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Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 28th 2019

Wew forgot that all things were closed in France on Sunday. We went by car to the restaurant we ate before and had a good meal. Lucky this time we went by car, for the place was closed. What now Back to the Hotel where we found out the only place to get something to eat was at Mc Donald's just over the road. We parked the car and walked up there. Now we had not been to Mac Donald's for ages so things had changed. Not to forget menus are in are in the French language. They are on a big screen where you point at the things you want. Well we were at an absolute lost. A girl that service gave us a few hints what to do but even with that help we ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 25th 2019

July 25th Strasbourg and Colmar Several years ago Tom and I went to Normandy to see the beaches on which D-Day was fought. I remember seeing Omaha Beach, Pont du Hoc and the American Cemetery and was duly thankful for all who participated in this incredibly well orchestrated invasion. This was the year I began to really see what it took for the world to come together to defeat Hitler. A few years later when planning a return trip to France Tom wanted to include Strasbourg as one of our stops because he knew that his Father had walked the streets of Strasbourg as the 3rd Division continued to push the German army back over the Rhine to Germany. We walked the streets of Strasbourg knowing we were stepping where he stepped and thought that was ... read more
Memorial on top of Mount Sigolsheim with the Colmar pocket in the distance
Colmar Pocket
View of Turekheim village in the Colmar Pocket

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar May 21st 2018

Gestern habe ich nach dem Frühstück im Hotel ausgecheckt und bin zu meinem Parkhaus gelaufen. Das erste aber bewältigbare Problem war, dass im Erdgeschoss kein Kassenautomat stand. Selbstverständlich war an dem Feiertag auch kein Personal anwesend oder irgendein Hinweisschild. Ich habe dann aber gehört, dass es in der 2. Etage noch Kassenautomaten gab. Also konnte ich problemlos das Parkhaus verlassen und mich auf den Weg machen. An so Tagen mit schönem Wetter und einem schnellen Auto mit französischer Musik im Radio in Frankreich wäre ja alles möglich. Als Selbständiger könnte ich einfach auch krank machen und ein Monat den Jakobsweg entlang fahren. Aber ich bin anständig geblieben und habe mich zur Hochkönigsburg aufgemacht. Die ist mir von der Autobahn schon 2002 aufgefallen, 2008 war ich nach einem Arbeitstag in Basel vor verschlossener Tür, weil sie schon ... read more
Auf Hochkönigsburg im Elsass.
In Colmar.
In Colmar.

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar September 28th 2017

Dag 27 – donderdag 28 september 2017 – Colmar (F) Woensdag 27/9 reden we van Pisa tot Monteceneri (CH) 375km, zelfde camperplaats als bij de heenreis, gelegen tussen de Gothard en Lugano. Vandaag donderdag, Zwitserland door, nu met volle zon, tot Colmar (F) 312km. Rustig op de prachtige Zwitserse autostrades. We werden zelfs toeterend voorbij gestoken door nr 10. Geen péages, wel met jaarvignet van 38€, dus spotgoedkoop in vergelijking met Italië en Frankrijk. En CH is geen lid van de EU.....! We staan hier op een camperplaats aan de Port de Plaisance op loopafstand van het prachtige oude centrum van Colmar. Dit konden we niet laten liggen, en we hadden tijd. Dit is de laatste update van onze trip naar Corsica. Dank voor het volgen en de veelvuldige commentaren.... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar May 10th 2017

GÜN 07 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA Hatırlatma babında söylüyorum, dünkü Heidelberg gezisini tamamlayan turcu kardeşler ile Speyer’de buluşmuştuk . Bilahare gemimiz dün saat 19:30 da Speyer’den ayrılarak bu sabah Strasbourg’a yakın Kehl limanına vardı. Bugün yine oldukça hareketli bir gün. Tur olarak Colmar-Riquewihr ve programa ilave olarak Strasbourg var.. Turcular bunları yaparken geri kalanlar saat 18:00 e kadar serbest olacak ve 18:00 de gemi Basel e hareket edecek. Turcular, yine erkenden kahvaltılarını yapıp besin çantaları eşliğinde yola çıktılar . Geride kalan ekabir takımı saat 09:00 a doğru kendine geldi. Efendim bu günün en önemli aktivitesi Fransız şarap yolunun incisi sayılan Colmar ‘ın ziyareti. Düşünün ki Ayşe bile ilk kez sevgili gemisini terk edere... read more
kaç para ?

