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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun October 7th 2018

I entered the room and there was an Italian, an American, and a Norwegian woman talking on a bed. I know it sounds like the start of one of those corny jokes but this was my bedroom and these were my room mates. The Italian was having relationship problems, was borderline depressed, and had sought counseling from the others. Then I joined in. This man was pining for a woman he had been seeing for 8 months and appeared to be having a ‘ pause’ from him. The reality I learnt was, the woman was married with 2 children and a husband, and Mr Upset was in a long term relationship of 14 years; that is until she learnt of his new love. His long term partner was boring and had become like a mother and ... read more
Clever Advertising
 The First Bar.
Bell Tower At San Nicholas

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia October 6th 2018

Today was the first unserviced long walk since I began. There was a small food outlet called the Oasis, but I just put the 50+ on my face, took off my vest, put on a hat, and kept walking. There were many people on the paths and I wanted to be sure of a bed in the Albergue Jacque de Mornay. I’ve stayed before and it’s preferable to the one you see as you enter the village. Optus kindly woke me at 2.15 am with a vibrating message to tell me I had sent a message. I thought it was my alarm and jumped out of bed to start the day. Thanks Optus. Yesterday I had a long hot bath, slept with no earplugs, and organised myself this morning with the casual abandon of a man ... read more
Dawn Looking Back To Carrión
The Meseta

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia » Carrion de los Condes October 5th 2018

Today is the last easy day before 3 solid days on the Meseta, concluding in an 18km walk into León. I’m in the Hostel Santiago, in the same room as 2 years ago, only alone. It’s bliss. I even have a bath. I walked out of the albergue today at 6.50, followed by 2 Taiwanese girls who intended on going 34kms. Goodbye and good luck. The prediction is for a hot day and the last 17 kms will have no villages and no shade. My 17kms started with an extended breakfast at a bar I knew opened at 6.30. The initially grumpy owner soon cheered up, and when he learnt I am Australian, went out the back to show me his toy koala and Australian coaster map. Very nice. He was chatty, gave me a gift ... read more
An Early Coffee And A Little Gift
My New Best Friend
Leaving Población Behind.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Fromista October 4th 2018

It gives me the shivers walking into Población. Four years ago, Sue Tim and I were entering the village, when Sue tripped on a raised concrete road and landed on her head with the full weight of her pack behind it. I recognise the exact spot, because there is still a dent in the road. It was a problem that was eventually resolved, but clearly showed how your fortunes can change in an instant. I’ve experienced numerous examples of that since and realise that we can’t control everything and sometimes things go wrong, through no fault of your own. I’ve learnt it not what happens in life that matters, but how you react to it. Mindfulness 101. Last night was pleasantly quiet in the albergue , and after breakfast l left the village with a torchless ... read more
San Anton
Albergue Rosario, Castrojeriz
Dinner In Rosario

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 3rd 2018

I’m writing this in the Castrojeriz Camino Santiago Park, sitting with a few other old people who are people watching, and brushing away the remaining flies that have not been attracted to me. It’s shady and peaceful and may just be the place to meet like minded elderly folk. Dinner was interesting. Me, 2 Germans,and a bus load of Spanish ladies. One of the German women translated the questions directed to me by an interested Spanish lady. She had a very interesting view of Australia based on a brief visit and I learnt that Japanese people come to Australia to learn English, it’s difficult to tell Chinese and Japanese people apart, and she wanted me to identify the island she visited near the coral reef, where you can surf and grow sugar cane. The young Germans ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 2nd 2018

What’s blacker than Burgos during a total blackout? Nothing. Within 10 minutes of returning to my room from dinner, the lights went out. A small emergency light flickered, dim light caste shadows in the foyer outside my room, but our power was gone. No TV, no chargers , no wifi , no nuthin’. As luck would have it, the entertainment began on the streets below. The well dressed Spaniards, moments earlier strolling along arm in arm enjoying the evening, went scurrying like rats to avoid being mugged, or worse, by some opportunist. That was enough to amuse me. That, and the sight across the street of the locals resuming their lives by candlelight , unaware of the bored Australian across the way, observing their equally dull lives through the prism of his own blacked out existence. ... read more
Last night’s restaurant
Late Start

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos » Pedrosa October 1st 2018

Well, I’ve been reduced to buying soap by weight. No snoring, farting or other sweet lullabies last night ( none I could hear anyway ), and I woke at the indulgent hour of 9am; this is the life. The breakfast buffet was opulent by Camino standards and I carb loaded. The fruit was too big to pocket a few pieces, so that budget plan was abandoned. The management here are on to my tricks. I shared a table with Greg from the States, who is about my age and is aiming to reduce his impatience, and go home a calmer man with more tolerance for others. He runs a construction company. Greg has just completed 2x40 kilometre days and 2x30 kilometre days. He knows it’s ridiculous; his feet have been declared a disaster zone, by him, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos » Pedrosa September 30th 2018

Where can you get an Australian adapter plug in Spain? In the Albergue in Atapuerca, 21kms back from Burgos, that’s where. Last night I left the hotel at A. at 9.45pm and casually unplugged my phone and iPad from the communal powerboard in the dorm. You know how sometimes you have those,” I must do that ...” moments but never follow through. Well I had one a few hours earlier and it went like,” I must tape those 2 sections of my adapter together to stop them coming apart”. I didn’t do it. Tomorrow I will search out the local ‘Chinese’ shops, ( the hotel receptionist’s description, not mine), and hopefully match it up. He pulled out a big bag of chargers left at the hotel and gave me a USB charger. The sticker on it ... read more
Burgos In The Distance
The Cross At The Peak Of The Mountain
An Albergue Alternative

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos » Pedrosa September 29th 2018

Today I could spend the whole post describing our accommodation, if you could call it that, and the charming facilities. If I walk out tomorrow with no bites , or cuts and abrasions from the shower, I’ll consider myself lucky. Lucky might have been if it had been a full house , and I had to find a tree to sleep under. This was once a barn, servicing the hotel attached to it. They have replaced the donkeys, chickens, and pigs with humans. The bunks are about 400mm apart, have rubberised mattresses and pillows, with no paper sheets or pillowcase in sight. I’ll sleep on top of my sleeping bag and use a shirt as a pillowcase. Moving on to the shower room, there are two showers and one toilet for about 30 people. Each shower ... read more
View of Tomorrow’s Walk From Atapuerca
Entering Tosantos Expecting Breakfast
Matt, the media lockdown guy.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos » Pedrosa September 28th 2018

I never knew opening an envelope could be so liberating. During the night I came to a decision that my Camino was becoming a bit of a group venture. It started out as a private enterprise but I’ve let it slip. The village I was in was terrible and not worth a look around, and now I was booking a bag through, booking an albergue, and therefore making a commitment that I hadn’t been so keen on. I canceled the albergue at 5am, and after preparing 2 backpacks last night, one to send on, one to carry, I combined both and opened the forwarding envelope. It felt very empowering to take the €5 and put it back in my wallet. My group, who are all very nice people, left before breakfast, and I stayed on to ... read more
Dawn, Lookig Back To Ciréna
Entering San Domingode la Calzada
Early Morning Sight Of The Tower, San Domingo

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