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Professional student and teacher of Writing and Literature in Athens, GA. I love languages and travelling, and my life is best when I get to combine the two! My wanderings tend to be solo, though I frequently meet up with friends that I've met on my previous travels. Some of my favorite things to do while travelling are eating local foods (though I'm sort of a picky eater), spending time in the outdoors, and seeing plays, musicals, or concerts. I like to collect flags from the countries I visit, which I believe makes me a vexillophile. I don't really get any other souvenirs for myself. I send TONS of postcards to my friends and family around the world, so give me your address and I'll send you one on my next trip. Some of my favorite photograph subjects are street signs, mountains, and odd angles of familiar (or even famous) objects. I'm an alumnus of Mercer University (undergrad and seminary), the University of Georgia (master's in French), Texas Christian University (Master of Liberal Arts), Western Michigan University (master's in Science Education), and now I'm pursuing a Master of Social Sciences degree from Ohio University.

North America » United States » Idaho » Boise December 22nd 2018

So we made it to Boise (pronounced BOY-see by the locals) and had a really good time. Truly, this was one of the best American cities I’ve ever visited. They are apparently known for being the “most livable” city in America. If there was an impetus for this entire trip, then I suppose it would be the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl that we attended on Friday. My alma mater, Western Michigan, was playing against BYU in this game. When I first saw that this was our bowl destination, I was not particularly thrilled. Living in Georgia, I have really no easy/inexpensive way to get to Boise, Idaho. But when I decided to make it a bigger trip than just a bowl game, and to invite someone along for the ride, then attending the game became much ... read more
Campus signage
Some fun at the campus store
The river walk at Boise

North America » United States » Utah » Logan December 20th 2018

The third day of our trip saw us visit our third college football stadium: Utah State University in Logan, Utah. And frankly, the third time was definitely the charm. This school had the best stadium views of any of the schools we visited in Utah. They all had mountains to be seen, but the ones at Utah State were the highest, the snowiest, and the best, in both our opinions. We visited Logan on the way from Salt Lake City to Boise. For those of you looking at a map, it might not appear to be directly on the route between these two cities, and you would be correct. But it was only about 25 minutes added to our trip, and since I don’t know whether I will ever be in this part of the country ... read more
Our favorite stadium view of the trip (with some bull horns)
Looking up the tall hill to USU
With the USU bull

North America » United States » Utah » Provo December 19th 2018

Provo was an adventure. It didn’t really start out that way, but the possibility was there, and we took it. The biggest thing, or perhaps I should say the longest or highest thing, was hiking to the Y on Y Mountain. I had seen that it was a ‘thing’ to do in town, but I wanted to see for myself how feasible it was before I committed to doing it. While we did other things in town, that was the most time-consuming. We left Salt Lake City after the organ recital in the Tabernacle. The drive from Salt Lake City to Provo was all interstate, but the views were magnificent. I guess we still haven’t gotten used to the mountains being everywhere. It was less than 45 minutes to get there, and our first stop was ... read more
Yumminess at the BYU Creamery
Looks so simple
here we go

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City December 19th 2018

What to say about Utah? Lots. But before we get to that, let me tell you how we got here. I realized early on that if I was going to plan this trip, it was going to be a lot more fun if I invited someone along. And I also realized that I was going to be spending basically the same amount of money while I was here, whether I was alone or with someone else. Because hotels and rental cars don’t care if it’s just one person using their service, or two. The only thing that would take extra money was the flight out to Salt Lake City, and once I found cheap flights, it was pretty easy to ask someone to come along. Enter my friend Nick. His only task was to get us ... read more
Olympic site near Rice-Eccles Stadium
Rice-Eccles Stadium, home of Utah football
University of Utah, the better "U"

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 7th 2018

Time to pack it all up and head back home, I guess. And watch some England-Sweden in the World Cup. I have enjoyed some of my time in Montreal, so I'm glad I made the trip. And I know that the heat wave has obviously affected my experiences, but Montreal has not been my favorite Canadian city. I enjoyed it last time I was here, but it was only for 2 days and with a friend. This time, 5 days and solo travel didn't go as well as I had hoped. All that to say, I will be happy to be back home. One of the things that I do enjoy about solo travel is being free to make my own plans. And yesterday was a great example of one of those days. In fact, I ... read more
Botanical Gardens: art deco!
First view of the Chinese section of the Botanical Gardens
Japanese section of the Botanical Gardens

