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Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon May 23rd 2011

bonjour mes amis I am working from a computer with a european keyboard, so please excuse the typos I am at the half-way point of my trip with respect to both time and location; I'm currently in the city dijon. it is a beautiful medieval city; but it is quiet and quaint, a much differnt atmosphere from the bustling streets of paris. I am staying in the old dijon part of the city, everything looks like it was built in the 1600s, at it probably was. I would compare it with backpacking in nigara on the lake or In Bruges; great for couples on a weekend holiay, but not as backpacker friendly as staying in a large city. To my knowledge there is only one hostel in the city; which i stayed away from due to ... read more
main street in dijon

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon May 8th 2011

Did a spot of sight seeing visiting the source of the Seine, then headed off towards Dijon with some hills to deal with. Paul discovered the third rule of cycling, best not to have a cup of hot really creamy coffee and large pattisserie before a savage long very hot hill climb, hee hee ! Afterwards a steady ride on to our next destination, France's largest inland boating centre.. This day was a national holiday so EVERYTHING was closed including most hotels, so no lunch before arrival. We managed to find a reasonable hotel anf enjoyed a very pleasant evening meal on the banks of the Saône river. 484 miles to date and under our belts, bottoms and joints seem to be holding out.... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon September 5th 2010

Day 3 Drove to town of Chablis - coffee on terrace, bought good picnic stuff. Alan led a mystery tour of premier cru vineyards - even though he didn't know where he was going either. Ended up in a wine makers in Chablis and bought some Petit Chablis that tasted good. Onto autoroute as time needs to be managed. Picnic site on autoroute was great - lovely wood and clean loos. Checked in to a French equivalent of Premier Inn but with a pool - at Marsannay La Cote near Dijon. Reverted to basic food as we are all gourmeted out!! Day 4 Still in Marsannay la Cote. Visited sunday market and bought lovely produce to eat later. Visited Dijon which is a lovely city in spite of what the rough guide says. Just had to ... read more
Cave in Chablis
Picnic again

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon May 18th 2010

We spent 2 nights in Dijon and found it very relaxing. It’s a lovely place and just the perfect amount of sights to see - not too little and not too overwhelming! Lysh was feeling a little fluey so it was a perfect time to just take it easy. There is an excellent self guided walk through the town which we did to take in all the important buildings and other sights including the Jardin Darcy, beautiful houses with colourful tiled rooves, Porte Guillaume (triumphal arch), and lovely squares, public buildings and churches. After the walk we headed to the Maille mustard shop where we tasted lots of flavours - from berry to chocolate! Would have loved to bring some home but too hard to carry  We also did a little shopping as Lysh ... read more
The mustard house, Maile
Richie and the Polar beer guarding the Jardin Darcy
Selfie in the Jardin Darcy

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon February 7th 2010

It was 10pm on Friday night, as suddenly I had the itch to plan a last minute trip. Pulling up a map, I saw that Dijon--capital of all things mustard--was only a 15 euro ticket away (and that's round trip!) The next morning (yesterday), Cyntia and Tricia and I hopped on the TGV to go explore this famous city. I was especially excited to leave our own region of Franche-Comte for that of Burgundy, known for it's Boeuf Burguignon, Coq au Vin, escargots, and excellent wine. After only an hour on the train we reached the Dijon station and began our adventure. As it was lunch time, we decided to eat before doing anything else, so we found a lovely little restaurant right next to the Dijon Cathedral. I had lapin moutarde (rabbit with a creamy ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon September 14th 2009

Monday - Steve the Stupendous and Nick the Nice Bread Monday morning. Nick has been to the boulangerie to buy fresh bread. Here are some interesting facts about bread in France:- One of Nick’s neighbours is an apprentice baker. Before he is fully qualified to bake bread he has to serve a 5 year apprenticeship! Interesting fact #2. Nick has heard that there is a law in France which says that every village above a certain size must have a bakery. This immediately has me firing questions at him, questions he has no chance of answering but which keep him busy on the internet for some time. How big does a village have to be before it has to have a bakery? What if nobody in that village wants to bake bread? What happens to the ... read more
The Cathedral
Palais De Duc

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon September 2nd 2009

What was up for the long weekend of 21 May to 24? Rock climbing shinadigs thats what. Me, Dan, Jen, Mark and Paul all went for a ride from Amsterdam to url=,+Ni%C3%A8vre,+Burgundy,+France&sll=41.574875,-2.336655&sspn=0.138691,0.379028&g=nolay&ie=UTF8&cd=2&geocode=FZQDzwId3rEyAA&split=0&ll=47.12341,3.34465&spn=0.063073,0.189514&z=12 Nolay in Dan's car. It took as a little over 7 hours to get to our campsite, combined with rain and very little help in English when asking for directions. Needless to say we found the campsite and managed to set up camp in relatively dry conditions. We went for a quick climb in Cormot - I did a route on top rope - a 5a but didn’t get a chance to complete it - which I was a bit worried about - I hope this wasn’t how the rest of the weekend was going to be like. It started to rain af ... read more
Me climbing woohoo
Pretty flowers
The local cafe where we met our local frenchies drinking wine

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 1st 2009

We woke up early; Lori and I have perfected the bathroom schedule. I’m first while Lori is still waking up. Once I’m out she’s in. I finish dressing then head down stairs with my stuff, load it into the car and go have breakfast. In about 30-45 minutes Lori shows up and has breakfast. I’ve finished looking at the maps and books; Lori asks where we going today Pops? And I tell her. It’s not the fastest but it works. So today we are going to visit Dijon, you know the place that makes mustard. We start with the cathedral, then the crypt and wrap it up with finding the owl. If we rub it we’ll get good luck. Lori agrees and we’re off. We park in the same area as last night and start walking ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon July 31st 2009

Today was set to be a long driving day. We first got up from the cool hotel and had breakfast, it wasn’t the best we’ve had but it was pretty good. We loaded up and headed into Orleans, the main attraction for Orleans was their cathedral. We found it, and walked through the cathedral. Lori is starting to think the same guy built all the cathedrals in Europe. Dad, they all look the same, yeah but it’s fun to walk through them and light a candle for someone you love. Once we took some pictures, lighted candles and prayed for everyone we love we headed toward Vezelay. To gain some time, Lori asked if we could get on the Auto Strata. Yeah I should have known better when she asked, what’s the speed limit? Well in ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon May 17th 2009

Today we're off on our way to Monaco but before we get there, we're stopping in Dijon, France, yes that's Dijon, the place where dijon mustard comes from!!!! we rented a car and set off at 8 am.... we arrived in Dijon with the rain, but the next morning, it was beautiful and hot which set the weather for the rest of the week!... read more

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