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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 5th 2010

Went to a beautiful gorge with Cynthia, got lost in a small village and waited for a bus to come for an hour when we unknowing could have walked back to Bled in 15 mins.... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 4th 2010

My first day there did not consist of much but eating, napping and getting to know an American girl doing a year RTW trip.... read more
It looked better then it tasted.

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 20th 2010

Hello, Apologies for the delay in posting this entry (and the next and final one). Strangely for our expectations of Europe we have in fact struggled to find easily accessible internet with USB connection to upload blog entries and photos. For instance in the town of Bled, the only internet computers are located at the travel agencies and you can only use them to search the web! But to return to our adventures..... In order to have a truly wonderful time in Slovenia - and we heartily recommend that you come to this country if you ever have the chance - we suggest you do as we did. After farewelling Zagreb and its wonderful tofu-tasting fair and towering funicular, we caught the train to Ljubliana, the capital of Slovenia. We then exited the train station and ... read more
Lake Bled Island
Romantic gondola on Lake Bled
Riding the golden horns - Kranska Gora

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled May 20th 2010

Slovenia. A small country I knew nothing about apart from it being boarded by Croatia, Austria and Italy and had some Alps going for it and a pretty river. But I soon found out that this place and it’s people are so beautiful. I soaked up as much as possible and can’t wait to come back. Our Eastern Trekker group made the boarder crossing from Croatia without having to bribe anyone as is known to happen (although part of the European Union for a while the boarders are still in dispute). First we stopped off in the capital Ljubljana for a quick poke around the pretty city, but being a Sunday not much was happening. So we made our way to the Alps area and Bled where we were to stay for a couple of nights ... read more
mountain views
Mountain goat riding
Church of Assumption

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 14th 2009

Monday 14th September Blobbing in Bled The weather has turned to custard overnight and after the thunderstorm had passed through last night it had rained a fair amount and it was still raining lightly this morning. It was just as well that we did our walk around Lake Bled and drive to Lake Bohanij yesterday while it was at least dry. The guy who showed us our apartment on Saturday had said that it was predicted to be only 10C today and he was not far out.A quick look at the day encouraged us to stay in bed and watch TV.Of the places we have stayed in Eastern Europe this apartment has the best selection of cable channels in English to watch.Some places we have stayed there have been absolutely nothing in English available and we ... read more
Lake Bled in the rain

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 13th 2009

We had checked the weather forecast for Bled last night before we went to bed and it was supposed to rain all day today but we have woken to just an overcast sky and we can still see the Julian Alps that surround the town of Bled.So perhaps the weatherman is going to be wrong again. However we decided not to chance it and got up for a relatively early breakfast so that we could walk around the lake before the expected rain.We think it will probably take us about 2 hours with stops for photos. For the first time in weeks we are putting on our sneakers as we are not sure how well formed the path around the lake edge is and we are both tired of getting small stones in our sandals and ... read more
Little island in Lake Bled,Slovenia
From the terrace at Castle Bled,Lake Bled,Slovenia
Gretchen thought she was in for a lunchtime treat.Shame it didn't work out,I forgot my wallet!!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 12th 2009

The day has dawned overcast but the prospect for the day is improving weather as we cross the border into Slovenia. Gretchens wasp sting on her elbow from last night has made her arm swell up considerably and from hereon she will be nicknamed "Arnie" after the Governor of California as she could match him for the circumference of her arm at the moment. We had some concerns that we might not have hot water this morning as last night there didn't appear to be any coming through the tap no matter how long we left it running for and neither of us wanted a cold shower.However something magical happened in the night and there was plenty of hot water for showering. To get onto the island of Krk we had driven across a 1.4km bridge ... read more
A little closer up
Slovenian countryside
Castle Bled,Bled,Slovenia

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 5th 2009

Bled - day 14-16 - September 5-7 We had the luxury of a private transfer (two cars) to take us to our final stop in Bled, Slovenia. It was a pleasant journey on good freeways. Our driver was a young guy who had a rafting and other adventure sport business, was a taxi/car-hire person, as well as being a policman. Very hard working! We had a long wait in a queue to cross the boarder into Slovenia and back into the Schengen zone. You can see why the removal of border checks is a high priority as it must be costly as well as frustrating for those that need to move frequently between countries. Our driver said that we would be driving across almost the whole width of Slovenia from here - taking about an hour. ... read more
Church and Castle viewed from town side of lake

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 7th 2009

Slovenia: 26th June - 8th August 2009 Here's my advice to anyone thinking about a vacation in Europe: run, do not walk...repeat: run, do not walk, to Slovenia. Here's why. First, it's beautiful. The place is covered with idyllic villages complete with onion domed churches nestled in misty valleys throughout the land. Second, the only place they speak more English in Europe is England. Third, when you buy 20 euros worth of groceries, you pay 20 euros, and this applies to restaurants and just about everything else as well. I honestly don't know how long things will remain this easy, cheap, and unspoiled in Slovenia. So, I recommend getting here quick. That's the high level summary. Now, let me break this down point by point. Part I - Eat your heart out, Frodo Slovenia is on ... read more
It looks closer than it is
Self explanatory
Griffin at Sempeter

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 7th 2009

I made a note in my pocket book "Slovenians = very friendly people!!!" ... I made that note because we had come across so many open, friendly, happy and helpful people in our short time in Slovenia ... we really got the impression that they lived up to the countries tourism slogan "I feel sLOVEnia" ... the countries best advertisement is their people ... sure the scenery is breathtaking ... the people really made it so much better ... in a shop, a bar, in the street, they were just very friendly and helpful to us - thank you so much!!! Bled is just incredible "Gasp, ohh ahh, wow, that is just so lovely, amazing and beautiful" - some of the many reactions we had to scenery around Bled. Vintgar Gorje was also well worth a ... read more
more food & wine

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