Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris November 6th 2018

Paris is like an new friend who you want to spend more time with, but there’s others you know you need to go and be with. I want to go home, but it would be nice to stay. I think it’s called escapism. It’s mid afternoon in the Shakespeare and Co. Cafe, at Rue de la Bucherie on the bank of the Seine. My window faces Notre Dame Cathedral, and tours led by yellow umbrellas, mysterious looking men I presume to be French, walking in slow motion, and the constant sound of motorcycles , ambulance sirens, and car horns, are all overshadowed by this church. The cafe is warm from the smell of savoury snacks and sweets, and berry crumble that you can get with a coffee for €7; don’t ask how I know. It feels ... read more
The Louvre
My Last Crossing Of The Seine
Lovely Hanging Autumn Vines

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris November 5th 2018

It’s a sad day today. Tim’s gone back to Luxembourg, as he has to, so I have the last 2 nights to myself before flying home to Australia. Today we slept in, Tim cooked a filling breakfast of delicate French mushrooms, spanish iberico chorizo, and semi cured cheese, followed by cereal and 2 cups of coffee. But I still can’t wait to go out and have a pastry. It’s going to stop soon, so I need to top up. It’s all about shopping, relaxing and a boat ride today. The first stop was Galeríes Lafayette, an up market store located near us, and it was just for a look at the interior, and a trip to the cafe observation deck at the roof level. Shopping’s not my thing and department stores are too confusing with their ... read more
Historical Shopping Arcade
The Front Entrance

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris November 4th 2018

Paris is slowly crawling into winter. It’s still a month away, but the cool chill in the wind, and the turning of the leaves to red and amber, tells me that winter is close. The leaves are holding onto branches for as long as they can, before floating to the ground, only to be trod into the damp paths, kicked around and played with by children, or scooped up by the many workers vacuuming the streets and parks, keeping Paris clean. Like Spaniards, the French love a cigarette, and happily drop the still burning butts at random, continuing an age old French tradition. You are never far from the smell of cigarettes or diesel fumes in Paris. Even the smallest cars are often diesel powered, adding to that fragrant, toxic cocktail of Paris. On a brighter ... read more
An Environmental Garden On The Side Of Appartments
Another Day, Another Market.

Europe » France » Île-de-France November 3rd 2018

Hi. I’m writing very little today as the photos track our movements and frankly, I’m tired. The weather gods have smiled on Paris today and the sun was shining for the first time in ages. Tim and I caught the Metro train to near the Bastille and spent the day walking, walking. The Marais,is a district oozing with character, and we often wandered towards a destination, turning up random streets, happy as long as we were headed in a particular direction. I’ve done this in Rome, and it can produce the nicest surprises at the turn of a corner. The streets were vibrant, and locals and tourists were out in force. Falafels are the food to eat here, and the many food shops had queues stretching up the street. We just had to be patient. There ... read more
Our Appartment
Home Maintenance Man Starts The Day
The Bottomless Pit

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela November 2nd 2018

Never buy an extra bag allowance from Vueling Airlines unless you are intending to import a small car as hand luggage. My €20 extra was because I am carrying a backpack that does not comply with the size or weight limits. What a joke! People were boarding with backpacks with sleeping rolls attached that were way out of the tiny requirements of Vueling. They are larger than mine. I’ve been duped. I have a personal theory on flight luggage allowances. I think each seat should have a weight allowance, comprised of the combined passenger and luggage weight. If you are tiny, bring all your stuff, but if you are solid, or tall , this is taken into account and excess weight may apply. Planes fly on weight, fuel costs are higher, user pays. If this seems ... read more
Quiet Atmosphere Very Near The Main District.
Entry To Bar Costa Vella
Bar Costa Vella

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña » La Coruña November 1st 2018

Today is Day 1, post Camino. It’s strange not walking, and not even planning to walk. The sorting, washing, smelling what is best to wear, and is this shirt good for another day. It’s over. Carrying a pack up and down mountains, through valleys, and across spanish farms; I’m done with that. Preparing your feet for the day; tape, vasoline, double socks. That’s all gone. Sadly, so have my mates. Last night, Tim and I shared a last meal in Santiago with Dave, Darcy and Janet. We relived recent experiences as if they were the good old times. I was exposed as being a little overexposed, people wise, on the Camino. I never noticed that I knew so many people, but in hindsight, travelling alone does release a curiosity to meet people, and find out a ... read more
The Maria Pia Plaza
Sculpture Park, La Coruña

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 31st 2018

Watching our clothes go around and around. I’m currently in the lavandaría, doing the laundry. Tim is Museum hopping. Only €8 and all our clothes are clean and dry; no ironing though. This morning I thought we’d be removing vomit from our clothes after the long erratic bus ride around the Costa Del Morte. Aptly named the Coast of Death, I now realise it’s all about the bus. I’d been advised to sit up the front but it was pointless. The driver swung into the endless corners, and stopped and started so savagely, that I thought he was on a time incentive. Reading was a bad start, as the lurches and jerks hit you without notice. Then I tried to lean into the bends, but that only works on a motorcycle. Just burp constantly, Steve, and ... read more
Dawn At Finisterre
Dawn At Finisterre
Sunrise Over The Atlantic

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 30th 2018

A day trip to La Coruña. Tim’s knee problems have forced a change in plans, and walking to Muxia is simply not practical, and probably not possible. No matter, we will head to Santiago tomorrow, stay a night, and use the extra day to take in La Coruña on a day trip. It’s a large city with a rich history and culture , so there is plenty to do and see. Today started with rain as we walked around the harbour with Tina from Sydney, so we called in to a bar for breakfast before the first hill of the day. The rain and storms never really eventuated but rain gear was always handy for the little downpours that disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Fifteen kilometres was all we had to walk but we didn’t ... read more
Looking Back To Cee
Corcubión Far Below Us
Rain Threatened All Day

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Corcubion October 29th 2018

Albergue Monte Aro. The newest Albergue on the Camino Finisterre serves two functions. It provides the friendliest reception for tired, wet travellers on this route, and more importantly, it breaks up a 31km day so that the Way to Finisterre, the end of many pilgrims camino, is not rushed. The weather predicted for today was showers, then rain, followed by showers. Not very promising but the showers held off for the first hour. Before leaving the village, a small cat joined our team, and despite my passive aggressive efforts, she stuck with us until befriending 2 large dogs who, after a bit of mutual sniffing, were better company than us. Despite strolling down the centre of the road and playing ‘chicken’ with a large truck and various cars, this cat now resides on a cattle farm. ... read more
Leaving Lago In The Early Morning Light
El Gatto
Sunrise Over Farmbuildings

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Olveiroa October 28th 2018

I’m over this ! I love the walking. I love the weather, even when it hails and is cold. I’m over the dense, warm, smelly atmosphere that you encounter when you re-enter your dormitory after a late night bathroom visit. You could slice the air with a knife; some nights are worse than others. Last night was bad. I couldn’t fall asleep after 3am, in a room of about 26 people, all with dodgy diets, if you know what I mean. Snoring was not a big issue; it was me, filtering this recycled air through my parched mouth, and no doubt contributing to this torment. The only other place I’ve really noticed it was in O Cebreiro, where a particular NZ lady wouldn’t permit us to let in some fresh air. It hits you like a ... read more
One Of Many Hamlets ...
Soft, Sunlit Trees
A Spanish Trunk Call.

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