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We live in Melbourne, Australia, with our three offspring Scott, Emma and Troy, Coco the dog, and cats Sidney and Chilli. As at 2015 our offspring have all left school and should, in theory at least, be capable of fending for themselves, so as long as they don't kill each other or burn the house down, we can now happily trip off into the sunset.

Issy was born in Malta. She came to Australia with her family when she was four, and as at early 2015 she's never been back.

I was born in London to Australian parents who met on a cruise ship, got married in England, had me, and then turned around and came home. I come from a long line of enthusiastic travellers, and was fortunate to have travelled a lot when I was growing up. My maternal great grandfather was a published travel writer, and even managed to die on a ship cruising to Noumea way back in 1933.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Silverton May 12th 2021

I'm feeling a bit sleepless so take the opportunity to read up on the history of Broken Hill. The hills in which the town now sits were apparently impeding the progress of explorer Charles Sturt when he passed through here in 1844, so he called them the Barrier Range. He thought that one of them looked a bit "broken", hence the town’s name. There go all my theories about mining doing the breaking. It is good to note however that the hill that looked broken then looks even more so now; it's apparently been completely mined away. The town itself was established in 1883 by a Mr Charles Rasp, a German immigrant, after he discovered minerals which eventually proved to be the largest and richest silver and lead ore bodies on the entire planet. Mr Rasp ... read more
Mad Max 2 Museum, Silverton
Silverton Cemetery

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill May 11th 2021

Today we head north to Broken Hill. Issy asks what towns we'll be going through along the way. The only name we can see on the map is the town of Scotia. It seems that "town" is maybe overselling it just a tad. The ever reliable Wikipedia shows it as being the size of a small African country, but with a population of 26. Armed with this new information and the knowledge that it's 300 kilometres to our destination, we decide that it might be wise to fill up with petrol before we head off. We start to feel like we've really entered the outback. It becomes noticeably more arid as we proceed northwards, and the vegetation sprouting from the red dirt gets progressively shorter until it verges on the non-existent. The only sign of human ... read more
The main street of Broken Hill
Pro Hart Gallery
Living Desert Sculptures

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mildura May 10th 2021

We wake to the sound of raindrops. Mildura's technically in the desert, so this wasn't part of the plan. We drive along the riverbank past the same palatial houseboats that we saw in the half light last night, including one called "Mungo Creek Rehab". I suppose if you needed rehab of some sort there'd be plenty of worse places to do it. We stop for lunch at a cafe at the impressive and relatively new Mildura Marina, which is also lined with wall to wall houseboats. The Marina's surrounded by mansions which look like they probably house the local well-to-dos. No expense has been spared. The two palatial manors closest to the cafe have solar panels on their rooves. That wouldn't normally be worthy of comment, but what makes these ones stand out is that they're ... read more
Wentworth Jail
Wentworth Jail
Wentworth Jail

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mildura May 9th 2021

It's Mother's Day, but there are no sleep-ins or breakfasts-in-bed for Issy. Our not so kind hosts (refer previous entry) need us to move apartments this morning. We’ve been told we have to be out of this apartment by 10am on pain of death, but apparently we can't get into the second one, several kilometres away, until 2pm. So it seems we‘ll be temporarily homeless. Our hosts keep sending us emails asking us for feedback. I would have thought we gave them more than enough last night, but they're clearly gluttons for punishment. I salivate as I think about what I'm going to put in the review. Soon after we’ve moved out they ring us to tell us that they've again (?) gone out of their way to help us, and have arranged for us to ... read more
Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
Relaxing in the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mildura May 8th 2021