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar April 28th 2017

Day 3 – Les Islettes to St Croix en Plein What a cold night! It was somewhat unexpected and hard to believe that it is April. The wind even chilled the sheets on the bed making them cool to the touch. We shivered all night under our bedclothes. Even in the morning with the heating on in Suzy we shivered. We were woken up to the sound of birdsong coming from the trees in the wood next door. The church bells rang out. All our neighbours were abed as we drove away from our little idyll to head for our next port of call St Croix en Plein. Close to Colmar we had been in this area before. The journey was relatively painless and uneventful. Being a Sunday the lorries were parked up for the day ... read more
Swiss Alps - not quite a photo  from St Croix but the best I could do

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar October 8th 2016

As we were finishing up our last few days in Belgium, something unexpected happened that caused quite a bit of excitement. We had booked an apartment with Airbnb in the Alsatian town of Strasbourg, France. We had already purchased our train tickets on the super-fast TGV train and were making last minute departure plans when we got bad news. Our reservation had been cancelled! We have rented nearly 50 apartments during our travels and it was something we expected would happen sooner or later. Because we normally rent apartments for one month, it can be a little bit of a problem to find a place at the last minute. With just a few days left until we move, most apartments have at least a few days rented during the upcoming month, which means we are out ... read more
Petite Venise
Colmar Canals

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar June 18th 2015

Thursday 18 June 2015 It's time to have a look at the real Alsace and experience some of the beautiful villages as well as the town of Colmar. From our accommodation in Mulhouse it was not a long drive to Colmar so we arrived fresh and ready for action. We were all set to follow our guidebook's advice on the best carpark to use but with the vital road to same closed, alternative arrangements were necessary. We have always found that when in doubt heading for Centre Ville is a sure way to find the carparks. Sure enough, after some interesting negotiation of narrow streets we emerged to see an almost new parking building, our first in France. In we went, well pleased that not too many other tourists had got in before us. Colmar presented ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar October 24th 2014

My visit to Colmar, during my last week in France, turned out to be the best day of the summer. On the map, Colmar, about 70km from the hub of Strasbourg, might be easily mistaken for a sleepy little European village-town. But it is not quite what you would expect among the rural pastures of Alsace. It is spectacularly beautiful, unique in its architecture, interesting in its history and conveniently located. I spent a year in Strasbourg, unaware of this 'tourist jewel' so close by. Sure, it had great reviews on all the travel sites, but so do many other must-see places in Europe. You really have to visit it to experience its true charm and beauty. When I finally decided to spend a day in Colmar, it was on a wonderfully sunny day in August. ... read more
Statue of Liberty - 12m replica
city centre
Little Venice

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar October 22nd 2014

Alsace?...where…and why? This was the question after, “Where are you off to next?”- not only from fellow Kiwis but those we met during our travels. Alsace is a region in France where the River Rhine forms the eastern boundary with Germany. It has been disputed and fought over by the two countries for centuries, sometimes being part of Germany, sometimes ‘taken back’ by France. This makes it interesting in several ways – cuisine and customs reflect the heritage of both countries and the hundreds of little villages which have in varying degrees survived the ravages of many conflicts including two world wars are like living museums of medieval Franco-Bavarian architecture. But our main reason for visiting was to sample the magical wine of Alsace. It’s no mystery why gewürztraminer, the most famous wine of the region, ... read more
more Little Venice
Colmar canal near the Schwendi fountain,
in the medieval heart of the city

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