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We live in Melbourne, Australia, with our three offspring Scott, Emma and Troy, Coco the dog, and cats Sidney and Chilli. As at 2015 our offspring have all left school and should, in theory at least, be capable of fending for themselves, so as long as they don't kill each other or burn the house down, we can now happily trip off into the sunset.

Issy was born in Malta. She came to Australia with her family when she was four, and as at early 2015 she's never been back.

I was born in London to Australian parents who met on a cruise ship, got married in England, had me, and then turned around and came home. I come from a long line of enthusiastic travellers, and was fortunate to have travelled a lot when I was growing up. My maternal great grandfather was a published travel writer, and even managed to die on a ship cruising to Noumea way back in 1933.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Essendon September 4th 2021

Today we finally make the long trip home... well that’s assuming our beloved Qantas doesn’t cancel on us at the last minute …again. We decide it would probably be a good idea to make the most of our last few hours of freedom given what awaits us in Melbourne - locked down except to get food, or to exercise for no more than two hours a day, all within five kilometres of home, and a curfew. I’m not too sure what time the curfew kicks in. Our flight gets in quite late - I hope they don’t make us sleep at the airport. We head down to Elizabeth Quay which is on the banks of the Swan River next to the CBD. It was only opened in 2016 and looks to be an entertainment type precinct ... read more
Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Love tokens at the base of Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 3rd 2021

Thanks to our beloved Qantas we've got another day here in Perth, so we head back up to Kings Park. It seems that we’re here during the annual Kings Park Festival which is apparently timed to coincide with the blossoming of wildflowers in the south west of the State. We walk up through the Park’s Western Australian Botanic Garden which we read displays more than 3,000 species of the State's unique flora. It’s still a bit chilly, if not quite as Antarctic-like as it was yesterday. We come across some boab trees. It seems that they’re a parochial lot over here in the west; a map shows the boab habitat as being solely in the WA Kimberley, and stopping abruptly at the Northern Territory border. I wonder if they have a team of highly trained botanists ... read more
Perth and the Swan River from Kings Park
Western Australia Botanic Garden, Kings Park
Old Fremantle Gaol

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 2nd 2021

Today we fly to Perth as we finally start to make our way home. The number of new COVID cases per day back in Melbourne is in the hundreds and climbing steadily, and the authorities have now conceded that they can’t get it back to zero. This means that we'll be locked up until everyone’s had their jabs, which won’t be for quite a few months yet. We keep asking ourselves who in their right mind would willingly go back to that. Well us it seems….. only because if we stay here for much longer we’ll go broke. We stop at a petrol station to fill up our trusty hire car before returning it to Broome Airport. As often happens in these situations we can’t find the button to open the petrol cap. I push and ... read more
Perth and the Swan River from Kings Park
Kings Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome September 1st 2021

Issy didn’t sleep very well. She says she woke up in the middle of the night convinced that there was an intruder in our room. I think she might have been taking just a bit too much notice of what we’ve continually been told since we first arrived here - "put all your valuables in a safe and make sure you lock and chain your doors at night; this IS Broome”. They make it sound like the backstreets of Johannesburg. Issy’s intruder turned out to be me, so just as well she doesn’t keep a baseball bat next to her side of the bed. We head off to Cable Beach hopeful that the crocs that have kept it closed for the past two days have taken their business elsewhere. The “beach closed” signs seem to have ... read more
Crab artwork, Cable Beach
Crab artwork, Cable Beach
Crab artwork, Cable Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome August 31st 2021

Yesterday's wind seems to have abated slightly so we head back down to Cable Beach. It mightn't be as windy, but it seems that the crocs are still here, so we head across to the Town Beach instead. There's no umbrella man here, but it's still very pleasant sitting under some palm trees on the grass above the sand. There are no signs here about the beach being closed, but I wonder how they can be sure that a few crocs haven't snuck around the point when no one was looking and taken up residence in the mangroves that are at one end of it. That looks to us like a perfect croc hangout. I go for a quick dip at the other end, making sure to stay very close to shore. The young lady sitting ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome August 30th 2021

Our accommodation is very nice, but neither of us are quite sure it’s as nice as the exorbitant price suggests it should be; or at least the exorbitant price that we’re paying. We got chatting to a couple at the pool the other day, and she let it slip that she’d negotiated a “special” rate with manager. When pushed further we learned that she and her husband were paying roughly a third of what we’re paying, for exactly the same type of room. Huh? What? A few dollars less we could cope with, but a third! There didn’t seem to be much to chose from anywhere in town when we booked this place so we thought we’d better jump on it straight away whatever the price, or risk having to sleep on the beach. We now ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome August 29th 2021

We settle into our now very routine morning of lazing around our hotel room interspersed with the odd dip in the pool. It seems that we’re here in the middle of Broome’s annual Shinju Matsuri Festival, so we head off into Chinatown to watch the parade. We read that the name is Japanese for Festival of the Pearl, and it's been going for 51 years. It's intended to celebrate the four very diverse cultures which have come together here over the decades - Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Indigenous Australian. There’s a large crowd gathered on the side of the road to watch. Based on what we’d seen to date we could have been forgiven for thinking that the local population was made up entirely of grey nomads and nubile South American waitresses. This crowd is very ... read more
Shinju Matsuri Festival parade
Shinju Matsuri Festival parade
Shinju Matsuri Festival parade

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome August 28th 2021

We seem to have gotten ourselves into a real routine here. We’ve been parked in Broome for so long now that this is no longer a trip; it’s turned into a static beach holiday. We think we’ve decided to go home in a few days, so we can’t even vary the routine by spending the morning trawling through Booking.com and flight schedules... well not usefully anyway. We have lunch by the pool and I watch the football finals on the TV. I could be doing this at home, although that mightn’t be quite as much fun; it’d be cold for starters. On the off chance that he haven't quite yet convinced ourselves that we've got into a routine here, we again head off for our now customary sunset stroll along the beach. Issy thinks I might ... read more
Cable Beach
Patterns in the sand, Cable Beach
Cable Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome August 27th 2021

We wake to the news that the number of new COVID cases back home has gone down over night. This sounds promising... well it did until we found out that it had gone down by a whole one, from 80 to 79. After days of indecision we decide that today is the day we need to work out what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it. After much further debate we opt for staying here in Broome for another five days and then going home. The only risk now is a case suddenly turning up in Western Australia in the next five days and us getting locked up up here. But hey, they haven't had a case for months now so we’d need to be pretty unlucky. We head off again to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome August 26th 2021

We wake to the news that there’s been another spike in COVID cases back home. The number of new cases had been going down for a few days so we’d hoped the end of lockdown might not be too far off. It seems further away than ever now, so we spend the morning trying to work out our next move. It seems a no-brainer to stay either here or in Darwin where it’s warm and free, but we can’t stay away forever.... or can we says Issy. Hmmm. I wonder who we're going to get to mow the lawn. As usually happens in situations like this we spend several hours poring over Booking.com and flight schedules, and then decide we should wait a few more days before doing anything precipitous. I’m not sure what we think's ... read more
Cable Beach
Yachts off Cable Beach
Cable Beach sunset

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