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 5th 2018

I always enjoy learning new vocabulary words when I travel abroad, especially when they're immediately useful. But la canicule is not one of those words I wish I had to learn. Another thing I learned from the Biosphere park today was the origin of the Humidex, something I had heard about in my previous Canadian adventures but just thought was a weird way to refer to what we call the "heat index" in the States. It was also 'fun' to find out how that whole system works--I had no idea how those forecasters got the heat index, but now I know the way it works. So, in Fahrenheit, the temperature made it up to 91 (though I saw at one point on my phone it was 95), and the heat index was 110. I'm still in ... read more
Votive Chapel (art deco!) at the Oratoire St-Joseph
"Sidewalk closed": a very common sight around Montreal
view from the Observatoire Ville-Marie

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 3rd 2018

After only one afternoon in Montreal, I was already exhausted! Perhaps I should've taken it easier after I got to my hotel, but one thing is for sure: that taxi ride from the train station to my hotel was the best $15 I've spent so far on this trip. In truth, I seldom take taxis. Maybe I should get into the Uber or Lyft mindset, but it's just such a weird concept to me, on top of the whole trust issue. Anyway, I walked around for at least 15 minutes after getting off the train, trying to figure out what my GPS was telling me to do on my phone. It had said the hotel was a 30-minute walk from the train station, which I've done in the past. But it kept telling me different directions--mainly ... read more
Park La Fontaine
An old Montreal favorite
Something crazy on Rue St-Denis

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa July 2nd 2018

I'm currently on the train to Montreal from Ottawa, and I can say that the first 24 hours have gone pretty much as expected, with one exception. It's hot as hell. I'm lucky to have brought some clothes appropriate for this weather, since I normally try to ESCAPE the heat when I come to Canada. But after I had already bought my plane ticket, the forecast changed dramatically. It's now supposed to be hotter here than it is in Georgia, the place from whose heat I was hoping to escape. One particular item that was last minute, but which has garnered quite a few envious stares and comments, is my Arkansas boonie hat. Wide brim all around and ventilation up top. I put it in my bag literally as I was walking out the door from ... read more
Parliament Hill during Canada Day festivities
Canada Day cookies waiting for me at the hotel!
My very first Canadian passport stamp

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth January 6th 2018

I'm taking the final two days of the trip in a single entry, since there wasn't much to write about on our final day of the trip. I had never driven completely through Texas in a single day, and I hadn't particularly thought about it as an accomplishment before I started this trip. But now I've done it, and I feel like I deserve a medal for it. Seriously, though, it's just over 600 miles, the way we went. That's not so much as going along I-10 through Texas (which is 880 miles), but it IS through the bulk of Texas. Anyway, Friday was a pretty decent day. We had driven through most of Arizona and all of New Mexico on Thursday, for a grand total of 8 hours driving, and it had been nearly intolerable ... read more
Texas Tech stadium
Amon G. Carter Stadium at TCU (Art Deco!)
Go Frogs!

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque January 4th 2018

We've spent most of our day in New Mexico, though the single location with the most time was probably the Petrified Forest. I’m not going to have a lot of words for this entry—the fatigue has begun to set in after ten days of seemingly non-stop driving. Today was over 8 hours, tomorrow will be about 11, and then Saturday will take us the final 10 hours to Tifton. We finished To Kill a Mockingbird tonight, and it was fantastic. I’m glad I chose that one for the trip, though I hesitated. We got through the first disc of Catch-22, and we have twenty more hours to go on this trip; I believe the audiobook will last the entire time. The morning consisted of visiting the Petrified Forest National Park. We got to see some of ... read more
Big petroglyph mountain lion
Dad touches petrified wood for the first time
The Devil's Highway in Gallup, NM

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