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August 8th 2017
Published: August 8th 2017
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selfie Nimes arena
Apart from a lot of traffic there are no problems getting back to France. There is no control or checking you just drive from one country to the other. We drive no toll roads you do see more like that but it takes a bit longer to do. We had about 360 kilometer to do that is not to bad. The roads are good and the sun was shinning what else do you want. That else was a toilet. No stations at al we had to go for a long time before we had the chance for relieve. For a male not bad but a woman needs a bit more privacy. We made a stop in a small place with a small café. We saw tables and chairs with people that meant there will be coffee and a toilet. What a relieve it was about time. We tried to talk to the family that was sitting there and we did have some conversation. They wanted to know where we were from and when you tell Australia their arms go up Oh, but that is so far away with many dangerous animals. We have no idea where they get that from. They say from TV,. No trucks on the road on Sunday so no files. Making good progress but had to stop again for a nature call. A Mac Donald's came to the rescue. Was busy inside so we just used the facilities. Not long and we arrived in Nimes. Nimes is known for the Roman arena that is mostly intact. We stayed close to the old city while looking for a place to eat we soon saw that there the restaurants were mostly Muslim. Liz was not that keen on that so we walked on the outside of that and met an American couple that showed us a place where they ate last night. We had a good meal. By sun rise and after having a good breakfast we went out to see the city. Of course, the churches for most of the history is there and the arena were the places to go to. There were also a few Roman gates to see on the way to the Roman Arena. Must say that was very impressive. It is mainly intact and they are restoring a lot of things in the old way. It is used for a lot of things

Nimes arena panorama
that is a pity for the old seats are gone taken over by modern timber ones. It was for us a lot of climbing. Those Romans must have been giants so high are the steps. At some of them we had to pull ourselves up to get to the next one. Well we came out in one piece that was good. We had to wait till 7 o'clock for a meal so we decided to have a hamburger at one of those Turkish eating places. We had a long conversation before we finally entered one of them. They were very friendly. We asked for a beer with the Hamburger but that was a no no. He told me we can buy a beer over the road put a paper bag over it and come back to have your Hamburger. Being hungry and have to wait we just did that. It is amazing what you have to go through to have a meal with a beer in this mainly Muslim area. Next stop is Dijon where we will try the famous mustard. Till than.

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port Agusta

water garden nimes

water garden

high steps

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in Nimes

big steps

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