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6th February 2021

Fiji Islands
We stayed on Matamanoa Island and visited Castaway Island. It is a lovely part of the world.
7th February 2021

Wow. We visited Matamanoa when we stayed at Castaway, and often wondered what it would be like to stay there?
30th January 2021

Past Trips
I keep thinking about blogging on older trips but have not done it yet.
31st January 2021

Past trips
It certainly filled in some time during lockdown, and forced the memory banks into action!
17th January 2021
Looking north from Mana Island

Looking north from Mana Island
Looking north from Mana Island - Must have made the trip worthwhile...views one can only dream of.
17th January 2021
Looking north from Mana Island

Looking north from Manna Island
Must have made the trip worthwhile...views one can only dream of.
17th January 2021
Looking north from Mana Island

Mana Island
Thanks for your comment. Fantastic place indeed. Hoping for a Fiji travel bubble in the not too distant future......
16th January 2021
Scott under the waterfall

Waterfalls a plenty
Living the dream.
16th January 2021
Looking north from Mana Island

Fiji Islands
Over 300 islands of beauty.
17th January 2021
Looking north from Mana Island

Many thanks for your comment. Wonderful place indeed. Hoping we might be allowed a travel bubble to go there in the not too distant future. Wishful thinking?
11th January 2021

I'm with Issy on this one - I find them cute. But I also keep a very healthy distance from them. We have a Huntsman living in our car, and after numerous unsuccessful 'relocations' we've given up and decided to coexist... he has promised to not make a sudden appearance while we are driving, and we have agreed the car can be his home. I need to catch up on your other old blogs, they are fun to read. I'm in awe that you can remember so many details after all this time :)
11th January 2021

Eight legged freaks
Thanks for your kind words. If a huntsman took up permanent residence in our car I think we'd be headed off to the dealer to buy a new one....
20th December 2020
Kuranda Scenic Railway

Riding the Rails
I enjoyed your blog..... thanks for sharing your trip.
12th December 2020

"I got wrecked on Great Keppel Island"
Your Uni days flight to Lindeman Island is the stuff of legend...fortunately you lived to tell the tale. When I was at Uni I flew from Sydney to Great Keppel Island and back for a holiday lark in pre-Club Med days in a 4 seater Cessna with 2 other small planes. Our Cherokee had difficulty taking off so our Airforce pilot wisely changed to the Cessna. Took us 2 days to get there! In those days we slept on the beach and the resort was so small that the entertainment was a guy in a Hawaiian shirt with a guitar and a beatbox. There were storms on the way back so 2 of the planes did not risk it but one of my mates was desperate to get back for work so we flew below the radars and at times were only at altitudes of 100 feet or so which was pretty hairy. Like you we made it to tell the tale. Will always remember Great Keppel...Great times!!!
13th December 2020

Flying adventures
I've still got no idea how I survived those years, and sounds like you don't either. We had a pilot mate who offered to fly us all over to King Island for the day to play golf. Half way out over Bass Strait he started doing aerobatic stunts unannounced. There were golf clubs flying all around the cabin. Then on the way back, he flew what felt to us to be about twenty metres off the ground right up the rugged west coast of the island. He said if he got caught they'd probably tear up his licence. And to think that I now constantly worry about our kids, and I'm sure they don't get up to anything half as hairy as I did..... Btw I've been keeping half an eye on your Russian blogs during lockdown. Have you actually been there while COVID was going on, or is this rather a catchup on earlier ventures? Fascinating either way.
6th December 2020
Camel Riding

Enjoy the ride
Living the dream.
6th December 2020
Camel Riding

Living the dream
We were!!
16th November 2020
Sanur hotel

Serene Sanur Hotel
We enjoyed our time in Sanur. Thanks for the memories.
12th November 2020
Jurong Bird Park

One of my favorite birds.
31st October 2020

Pacific Islands
We would love to island hop this part of the world. My heart stopped as I read you had lost your passport..... glad you remembered when you did. I hate it when I put something someplace safe and forget. Thanks for taking us along.
2nd November 2020

Pacific Island Hopping
Pacific island hopping highly recommended!! A great part of the world. Many thanks for your comment.
27th October 2020
Return to Paradise Beach

Truly is Paradise. You have made me want to go to Samoa now.
10th October 2020
Muri Lagoon

When I was there in 1980 I went scuba diving and enjoyed riding a bike on the circle road around the island.
30th September 2020

Cook Islands
I haven't been there since 1980. Loved your story. Thanks for sharing.
1st October 2020

Cook Islands
Many thanks. As residents of Australia's only locked down metropolis, we've got plenty of time to fill in some gaps!

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