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Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 14th 2018

Zaterdag 14 juli 2018 – Velars-sur-Ouche Korte fietstocht 31km naar Dijon. We kenden Dijon van er voorbij te razen langs de autoroutes naar het zuiden. Het is een stad om eindelijk eens te bezoeken. Hoofdstad van de hertogen van Bourgondië. Historische plaats met prachtige middeleeuwse gebouwen. Levendig centrum met de obligate Aziatische toeristengroepjes die zich vergapen aan al dat moois van achter hun I-pads. Toch effen asociaal geweest om de groep na de lunch te verlaten om op tijd terug te zijn om de Rode Duivels te zien winnen van de Engelsen. 's Avonds verplaatsing naar Pouilly-en-Auxois 32km meer naar het noorden. Met de toelating van Monsieur le Maire staan we met zijn allen op een grote parking midden in het dorp en vlak aan het Canal. Het is hier nog steeds broeiend heet.... read more
Onderweg naar Dijon

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 13th 2018

Vrijdag 13 juli 2018 – Velars-sur-Ouche Eerste fietstocht 66km langs het Canal de Bourgogne. Dit is geen kanaal zoals bij ons, rechttoe, rechtaan. Het kronkelt tussen heuvels en langs het riviertje de Ouche. Bijna elke km een sluis. Kan ook niet anders met die hoogteverschillen. Mooie fietspaden langs het jaagpad, maar weinig horeca onderweg. Een zeldzaam café dat zei een restaurant te zijn weigerde ons als klant met meegebracht luchpakket, zelfs op hun terras. Dan maar verder in het wild. Niet zo vriendelijk deze Fransen. We hadden ze nochtans de wereldcupfinale gelaten. Wat verder waren we wel welkom in een 'Epishop' met terras en parasols. Commande à l' intérieur. Een dikke madam die Frans sprak met een Engels accent. Alles beschikbaar. Ook 'Chambres pour voyageurs' en locations de vélos. Grapjes werden gemaakt over de regenton en ... read more
langs de Ouche
Een van de 187 sluizen gebouwd eind 18e eeuw
Canal de Bourgogne

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 12th 2018

Donderdag 12 juli 2018 - Velars-sur-Ouche (568km) Naar het verzamelpunt in een dorpje juist buiten Dijon, aan het Canal de Bourgogne. Heuvelachtige omgeving aan een snelstromend bergriviertje, waar de plaatselijke jeugd een welgekomen verfrissing vindt in deze hoge zomertemperaturen. Met akkoord van de mairie mogen onze 11 motorhomes parkeren en overnachten op de parkings van de gendarmerie bijna in het centrum en op enkele stappen van het Canal. Ik denk dat we hier wel veilig zullen staan. Motards van de gendarmerie rijden hier regelmatig af en aan. Bij een stop onderweg begonnen de controlelichtjes van de frigo in de nieuwe motorhome onheilspellend te flikkeren. De switch van 12V naar gasvoeding werkte dus niet. Paniek want de diepvriezer zit vol, en op de voorziene overnachtingsparkings is geen 230v beschikbaar. Na wat baggeren aan allerlei, veronderstellen we dat ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon June 15th 2018

Today we spent the day in Dijon, after a short trip from Beaune we arrived stressfully at the central markets, there were a number of road blockages that caused the GPS to have issues with us. The market was great and there was a whole different array of items available for sale other than the standard vegetables, meats, fish and deli items. Buys could buy an array on pre-prepared take home dinners and there are specialist shops like one which only does Mushrooms, one that only does Honey. We decided to cook tonight and decided on a menu of Rabbit Ballantines, Cheese Souffle, Rosti and celeriac salad. With a dessert of Gingerbread Cake. After the bustle of the market we went to the Mallie Mustard shop, and while we didn't intend of buying anything we ended ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 12th 2017

