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July 15th 2016
Published: July 15th 2016
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Our dear family and friends

We awoke to the terrible news of the evil attack in Nice during the Bastille Day evening celebrations.

We are a long way from there and quite safe. It doesn't detract from the tragedy in Nice.

We will be staying in the Burgundy region until 29 July. We leave Dijon for an overnight stay in Geneva before flying home to Melbourne.

Thank you for your care and wonderful comments on our blog!

Jan, Mabel, Lyn and Neville


15th July 2016

so happy to hear that you are all ok . What is happening to this world of ours. Please try to have a lovely time for the rest of your trip. Safe journey home love Babs and Pete xx
15th July 2016

Safe travel
Hi Jan, Thanks for your reassurance. So glad you are safe. My two precious young people are due to fly to Brussels, and then France, early Sunday morning, along with 100 others from Legacy Australia. Ian and I are wondering if we will receive a call to say the trip is cancelled. Part of me wants that, so I know they are safe, but part of me says that is letting the terrorists have a victory. I am worried, confused and angry that so much planning by so many wonderful people might all be for nothing. Stay safe. XX
15th July 2016

Glad to hea
Love the diary and pictures, you look so relaxed. Our thoughts did go out to you all with the news this morning. Take care and enjoy your holiday.
15th July 2016

Thanks God that you are away from it. My friend's daughters are in Nice but they were at the hotel when it happened.
15th July 2016

Thinking of you. Keep safe.
Luv Sarah
16th July 2016

Happy Travels
Hi Jan, Thanks for a wonderful travel diary, we are with you every step of the way and enjoying it very much. I am sure you and Mom are having a wonderful time. Love Chris & Toi
17th July 2016

Bonjour intrepid travellers ...
Dear Jan, as always your blog is a great read, combined with great photos .... lovely to see everyone having a fabulous time - scenery, history, food, wine ... it was especially good to read the latest message confirming that you are all safe; a long way from Nice. May you continue to have safe travels, fabulous times and another champagne ... or two, three ...

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