Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 29th 2019

The last Day in Paris for Tim and Natalia started in rain, and finished in rain. They had to be on the 20.40 train back to Luxembourg, so we popped the umbrellas and nothing stopped us. We had a late breakfast, well, a croissant and a coffee, and were carrying some rolls and quiches to eat at the Jardin de Tuileries near the Louvre later on. There were crowds everywhere, always is in Paris, but with Jacque Chirac’s funeral and Paris Fashion Week locking horns , the gardens were a peaceful place to hide. It’s springtime in Paris and the gardens are beautiful. Parisian gardens are designed to be perfectly symmetrical rows of flowers and shrubs, colour coordinated to blend without detracting from the surroundings, in which this case were lakes and groves of trees. We ... read more
Coffee In Marais, Paris
Equal Opportunity Crossings
Lovely Garden Along The Seine

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 28th 2019

Well let’s get the Grand Final thing out of the way first. My team wasn’t in it, so the care factor was very low, but we still watched it at breakfast at 6.30 in Luxembourg, and continued on the train to Paris until the end. I have mixed feelings about the hiding that was served up to Greater Western Sydney, but they were beaten fairly and soundly, they are from NSW, so it’s a good result. And a close friend is a Tigers tragic, so I’m thrilled for her. Our train travelled at 308kph, and I think the Tigers would have beaten it today. The debutant starred and his was a great story of redemption from a chequered past. It’ll have to be the Hawks next year. Our train ride to Paris was uneventful. As I ... read more
Hardware Société
Sacré Coeur, Montmartre

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 26th 2019

As the title suggests, this multicultural, diverse borough in the south of Luxembourg, is considered by some to be on the fringe of what life could offer, if you had the means to escape. How wrong you can be. As a long term resident of Esch-sur-Alzette since the 19th of September....this year, my observations are fresh and unbiased about this country of highly subsidised , overpaid shiny pants bankers, whose primary function is to push and distribute wealth around the world, with the primary goal of pocketing as much as possible as it passes through. Which is fair enough. I’m looking at it from the much maligned - highly unwarranted I might add - city of Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest city in Luxembourg. Positioned in the south east, not too far from the remarkable vineyards of ... read more
The Station.
Manicured Gardens In An Enclosed Square

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 23rd 2019

I‘m a bit out of sync due to an unreliable Wifi connection at Tim and Natalia’s place. I thought Australia‘s NBN was third world but I think we’re in a black spot here. It went out late last night and I wasn’t sitting up in the hope it recovered. As someone who is on holidays with someone else who had a heart attack earlier this year, the thought struck me that without Wifi, I have no phone, no language skills, and we’re on the third floor; keep taking the medication Sue. Here’s a catch up. Better late than never. I said yesterday that we had no travel plan to return to Luxembourg ; we’ll things have changed and the plan has evolved. We were staying in Ghent until tomorrow, but after researching the journey home and ... read more
River Cruise

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent September 21st 2019

Went to transfer some photos onto my iPad and realised that I left the SD reader in my camera bag in Luxembourg. Can’t blame the blog site this time; it’s my fault. I’ll keep this brief - something I don’t seem to grasp - and head out to take a few with my phone. The pictures tell the Gent, or Ghent story, but I’ll give it a go. I’ve been to Bruges before, but as it is becoming so popular that the local government wants to control the amount of buses that visit on day trips, we decided Ghent was closer and a good alternative. We left Luxembourg at 9am and the road to Ghent is a pretty boring highway, with little to see except the tops of small villages, wind turbines, and forests that look ... read more
The Next Door Garden
Old Ghent Fish Market.
The Gravensteins, The 11th Century Castle

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 20th 2019

After Tim picked us up from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport last night, he suggested we go to a town on the Moselle River for dinner. I’ve never heard of Bernkastel-Kues before, but dinner was dinner and we would arrive home too late to bother eating. We wound our way along dark roads in the forests, and after passing through a long illuminated tunnel, we arrived at our destination. It was magical. I won‘t describe it but it really was as you’d expect a classic german village to be. Check out the pics. We parked by the Moselle River in a large car park that is located where the original railway used to be. The walk up through the town square passed immaculate restored buildings, with dark exposed timber framing highlighting the brightly coloured walls and slate ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 19th 2019

It will be a tiny post today. The main focus was ensuring that our luggage was within the limits, and after moving stuff from case to pack to bag, and sometimes back to case, we balanced it out with a couple of hundred grams spare in each case. Carry on is heavy, but still nowhere near the limit. We enjoyed a lovely peaceful last morning, breakfast at the Monastery , morning tea at an obscure cafe set in the end of a dark little lane, and then moved to the park where we people watched, I read a book , and Sue smiled at children playing, no doubt thinking of the small boy we left behind in Australia. It’s not long before we get an Ezra fix again; be patient Sue. As I said, this will ... read more
Morning Tea Before The Airport Bus
Last Hour In Santiago
Sunset As We Drove Through The Forests In Germany

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 18th 2019

Hey, we leave Santiago tomorrow, but first we have to change accommodation. When our flights were booked to Frankfurt Hahn Airport, I couldn’t extend our booking at the Monastery, so I rebooked at a hotel a few steps from the airport bus. We will still eat breakfast at the Monastery tomorrow, 6€, cheap cheap, so it’s really a win win from our viewpoint. The usual breakfast at San Martin’s, said thanks and goodbye to the stocky waiter who I had a few chats with; he gave me a hug and sadly wandered into the kitchen - well, a slight exaggeration . We were earlier today and the crowd was yet to arrive. These waiters are full on. They are waiters, baristas, kitchen hands, table cleaners and setters, and they do a great PR job as well; ... read more
7am Sunrise.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 17th 2019

Pretty tired today. I stayed up last night updating pictures for the 3 days they wouldn’t load up. They are now all there, and if people want to, when this post is opened, just select previous entry, and go back to Vigo and check out the pictures on each post. I was going to do it today but i started it , thought it was easy, but the time flew away on me. This morning I did a little googling and located a place where Sue could have a pedicure, so a walk across town was our first trip for the day. When i say first trip, it was 10.30 before we left the Monastery, after breakfast and a little clothes washing. Peluqueria Beymar is located up a dark tiny mall, just over the road from ... read more
Mercado De Abastos De Santiago
Abastos Market, Santiago
Market Halls

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 16th 2019

Why do Spanish men have pronounced black eyebrows? So they can talk. A flick of the head, a thrust of the hand, a twist of the eyebrows, and a spanish man has made what he just said very clear. Italians are similar, but I was watching spaniards today. And the women aren’t far behind. It’s very interesting to watch, and compared to the deadpan, expressionless way we talk in Australia at times, this is free live theatre. We went on a bus tour today: this rates closely to root canal treatment for pleasure to me. It was just for one day, and remember, it‘s not always all about me. The tour guide reminded me of Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian writer, so it was a good start. I told Sue we should try to sit on the ... read more
Finisterre Township
The Fleet

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