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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 10th 2015

Thursday 9 July: First, I should apologise for the terrible title of this blog, but I couldn’t resist! Interesting trivia though: Skype was created by Estonians. We woke up to a sunny day and we headed for the old town. Heather had found the location of a laundry at which we could drop our washing and they would wash and dry it for €8 a load and we figured we had two loads. It was a bit out of the Old Town and I reckoned it was going to be a 20-30 minute walk so we stuck it in a backpack and I put it on and we headed off. Just a couple of minutes down the road Heather spotted a laundry! So we went in there to enquire if they did a full service. The ... read more
Captain Zachary ready for mission launch.
Checking out the inner workings of the Suur Tõll.

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 8th 2015

Wednesday 8 July: Up in time and all packed and ready to go at 8am. Made our way to the tram stop and caught the two trams to get to the terminal. We had to wait 15 minutes until we could check in, then headed up to the horribly expensive café. After that we went through the gate to the boarding area where there was a children’s entertainer performing a show. Zachary thought this was great and was fully engaged and taking part in all the activities (dancing, skipping etc). At one point there was a magic show. When he made something disappear or appear all the children clapped enthusiastically. Zachary did too but then decided he need to investigate so was looking under the stage and peering over the top of the front of the ... read more
Passing the time on the trip to Tallinn.
The Tallinn TV Tower sticks out much like the SkyTower in Auckland.
Tallinn Port and City.

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 20th 2015

No biking today, total mileage 25 miles. Day started with rain, but cleared off in the evening for a beautiful night. Walked over to the Tallink cruise ship dock and met Bobbie and Gary. They had just completed a cruise from Helsinki to St Petersburg Russia to Helsinki. They then to the ferry to Tallinn, hence meeting them today. They had a great trip, onjoying the many tours of St Petersburg. They also have a blog of their trip at : We showed them around Tallinn. We are now staying at a middle class apartment in a 13th century building - large bathroom, ample space, loads of teas from around the world. Very nice place. Went out to eat at a predominately Russian restaurant. I had Wild Boar ( pretty good). Others had fish and ... read more
Bobbie,Gary and Pam on platform overlooking Old Towne in Tallinn
Heavenly glow above St Nicholas Church in Tallinn
Bobbie enjoying her evening meal at Oleviti Restaurant in Tallinn

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 18th 2015

Spend our first whole day in Tallinn learning about Estonia. All with a background of rain. It mainly rained very lightly, but all day long. Dryed up in the early evening though. We took a walking tour of Tallinn, called the Free Walking Tour, as you pay only what you think they deserve. Mart who led the tour, offered pointed commentary of the current and past political and cultural scene in Estonia. It was an excellent ongoing lecture. It's history is similar to Poland's, has they were(are) situated between stronger more agressive European states. The people had been treated virtually like slaves in some ways. The Germans, Swedes, Danish and of course, worst at least in recent memory , the Russians. The Russians continue to taunt the Estonians. The Estonians are tightly aligned with the European ... read more
Street and wall of Tallinn
Medieval row houses
Street life Tallinn

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 17th 2015

We got up late and had to make a run for our ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. Got To the ferry dock 20 minutes before it left. The ferry is about the same size as the SS Badger (Manitowoc to Ludington ferry), but taller. It has multiple restaurants and things to do. It is a recent vintage ship. As we made our way across the Gulf of Finland you could see the shores of Estonia and Finland. There were several container ships plying the waters around us. We did not get a cabin, but had "deck" seats. It cost us 36 euros a piece for the ferry . Tallinn is an old medieval walled city. The old towne is mainly the walled portion, filled with many good restaurants and of course souvenier shops. It really has ... read more
Pam in ferry ship dining area
Pam about to go up stairway in tower at St Olaf's Cathederal
View from top of tower looking over old towne Tallinn

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn December 29th 2014

Geo: 59.4392, 24.7586The beginnings of our first full day in Tallinn was spent looking for some form of breakfast and some half-drinkable Coffee. Despite Helsinki apparently being the 'coffee capital' of Europe, the coffee was very bitter and not that nice; Tallinn didn't look like being much better. We finally found a little bakery just off the main square and had some very nice croissants and what Chris tells me was a delicious hot chocolate. This was followed up by some nice traditional Glogi (im relying on you to correct this!) from the Christmas market. After this we wandered around the cobbled streets of Old Town Tallinn, exploring the little nooks and cranny alleyways and desperately trying not to fall over on the snow coloured cobblestones. We then decided that as we wanted to go to Narva, ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 7th 2014

Friday, 5 September 2014 – Tallinn, Estonia We woke to a sunrise over Russia inside our Finnair plane, and were thankful that our plane was still in the air. As we came into Helsinki for a transfer to our flight to Tallinn, we were excited that only 30mins separated us from the start of our adventure. Unfortunately the tale from here gets quite frustrating. Finnair offered great service and the food was very good for airline food, but the planes were old and cramped, and the seats didn’t have much padding to them either. When we landed in Helsinki @ 6.40am, we only had 30 minutes before the gate was closing for our next flight to Tallinn and were horrified to learn that we had to go through Security and Immigration first. Sitting up the back ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 27th 2014

Estonia 2012 Something a little different. I'd seen a picture of Tallinn once, a real old medieval town. How could you not want to see that with your own eyes? Trust me you won't be disapointed. A beautiful place.... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 20th 2014

For some bizarre reason, talc powder simply doesn't exist in Estonia. Is it due to a talc shortage the world over, unlikely I think. Such a base item in Australia, I just assumed that I would be able to buy it in the supermarket. Alas it looks like I might have to find an alternative to ensure I end the ride with any kind of bum at all. Without it, I think I still would be suffering the adverse effects of chaffing after my last ride with Eddie. Anyway I digress. So the day after I last blogged, I did meet with Christian again. He gave me his maps and I gave him a coffee in exchange. I think I could have survived in a time where the exchange of goods was more important than money. ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 17th 2014

Being currently a man of much leisure, I've had time just to let my feet carry me where they wish. I've now spent countless hours in the centre of Tallinn without really realising it. To me, this is the most enjoyable thing about travelling with no plan. Because I don't have to be anywhere at any one time I don't feel like I need to cram my days with all the sights at once, allowing myself to be immersed in the culture of the place, namely Tallinn at the moment. So, after the last time I left you, I've done a lot. On Thursday I had a pretty quiet day, trying to get some things sorted with my bike, packing things in the panniers and trying to decide what to do with my backpack. The afternoon ... read more

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