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August 12th 2017
Published: August 12th 2017
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Our next stops Dijon the city of the Mustard. We had a problem leaving Nimes for at the breakfast the coffee machine did not work so we sat there waiting to get some coffee before we left for a long journey. It was 527 kilometres to Dijon. We left with good weather but that deteriorated later in the day. We even had rain later that slows the traffic down. A few nature stops were necessary as well that gave us the chance to have a coffee or something else. The last stop we had 140 kilometres to go so we were getting close. We arrived at 6.30 p.m. Again we had a problem getting the room we ordered but that was sorted out. To late we ate in the restaurant. Had a good meal there. Than it was shower time and that was so nice. Up at 7.30 dressed and ready for breakfast. Not that far we walked to town. We had a town plan so that was easy. The things to see are always in the old city. Just a few kilometres to walk. We always go to the churches, there is always the history of the town. We were

solex on the ceiling
told that in the old city is a famous mustard shop you can taste all the mustards they fabricate, but really it is not made in Dijon at all anymore. Has the name but the factories are all outside this city. We did some tasting of mustards. You get a plastic spoon, you find all little Potts containing an enormous amount of all different mustards. Never knew they made so many mustards. It is a very busy shop special for tourists who come special for that to Dijon. We also visited the Notre Dame of Dijon a very big church. It is amazing what the people in those years were able to build. It was to early to have a meal anyway nothing is open till 7-7.30. We did not want a meal in the hotel so we walked back to the old city to have a meal in one of the many establishments that are there. No English at all so we finished up with a meal we did not even ordered. Was okay so we left it like that. We wanted to visit a factory where the mustard was made. That was the plan for the next day.

Mustard asting
We were early on the way to Beune where the factory was, just 25 kilometres away. We had to ask in Beune where the factory was of course no English again so we were send to a complete different area. Spoke lucky enough to a person that spoke our language. He send us back to Beune where in a small main street we indeed found the factory. The were tours at certain times but it became to late so we just tasted some more mustard and turned back to Dijon. Stopping at a super market Liz needed something for her shoes. Well, she found s few French women doing their shopping. Next I saw liz moving arms pointing to shoes trying to explain what she was after. In the end she did get something but it was not the right article. Did was enough for our adventure in Dijon. Tomorrow we leave France and go to Germany. That is for next time.

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in the shopping centre

on the way to Beune

having a drink in Beune

iz tasting mustard

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