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Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 17th 2016

A quieter day, which will end with attending a service at the local cathedral, St-Bénigne, at 8:00pm. This cathedral was named after the first apostle of Burgundy. Its spire of 91 metres is the tallest in Dijon. It also boasts the beautiful Burgundian glass tiled roof. But, the day started with a delightful outing…closer to home on the banks of Lac Kir. Another brocante! A leisurely stroll under the trees and through the pathways between the tables provided a pleasant start to our quiet day. Yes, a couple of purchases were made: a pot for Lyn, (oh, and a key for her new collection) and a small jug for Jan. And now, the pièce-de-résistance for the day: Madame Smith created lunch for us; her very first soufflé! A brilliant effort and worth sharing! Mabel helped whisk ... read more
So...Mabel is 'on trend' and likes taking selfies...
And she takes sneaky photos!
Madame is excited!

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 15th 2016

Our dear family and friends We awoke to the terrible news of the evil attack in Nice during the Bastille Day evening celebrations. We are a long way from there and quite safe. It doesn't detract from the tragedy in Nice. We will be staying in the Burgundy region until 29 July. We leave Dijon for an overnight stay in Geneva before flying home to Melbourne. Thank you for your care and wonderful comments on our blog! Jan, Mabel, Lyn and Neville... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 10th 2016

A morning stroll to the market on Saturday in the gloriously warm sunshine, to shop especially for the most fragrant full-of-flavour strawberries, followed by a leisurely amble to the favourite café for our morning coffee. A perfect morning. Madeleines were baked in the kitchen of ‘Villa Pernot’, in preparation for our visit to Lyn and Neville’s friends, Robert and Jenny. They live in a very small village in Creancy, about a 30 minute drive from Dijon. The converted barn houses Jenny’s collectables from brocantes and grenieres. Lyn came back with a few purchases! The rolling green hills along our journey were dotted with huge hay bales; cattle and sheep grazed. Occasionally the canals could be seen. Travelling at 130kph made photography difficult! We head for Avignon today, Sunday, for a couple of days. Our accommodation will ... read more
The Gingerbread Shop
Some of the architecture
Place de la Liberation

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 7th 2016

Tuesday 5 July 2016 Market shopping day! Shopping trolley/jeep in hand we left Villa Pernot and strolled along Rue Courtepee, past St Bernard Square and headed to Les Halles, the food market. We shall let the photos speak for themselves. St. Bernard Square is dominated by the statue of the holy child of Fontaine-lès-Dijon. He was born of Burgundian landowning aristocracy in 1090. Both his parents were exceptional models of virtue. Bernard was raised in a family that learned deep respect for mercy, justice and loyal affection for others. He had a strong desire to serve others in charity. In 1115 he founded the Abbey of Clairvaux. Enough history lesson for now! There are seats placed to the front and either side of this towering statue of St Bernard. Trees and flowers add to the ambience. ... read more
Contemplating under St Bernard?
A gentle stroll
Les Halles

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 5th 2016

Monday 4 July 2016 Another glorious day for us to enjoy! So blessed! Neville negotiates the narrow roads, roundabouts and, at times, crazy drivers with such skill. Remember, it’s all left hand drive in a manual car. Everything is opposite! A stunning drive through the Jura was quite breathtaking. The height of these mountains and the fir trees are astounding. The summer green simply glows. How were the enormous aquaducts built centuries ago? A morning tea stop at Les Rousses was welcome; unfortunately (or was it fortunately?) the ‘bear shop’, La Meubleurie du bois de L’Ours, wasn’t opening until 2pm. This shop is filled with the most fabulous carved wooden furniture, homewares and clothing for mountain living. It is Monday in France…most places close Saturday afternoon and reopen Monday at 2pm. Another visit is planned! A ... read more
Leaving Annecy
La Meubleurie du bois de L’Ours

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon June 10th 2015

Wednesday 10 June 2015 We had a great day in Beaune yesterday and everyone assured us we would have a great day in Dijon. So we did some homework with our e-book copies of Rick Steve and Lonely Planet. The list of sights was collated and we were ready for a sunny day of exploration in Dijon. We made the big decision to let Polly find us a carpark as close as possible to the middle of Dijon. After getting caught in the wrong lane for that quick right turn left turn we found a carpark that was almost empty. Why? A quick check with the non-English speaking attendant who assured us we could park anywhere, we locked the car underground and headed off. For two euros fifty for four hours parking we felt we had ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon June 8th 2015

Monday 8 June 2015 What a blissful sleep. All our neighbours had departed the day before so we had our part of the camp to ourselves for the last night of our stay in the Loire. After four years of planning and really looking forward to this part of the trip we were not disappointed. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have left just a little more to see during our next trip. The Camp Commandant came to inspect our chateau at exactly 9:00 am (the appointed time) and we passed with flying colours. The 250€ deposit was released and we left as happy travellers. Today was going to be a long drive to Dijon and Burgundy country. We drove through rolling countryside similar to South Canterbury with grain crops waving in the breeze as far as ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon February 28th 2015

À Dijon, j'y suis revenue quatre ou cinq fois en 35 ans grâce aux amis qui y vivent. J'ai donc repris à nouveau le TGV au départ de la gare de Lyon à Paris pour ces retrouvailles amicales tant attendues! En ce début du mois de mars, le paysage de cette verte France défile à 300km à l'heure. La vitesse du train fait contraste aux éoliennes qui fleurissent les champs et qui tournent calmement. Je redécouvre à chaque fois que j'arrive dans la capitale bourguignonne, le calme de cette ville. Dijon, c'est la moutarde et le cassis bien sûr, les petites boutiques où le thème du vin est universel. C'est du haut de la tour Philippe-le-Bon, au bout des 230 marches, que l'on pourra apprécier la beauté des toits vernissés et les clochers de ses nombreuses ... read more
Dijon vue d'en haut
Les vieux colombages

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon January 13th 2015

Thankfully the wind has died down again so it shouldn’t feel like we’re reinacting a scene from the perfect storm on our ferry crossing today. After an early-ish start, we repack Charlie who groans under the weight (and probably wonders ‘why me again?’) and then set off. Our ferry has annoyingly been delayed by an hour and a half which will dramatically eat into our driving time in France, but luckily we're offered a chance to go on an earlier ferry which arrives in Dunkerque instead of Calais, so we opt for that. We’re directed onto the ferry by workers in their reflective jackets and park closely to the rear of the car in front for fear of being shouted at for not being close enough and to make sure there is enough room for everyone ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon December 26th 2014

Ok, here we are in Dijon! The area is Burgundy and in one word.....stunning! So much to write really, but I think photos show you more. This truly is a fascinating place, and well worth a visit anytime! Arrive by train, trek around by car! Although we arrived the day after a tragic attack in one area of Dijon, you just would hardly know. Life went onwards regardless it seems. so, we ventured off early morning, having visited a couple of night markets the evening before then went slowly winding our way through alleys. As we vowed to really do a proper exploration the next day, we decided to collapse, hoping for some decent internet, not yet that night anyway! Anyway, off we went on Christmas Eve, better frame of mind, and ventured into the ... read more

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