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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 19th 2011

Hi all, Friday 3rd June The final toll road of Italy took us around the NE corner and through the slither of Italian land that lies between the Alps and the Adriatic sea, we headed on via Trieste and down to the border. The first border crossing was into Slovenia and as Slovenia is now in the EU we didn't need to stop so we drove straight in to add another country to our list. Today we were just passing through Slovenia so after around 30 mins or so driving along a busy stretch of road we came to our second border crossing, into Croatia. Here we had to show our passports which was a first since Gibraltar but with no troubles we drove in and yet another new country was added, it was also a ... read more
Polari beach
Rovinj town

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 17th 2011

That’s a medical joke folks! - I am on Warfarin (aka rat poison!) as an anti-blood coagulant for years. I am in fact semi moved off the almost total beer diet of Czech/Austria cos they actually make wine here (Slovenia that is – although they do in Austria, mostly white). However having had a rather nice radler (fruity beer) with lunch in Linz I tried one here with dinner on arrival in Bled. I was somewhat surprised to see it labeled pivo (beer) but also grapefruit, and also only 2.5% alcohol, half normal. As a result it is a bit fruity, but not too much, and also quite light and easy to drink. And yes I did have another as a very late snack at 5pm on top of the castle here in Bled, along with ... read more
the backyard view
view of castle & church
castle view....

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 12th 2011

Shortly after arriving in Zagliacco in northern Italy, we spent a day going by steam train from the border town of Gorizia to Bled, a beautiful lakeside town in Slovenia. We were greeted by musicians and train attendants in traditional dress, travelled in 3rd class carriages and had a refreshment car with food and drink and a Slovenian Post Master in a special section to take our postcards. The Trans-Alpine railway was one of the last majestic projects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, completed in 1909 to link Central Austria, Bohenia and Bavaria with Trieste on the Adriatic. This section of the line has the largest stone arch bridge in the world (at 85m) and a 6327m tunnel (took 10 minutes) through the mountains at the end of a long climb up from the plains of Italy. ... read more
First view of the river from the train
Taking water half way
The big German engine

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled April 26th 2011

Bled Sunday 24th April The small town and lake at Bled are very picture postcard. I’m trying to meet up with Martyn here who is Inter-railing with some friends across Europe in the opposite direction. We’ve arranged to try and meet up in Bled today. The journey from Ljubljana is again quite easy. There is a bus every hour and the journey takes about 80 minutes. Most bus fares in Slovenia seem to be around the €6 mark. The bus passes through quite a few picturesque villages on the way but it is Bled that seems to pull the tourists in with its location by the lake, its castle perched on top of a cliff, and the island-with-a-church in the middle of the lake. I manage to find Martyn and his friends {I don’t know how ... read more
A Family Reunion at Bled
Rowing Out To The Island
Bled Island

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 22nd 2010

Hi Here are a few photos of walking in the Julian Aps,,Slovenia. We started off in the Lake Bohinj area and then moved on to Bled. Great walking up to huge waterfalls . We took a cable car up a mountain then walked down 1000 metres - quite a drop. Bled was as beautiful as it looks on the posters but our attempts at rowing to the church on the island left a lot to be desired. The weather is good with sunny clear days and cold nights. They had loads of rain before we arrived so there is some flooding but we have been unaffected, luckily. We did have to lay a log over one swollen river to cross it ... Today we drove around and across the Alps - 50 hairpin bends to take ... read more
... and then walking down
Great views
Crossing a flooded river

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 12th 2010

I just couldnt go over another narrow, winding mountain pass. Every slovenian we met, told us that the drive to Bohinj over the mountain pass - is difficult and hard. When we were rafting our guide had asked us if we were taking the "car train" to Bohinj? Of course my ears picked up when I heard car train- finally an answer to my problem. Well sure enough there is a car train. You drive your car on to the car carriage, you sit in the car and an hour later (compared to the 2 1/2 hours it would take by car) your'e at Bohinj. I was sure it would cost us at least 80 euro but, we had a fun ride for the price of 12.50 On our first day we drove to Bled,which is ... read more
Hay Shwarma
Car train
on the car train

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 6th 2010

Walked around the lake, went on a kind of bobsled run, rowed out to the island and finished off with AMAZING cream cake that was invented here.... read more
Train tracks in the water???

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 5th 2010

Went to a beautiful gorge with Cynthia, got lost in a small village and waited for a bus to come for an hour when we unknowing could have walked back to Bled in 15 mins.... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 4th 2010

My first day there did not consist of much but eating, napping and getting to know an American girl doing a year RTW trip.... read more
It looked better then it tasted.

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 20th 2010

Hello, Apologies for the delay in posting this entry (and the next and final one). Strangely for our expectations of Europe we have in fact struggled to find easily accessible internet with USB connection to upload blog entries and photos. For instance in the town of Bled, the only internet computers are located at the travel agencies and you can only use them to search the web! But to return to our adventures..... In order to have a truly wonderful time in Slovenia - and we heartily recommend that you come to this country if you ever have the chance - we suggest you do as we did. After farewelling Zagreb and its wonderful tofu-tasting fair and towering funicular, we caught the train to Ljubliana, the capital of Slovenia. We then exited the train station and ... read more
Lake Bled Island
Romantic gondola on Lake Bled
Riding the golden horns - Kranska Gora

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