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August 5th 2017
Published: August 5th 2017
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Salvador Dali museum
After admiring the thick walls of Alvira we continued across Spain towards Zaragosa and Figueres that is close to the Spanish French border.It started of not that good for the GPS sent us over a very small mountain road again it looked we were the only people in the world. It connected later to what they call here motorway not a toll road. A beautiful road that took us no time to where we would stay for the night. One thing wrong it was not the place. Liz went out asking and found out it is another 25 k.m. further. We were looking for a roadhouse that also was a motel. It was called K333. Indeed it existed. It was a sort of motel very shabby looking. and it had a roadhouse with it. A big fuel station was on the side. Liz got the key from the roadhouse and for the rest you had to sort it out yourself. You can imagine we did not had a very good night there. We did have a very nice meal. It was chicken very nice prepared but it took a while before we could order there was not anybody there that spoke English and the menu card was all Spanish. But we got out of it. Breakfast was also included but the experience so far was that the expectations were not very high. We were right. We had two pieces of toast with some jam and a cup of coffee. It was enough for us to continue our travels to Figueres . We had been there before it is close to the border. A place Perthus is the border and there you can buy everything a lot cheaper, so called tax free. This time the GPS was wrong again. We drove over a very busy truck route., hard to pass so we had to sit behind trucks till things improved and they did. We landed on a nice motorway that took us right into Figueres. he GPS wrong again but with the help of a police officer the place was found. Figueres is a busy town but even more so now for Salvador Dali grave was opened to do a DNA test to do with a woman that claimed to be his daughter. Lots of people as well as TV crews to do the news. We went to the museum the next

entrance to the museum
day. Can't say I loike his paintings but we both agreed he3 was a very clever man with what he did. Special the jewellery. There were lots of people visiting and we had to wait before you could see the drawings and paintings. After spending most of the day there we landed at a café for an ice coffee. We should have known there Ice Coffee is coffee water ice cubes a ball of ice cream and cream. Not the ice coffee we are used to. Perthus was for the next day. Not lucky, we stood for hours in a file France went on holiday. Finally arriving there we bought the things we came for. The way back was a lot easier. Not much traffic anymore. We now ready to leave Spain and are looking to France to the next place called Nimes. That will be next time.

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plaza in Figueres

Liz talking to TV crew

drawings from Dali

jewellery from Dali

Salvador dali

inside the museum

file to Perthus

inside dali museum.

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