time to watch the football and take in the fabulous weather. Seth and I took a short walk to the shop to get a few supplies, mostly chicken crisps, the mother of all crisps and only available here. We were very restrained, only getting seven packets this time (more to come though) A quick lunch and we made our way back out into the glorious sunshine, Seth and Ash for a swim, me for a sit. After a there and back stroll we settled on a spot. Ash and Seth swam with the ducks and the fish, I listened to all the various nationalities , read my book and took in the fabulous wonderful perfect view. Once they got our, it ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 6th 2023

Days 13 and 14. Yesterday was a move across Austria from the middle of nowhere to less the middle of nowhere. In the pouring rain we set off around winding, hilly and very wet roads eventually ending up in Eben am pongau (still no pinging). The plan had been to go to a nearby swimming lake but given the fourteen degree, pouring rain with chances of thunder weather, an outdoor swimming lake seemed.... unappealing. We'd found a huge indoor pool complex but hadn't really appreciated that everyone within a hundred mile radius on a wet Saturday had found the same thing..... Not wanting to queue and get wet before we'd even started, plans altered and we shopped (I was very restrained around the OVO products) and checked in at our place for the night, heading back ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 26th 2023

What a stunning country! Our first time in this wooded, green country of just over two million inhabitants dissected by rivers and winding roads. We actually stayed first just over the border from Croatia in Lovsin Estate. The river Kupa bordered the estate and the country. We had oodles of space as the major European countries had not yet commenced school holidays so it was relatively quiet. Swimming was great above the weir and we rented a canoe and paddled gently upstream to another camping spot we were glad we had not found! We met a delightful young couple Emma and Gregor who were holidaying from Celje with their two young daughters whose shyness prevented them from practising their English. The adults, however, discussed the country, its culture, customs and politics for many hours. As a ... read more
Lake Bled
coffee place at Lovsin
The weir at Lovsin mill

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled November 22nd 2022

22 nov Ljubljana se réveille à peine alors que, sur la pointe des pieds, je m'éloigne du Celica Hostel. La gare de bus est tout près, ce qui a facilité mon arrivé sur la capitale, et maintenant en facilite aussi grandement ma sortie. J'entre dans le grand bus qui doit rejoindre Bled et les paysages de cartes postales de la Slovénie. ''Only you, que me dit le chauffeur, only you go to Bled today'' Personne n'a osé les montagnes ce matin, sauf moi: je suis complètement seul dans le grand bus qui part vers les Alpes. Les touristes se déverse au compte-gouttes en cette saison morose de novembre. Le bus démarre léger et puis se presse hors de la ville. La campagne quadrillée vu à mon atterrissage s'étend dès lors jusqu'aux montagnes à la fin des ... read more
Paysage matinal après 2 minutes

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 27th 2022

Today we’ve booked tickets to visit Vintgar Gorge which is about five kilometres north of Lake Bled. Issy didn’t sleep too well so it looks like I’m on my own. It’s drizzly and a bit grey, and the clouds are down on the mountains which is making them look a bit spooky. We read last night that there’s a free shuttle bus from town out to the Gorge. There must be a lot of people who want to go there; the buses leave about every three minutes. Our Gorge entry tickets are for a very specific time, which is maybe not too surprising given that bus loads full of visitors clearly turn up to get in there every few minutes, plus more in cars, on bikes, and maybe even some hikers. The walkway through the Gorge ... read more
Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 26th 2022

It’s raining, which is somewhat of a novelty; we’re pretty sure the last time it rained on us personally was when we were in Toronto more than three weeks ago. But there are advantages. It seems that wasps don’t like rain. These pesky creatures seem to be everywhere here. We’ve been very careful to keep our hands over the tops of our Fanta bottles; I suspect your day wouldn’t improve if one snuck in when you weren’t looking and you swallowed it. In the words of the young American girl in front of us in the ice cream queue last night “if even a tiny trace of those nuts gets into my chocolate ice cream my throat will close up and I’ll die in screaming agony on the ground right here in front of you” - ... read more
Bled Castle
Our B&B Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 6th 2021

Bled castle The castle's history dates back to 1004 when the German king Henry II conferred the estate of Bled on Bishop Albuin of Brixen. The first castle was built by the bishops around 1011 for defensive purposes. The bishops of Brixen never lived in the castle so there were no elaborately decorated rooms. In the Middle Ages additional towers were built and the fortification system with the wall and lifting tower above the ditch were upgraded. The ditch has now been covered. In 1511, the castle was strongly damaged by an earthquake, but it was rebuilt in the image as it is today. The castle buildings are decorated with the images of coats-of-arms, painted in fresco technique, some are engraved in stone. The castle was restored in the period from 1951 to 1961. The castle's ... read more

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