Saturday mornings are apparently family mornings at Fiona's so we head there to share in the chaos and to meet her two grandchildren. Issy's always been a sucker for babies, so I suspect Fiona's daughter Sarah may struggle to reclaim seven week old Henri-Etta from my beloved's firm grasp. Two year old Jerry has recently discovered the not so subtle art of high-fiving. I'm not quite sure why his hands aren't stinging; those belonging to anyone else in his general vicinity certainly are. Today we head north-west from Swan Hill to Mildura, and hope to take in some silo art along the way to break up the journey. We read that silo art started in Western Australia’s wheat belt in 2015, and there are now 48 sites across the country, with many more in the pipeline. ... read more
Silo art, Nullawil
Silo art, Sea Lake

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 7th 2021

We're a bit weary after a late night of conviviality, so we bypass breakfast and move straight on to a very pleasant lunch. "Spoons" restaurant is apparently a Swan Hill institution, and we dine in an idyllic setting on a large deck among the gum trees overlooking the Little Murray River. Issy's still feeling a bit tired after last night's libations, so I head off on my own to the Pioneer Settlement, another of Swan Hill's river-side institutions. It was opened in 1966 as a re-creation of a small pioneer-era Mallee town, complete with church, school, Masonic hall, blacksmith, houses, and Main Street shops - post office, bank, newspaper printing office, dentist, barber, etc. The dentist's implements look every bit as scary as today's versions, which is a bit worrying given I'm fairly sure that the ... read more
Lake Tyrrell
Mincers, Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement
Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 6th 2021

We wake up feeling not all that well rested. The gent in the next room seemed to think it was a good idea to spend most of the night on the phone on the balcony right outside our door in loud discussion with one of his business partners. If that wasn’t enough the local hoons then sounded like they'd decided last night was as good a time as any to test out the motel drive’s suitability for use as a speedway. Issy tells me that exposed brickwork in motel rooms gives her the creeps, and that I should try to avoid this in future. "No exposed brickwork" isn't an obvious filter on any of the booking sites I've used recently, so I suspect I might be in trouble later. We head back to the port from ... read more
Echuca Wharf
Steam engine, Port of Echuca
Echuca Wharf

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca May 5th 2021

COVID has destroyed countless lives and many more livelihoods, so it seems a bit trivial to be also cursing it as a wrecker of travel plans. But as a depositor of flies in the ointments of potential travel itineraries it has had few equals. We'd planned to go to South America in 2020 and then on to visit Emma in Canada. That didn't happen. We'd also assembled a crew of thirty odd family and friends to celebrate Issy's 60th birthday in Bali, but that too came to nothing. Our homeland has fared better than most in its fight against COVID's ravages, but that doesn't mean we've escaped totally unscathed. Our home state of Victoria has had many more COVID deaths than any other of Oz's jurisdictions, due almost entirely to the total ineptness of our authorities' ... read more
Reconstruction of the Echuca Old Port
The Murray River at Echuca
The "Thong Tree", Echuca waterfront

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Essendon September 11th 2019

We’re up at 4.30am for a long day of travelling home. I accidentally push the alarm button on the hire car, so we suspect that the rest of the guests at our previously quiet Kauai hotel are now also awake. We drive away quickly before we manage to wreak any further havoc. We get to the airport as the sun is coming up, and if we needed any more reminding that the whole island seems to be overrun with wild chickens it comes in the form of multiple roosters crowing very loudly to greet the new day. It is 11 September and we pause for half a minute’s silence at Honolulu airport at 8.45am, which was apparently the exact time that the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Centre back in 2001. ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e September 10th 2019

Today is the last full day of our nearly three month long expedition, and we plan to spend it doing as little as possible. However before we do as little as possible we decide to take a short drive to the Wailua Falls, which we could see out of the plane window yesterday. The falls are beautiful. They’re actually two distinct streams next to each other and we read that they’re more than 50 metres high. Apparently one of their greatest claims to fame is that they appeared, together with the Na Pali Cliffs, in the opening credits of the TV series “Fantasy Island”. This aired in the late 1970s and early 1980s and featured Ricardo Montalban as the owner of a very mysterious island where people came to have their fantasies played out. I wasn’t ... read more
Wailua Falls
A craftsman at work, Wailua Falls
Kauai Beach Resort

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