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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » O'Cebreiro October 17th 2018

Today has had a surprise ending. I’m in Samos, comfortably held up in a hostel, after walking 31.8 kms. This begun last night. I was having dinner with a couple of friends who said they were going to Samos instead of stopping at the traditional stage end, Triacastela. I considered it, put it into the maybe box, and then went back to the Albergue. That’s when decisions were made. On and off for weeks, I’ve encountered a NZ woman. She seems a little unusual and is either up, or has a problem of some sort. She often asks me where I’m staying, and then appears there the next day. There’s nothing untoward here; she’s just asking someone who has done it before. Last night, my dinner companions wanted to leave a window open to let in ... read more
Cattle In Liñares
The Pilgrim Monument At Dawn
A Bit Of Sunrise

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » O'Cebreiro October 16th 2018

I took 2 steps out of the Albergue this morning and turned around and took 6 steps back in. It was freezing outside. It’s the first time that I’ve worn my warm top in the morning. I passed a German couple going the other way who had missed the turn off for the alternative mountain route. The fog was hovering at about 50 metres so I’m not sure what you would see from the peak. I continued out of town on my own, accompanied by the occasional hooting of owls, dogs barking, roosters notifying the world that it was a new day, and an eerie, high pitched howling that encouraged me to keep moving. Most of the day was a competition between the sounds of the rushing Rio Valcarse , and the highway overhead. The traffic ... read more
Early Morning Walking
Pereje, a Nothing Sort Of Hamlet
Pereje CBD

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada October 15th 2018

I ate pizza with Greg last night. He is straight forward and doesn’t want to mix with women on the Camino. They complicate his life. He values his independence. He never married, no children. Happy days. I’m sharing a room with Greg, 2 Germans, and 2 Koreans. Guess who I was drawn to; Greg. For starters, he’s the only one I can talk to, and he has led an interesting life, changed direction work wise, many times, and is interested in similar things as I am. Except Hawthorn Football Club; he doesn’t follow footy. We went to the local pizza place, had vegetarian, chock full of asparagus, artichokes, and the usual fillings you expect, and chatted for hours about the Camino, our lives, families, in a way that indicates that in a day or so, we’ll ... read more
The Knights Templar Castle, Ponferrada
Basilica de la Encine, Ponferrada
A Moonlight Stroll In Dull, Downtown Ponferrada

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada October 14th 2018

Late yesterday I wandered the village of Foncebadón, and caught up with people I hadn’t seen for a few days. The German woman I walked to Fromista reappeared, and we considered a trip to the Cross that afternoon in order to avoid the rain tomorrow. Four kilometres round trip and it would be done. In hindsight it was a good plan, never executed. Dinner was at 7pm and I was seated with a young German named Michael, and Darryl from London. Darryl had that unique London accent that was a bit Arthur Dailey , if you know wot I mean like. His mother passed away a year ago, and his dad wanted to walk the Camino in her honour. He became ill, was never going to walk it, so Darryl offered to walk in his place; ... read more
The Storm Clouds Are Rolling In
Late Afternoon On Main Street
What A Difference 12Hours Makes.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Valdepielago October 13th 2018

Where do you find a dentist in Astorga at 3am in the morning? I woke at 2.30 am this morning to loud pounding footsteps on a squeaky floor, and the slamming of our room door, compliments of an inconsiderate Australia returning from the bathroom. I listened to him, just before falling asleep, complaining that the food offered in Spain wasn’t the same as Australia; really! He needed his oats and toast for strength before heading out for the day, and he didn’t think it was too much to ask. What a national embarrassment. I never talk when Australians are around until I suss them out. You never know what you’re getting, and nationality’s seem to be drawn to each other. If I wanted to hang out with aussies, I’d have gone to Bondi. Anyway, when I ... read more
Don’t See This At Home
There Was A Lot Of This Today
Santa Catalina de Somoza

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Astorga October 12th 2018

I don’t know what day it is. I know it’s the 12th, but what day? No idea. I’ve lost track and no one I’m with can remember. The days just roll into each other and it’s hard to look back and pinpoint an occasion on a day. It seems to be a Camino thing and does discriminate with age or sex. It’s a public holiday in Astorga and the main square is crowded, noisy, and many people are dressed in period costumes; men carrying swords, women in colourful, puffy dresses, with bonnets on their heads. I’m having lunch with Anton and Jasper, two 19year old Swedes who have finished school and are having a break, before confronting reality and working out what comes next. The Camino is giving them plenty of reality. They are lively, sensible, ... read more
Dawn Over Hospital de Órbigo
Sunrise Over Hospital de Órbigo
Knights Templar Town Of Hospital de Órbigo

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León October 11th 2018

Today the game was all about staying dry. With rain predicted, and having done the long mind numbing walk through León’s industrial area previously, I caught the bus to La Virgen del Camino. Here, the industrial wasteland gives way to more natural scenery, although you are walking on asphalt roads for most of the day. I search out the narrow gravel or grass verges on the edge of the road, as anything softer than tar provides some relief to tired feet. The new boots had their first outing today, and considering the circumstances, passed with flying colours. I had my inserts in the boots to start the day but after 2 kms I reverted to the manufacturer’s ones. I think mine caused the boots to lose half a size, and they were a little to tight. ... read more
León Cathedral
Bronze Of A  Man And His Son
León Street Scene

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León October 10th 2018

My lazy day in León started with another attempt at making the pack lighter. I threw out a small torch, some irrelevant paperwork, and donated the charger given to me by the hotel in Burgos, to this hotel in León. It might total 500gms. I turned on the TV to the news that Barcelona has major floods, and the rain is due here tomorrow. It was always just a matter of when. I decided this morning my boots were probably not going to survive the rest of the Camino, as I thought they would. The black vibram soles were worn thin on the heals, and I was now walking on the next layer of soft grey rubber. This is not made for walking, just cushioning your steps. I know you are meant to ‘walk in’ a ... read more
The Breakfast Room In The Posada Regia
Out With The Old, In With The New.
Cathedral Doors, León

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León October 9th 2018

Today was all about getting to León. I started moving when others in the Albergue made it clear that peaceful sleep was over. Early stirrings usually grow quickly, until the toilet is queued up, the shhing noise of toothbrushes is constant, and, like me, feet are being prepared for the walk ahead. It’s tempting on a short day to cut corners when getting ready, but the damage is already done by the time you’re on the side of the road, often in the dark, trying to tape wet feet (impossible), a job best done in the relative comfort of the Albergue. I set a good pace today and was on the fringe of León by 10.45am. The last hour from there, trudging through hard city streets, was more gruelling than the rest of the walk. The ... read more
The Ancient Bridge AtVillarente.
What’s wrong with this picture?
Not a good sight if your injured.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Palacios de la Valduerna October 8th 2018

I was welcomed today by 0°c. I had all my warm clothes on, a vest and windbreaker, but it was not working. I started at 7.30, later than planned, because I was not walking 18kms without a coffee. That was breakfast; coffee, a pear, some broken biscuits, and some ibuprofen. I swear that drug is performance enhancing. In Spain you can buy the turbo 600gm tabs but I’m just occasionally dropping some Australian 200gm kiddies tabs. Mark, the German guy, left early but when I left an hour later, he looked pretty lonely sitting at the bus stop on the edge of town. He took off down a path that followed the road and after a kilometre, reached a dead end. If the arrows are on the road, you walk on the road. I told him ... read more
An Hour On The Track
There’s No Going Back
Lovely Soft Morning Sky

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