Our next stops Dijon the city of the Mustard. We had a problem leaving Nimes for at the breakfast the coffee machine did not work so we sat there waiting to get some coffee before we left for a long journey. It was 527 kilometres to Dijon. We left with good weather but that deteriorated later in the day. We even had rain later that slows the traffic down. A few nature stops were necessary as well that gave us the chance to have a coffee or something else. The last stop we had 140 kilometres to go so we were getting close. We arrived at 6.30 p.m. Again we had a problem getting the room we ordered but that was sorted out. To late we ate in the restaurant. Had a good meal there. Than ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 8th 2017

Apart from a lot of traffic there are no problems getting back to France. There is no control or checking you just drive from one country to the other. We drive no toll roads you do see more like that but it takes a bit longer to do. We had about 360 kilometer to do that is not to bad. The roads are good and the sun was shinning what else do you want. That else was a toilet. No stations at al we had to go for a long time before we had the chance for relieve. For a male not bad but a woman needs a bit more privacy. We made a stop in a small place with a small café. We saw tables and chairs with people that meant there will be coffee ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 30th 2017

Spare of the moment canal boat cruise. My uncle and aunty from Australia were visiting and mentioned how fabulous their trip had been. We had a look and Le boat had a boat available from Tannay, 4 hours 40mins drive from Geneva. Tannay is near Dijon and we decided we would jump at it. The boat was comfortable, a 2 star so I'm told. 3 cabins with 2 beds in each, a large living space and smallish kitchen and 3 bathrooms. It is advertised as a 'no experience' necessary, and seeing as Murray has a lot of boating experience we thought we would be able to manage. Thankfully I didn't think about the trip too much, if I had I would have realised with Murray driving it meant I was walking around the boat and dealing ... read more
Super excited to crew the boat
One of the loch cabins along the way
Haylz at the bow

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 27th 2016

A stay in Dijon would not be complete without a visit to the Musées de la Vie Bourguignonne (Museum of Burgundian Life). This charming history of daily life in Dijon from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20thcentury, is set in the peaceful cloister of the Bernadine Monastery. The ground floor has displays of rural life which are quite life like and a wonderful representation of how life was. Difficult! On the first floor, the reconstruction of 10 businesses was fascinating. It was most exciting for us when we saw the Pernot Biscuit business … Lyn and Neville’s apartment in Villa Pernot featured. Thursday brings us to our last day in Dijon, enjoying a progressive lunch: first at La Petite Rein Bistro near the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy then on to La ... read more
The monastery that houses the museum
The cloister
Underneath the arches...

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 26th 2016

The morning service on Sunday at Notre Dame was warm and welcoming. Although completely in French, some could be understood well enough. During the service, a beautiful-hearted young novice spoke eloquently and passionately, encouraging hope and faith over fear in the light of the tragedies in France and other parts of Europe. Moving. A leisurely coffee was enjoyed quietly at a nearby café while we watched families pass by. Some had attended church, others looked as though they were heading out for lunch. The market hall (Les Halles) had been transformed into a vibrant Brunch area…bookings essential! Nevertheless, Villa Pernot’s Sunday’s lunch was of a rather good standard! But then there was our long French lunch on Monday (Lundi). We hosted Robert and Jenny, who are friends of Lyn and Neville. Aperitifs, which included Sablés au ... read more
The Jacquemart atop Notre Dame
La Dolce Vita
Brunch at Les Halles

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 22nd 2016

We arrived in Dijon today after four days of hiking in the Vosges mountains, along the Route des Crêtes (or Route of the Ridges). After an easy first day we had a huge climb on the second day from the valley of the Rhine (at about 400 m) to the height of the ridge (about 1300 m), but for the next two days the path stayed relatively level, with a couple of notable exceptions. At the end of the third day we met a very friendly couple who live near Strasbourg. We got to know each other over dinner and the next day we walked with them. Lynn and I had planned to stay at a refuge-hotel run by the local hiking club that night, but Frédéric and Claudia invited us to stay with them at ... read more
A couple of locals sharing a drink

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