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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 27th 2011

After four hours on a train from Salzburg, I arrived in the far north of Slovenia. Although the country is quite small (about the same size as Wales), there seems to be a great variety of natural sights, many of which are very reminiscent of neighbouring Italy. In some of the tourist offices they have a leaflet “How to see Slovenia in 3 days” - it may be small, but I don't think 3 days would suffice to see the many wonders of this compact country. I began my week in Slovenia in the picturesque town of Bled, on the outskirts of the country's only national park, Triglav. Bled is truly a beautiful town, built around Lake Bled and overlooked by Bled Castle which sits upon a cliff jutting out into the lake. Bled was packed ... read more
Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 15th 2011

I decided to hike the "quick" path up to the Castle rather than take the leisurely walk or the tourist train... yeah... that was an unfortuante choice on my part haha. The 15min walk is essentially 3min of steep gravel path in the woods, and the rest is all stairs. So many stairs. Not cool. I had a good laugh when I got to the castle though - there was a couple who had their (looked like a Lhasa Apso) dog in a rolling suitcase, with the top obv open so the dog could sit/stand. How cute. Anyway. You have to pay 8 euro for the Castle... which I'm never a fan of, but after the kajillion stairs, I wanted the satisfaction of seeing the lake from above haha. The view was quite nice, although the ... read more
Overlooking the lake
Overlooking the lake
Overlooking the lake

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 14th 2011

Well, that was a trek and a half! Tomorrow it's supposed to thunderstorm around here, so I figured today would be the day to hike to Vintgar Gorge. Now, there's a "turist bus" in the morning, and I could have taken a taxi... but no, I went all out and walked what was supposed to be 4km (1hr, give or take) each way, for a grand total of about 10km incuding the gorge. Yeahhhhh. That didn't work as planned haha. First off, I was supposed to walk north-west out of the town, and then every single website/guide book says the path is CLEARLY MARKED on how to get to Vintgar. Cool. Sounds easy enough - so off I went. I walked. And I walked. And I walked. In the 28 degree sunny weather. I walked along ... read more
Perfect water
Little rapid/waterfall

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 13th 2011

Had a very lovely day today :) Checked out from Ljubljana and caught a bus north-west to Bled - it was a pleseant enough journey, driving through some small towns and farmer fields, with picturesque mountains in the background. Driving into Bled, I couldn't hlp but smile. Within 10-min I knew I was going to love it here. And after an hour or so, I was seriously questioning whether Iceland is still my favourite/most beautiful place I've been. My hostel is beyond fabulous - more about that in a later entry. Long story short, great hostess and I got upgraded from a 3-bed, to a 2-bed, by myself! Party! My stuff is now everywhere, all across the room haha. Perfect for when I need to re-pack. I went to the supermarket, made some lunch and then ... read more
Lake from behind the trees

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 8th 2011

Having walked around Lake Bled yesterday, we decided to return to this scenic gem today and take a boat ride out to the little island with the church on it. With both the sun and the temperature climbing, we were glad to sit under the awning of the large gondola waiting for the required number of people to fill the seats before we left. A handsome young man then proceeded to propel our gondola with his two large oars all the way to the island, a half hour trip. Out on the water a light breeze cooled us and we enjoyed making no effort at all, until we landed and looked at the steep steps up to the church. However, with good shade we were at the top in no time and wandering around the complex ... read more
Radovljica old town centre
Our gondolier on Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 7th 2011

Today we left Austria, re-entered Italy and then crossed into Slovenia. All this was achieved in less than an hour because of our starting position near where Austria borders both Italy and Slovenia. There was very little difference we could spot as we entered Slovenia, except for the language on road signs and the drop in the amount of traffic on the road. We were surrounded by mown green fields, attractive houses with neat gardens and always the mountains nearby. The mountain scenery continued as we followed the road to Lake Bled, a place we had intended to visit tomorrow, but with time on our side and great weather again, we made a stop there today. This beautiful little lake is nestled among the mountains and in the lake is a small island. On the island ... read more
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 3rd 2011

T'was a heavy grey-skied morning, and a hung over, dehydrated Zeibura waddled across Václavák to hlavní nádraží pondering all the things he had forgotten to pack which might be moderately useful. The 7.16 to České Budějovice accompanied by the two carriages continuing across the border to Linz had been waiting on the platform for a long time, as when we reached it, it was already packed full. My heavy head resulting from last night's beerfest to celebrate my birthday had to be shaken off forcefully, and the exact completion of my 24th orbit around the sun (9:30am CET) was spent standing next to the toilet, dealing with a group of noisy and annoying scout kids gallivanting about the corridors. We then got a compartment with a couple of nice Czech guys at České Budějovice which we ... read more
Word games

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 25th 2011

“I feel sLOVEnia” – that’s the motto and we have to agree with it. Arriving in Lake Bled is like seeing the postcards and pictures come to life. The turquoise Lake with its tiny island and the Julien Alps all around. Camping Bled is right opposite the shore with a public beach. The staff are friendly and energetic and we pitch right next to the playground which suits us fine. A quick scan of the tourist brochures in the camp reception over dinner and we decide to go to a flea market in a local town Radovljica. After a very relaxing breakfast (the boys being happy in the playground opposite the caravan by themselves) we head off and park up. There is some sort of religious procession (Roman Catholic?) going on with a procession and chanting ... read more
Gingerbread museum

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 19th 2011

Hi all, Friday 3rd June The final toll road of Italy took us around the NE corner and through the slither of Italian land that lies between the Alps and the Adriatic sea, we headed on via Trieste and down to the border. The first border crossing was into Slovenia and as Slovenia is now in the EU we didn't need to stop so we drove straight in to add another country to our list. Today we were just passing through Slovenia so after around 30 mins or so driving along a busy stretch of road we came to our second border crossing, into Croatia. Here we had to show our passports which was a first since Gibraltar but with no troubles we drove in and yet another new country was added, it was also a ... read more
Polari beach
Rovinj town

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 17th 2011

That’s a medical joke folks! - I am on Warfarin (aka rat poison!) as an anti-blood coagulant for years. I am in fact semi moved off the almost total beer diet of Czech/Austria cos they actually make wine here (Slovenia that is – although they do in Austria, mostly white). However having had a rather nice radler (fruity beer) with lunch in Linz I tried one here with dinner on arrival in Bled. I was somewhat surprised to see it labeled pivo (beer) but also grapefruit, and also only 2.5% alcohol, half normal. As a result it is a bit fruity, but not too much, and also quite light and easy to drink. And yes I did have another as a very late snack at 5pm on top of the castle here in Bled, along with ... read more
the backyard view
view of castle & church
castle view....

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