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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 24th 2012

After arriving by minbus in Riga, we decided to go for dinner only, and leave the sightseeing for the next day as we had more than a full day in the city. After having a busy few days we also decided that we would have a lie in and take our time - however the next morning, my sister, for the first time in her life, voluntarily got up at 8:30am rather than the 11am we had agreed and we were already in the city when our alarms we had set went off! We started the day by walking along the edge of the old city walls, from where we were staying, in the market area, towards the Freedom monument and Laima clock tower. Afterwards we went towards the river, visiting the castle area, before coming ... read more
Tallinn City Walls
Helsinki Cathedral

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn » Laagri July 10th 2012

Hi all. So this is my most recent little excursion from Britain. Pretty tame to be honest this time around. A little saunt to the European neighbours over in the Baltics. This trip was a little different to the trips I am used to, it is pretty much city based and for the first time I am left pretty much to my own devices. Ironically my only real concern before going was that I wouldn't enjoy the trip as much, owing to the fact there would be a reduced amount of countryside in it. On the whole, I need not of been concerned, but certainly there were days I pined for the wonders of a tropical forest or African Savannah, or even the hills I walked in Spain. So I flew into Tallinn from Dublin. I ... read more
A view of Tallinn
Elk soup
Estonian prison

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 9th 2012

I was in Helsinki for James and Karita’s wedding so I decide to take the ferry over to Tallinn, Estonia, to see the old town. I had heard it was fantastic and I think you’ll agree when you see the photos. I head back to NYC in the morning.... read more
Photo 33
Photo 36
Photo 3

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 5th 2012

Estonia. To be honest, my first exposure to this former Soviet state was 1992’s movie “Encino Man” and Brendan Fraser’s Linkovich "Link" Chomovsky. (Those who recognize “no weeezing the juuuuuice”, take a moment here). Sure, I knew the high level story of the downfall of the Soviet Union, but not the nitty gritty. Nor do I profess to know everything now. But I do know a lot more about a tiny, resilient country that has been through more shit in the last 100 years than most of our countries can relate to in their entirety. First impressions of Tallinn, the capital, are probably pretty standard. Its Old Town is so authentically medieval that the cobblestone streets, ubiquitous castle turrets, and never-ending enveloping, protective walls can’t help but feel fake. It’s like the Renaissance Festival on steroids. ... read more
town square
Orthodox church in Old Town
town hall

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 2nd 2012

After breakfast, left the hotel at 09h05 on a tour into eastern Estonia, more precisely, Lahemaa National Park. Established by the Soviets on finding a little known decree signed by Lenin that stated that National Parks were good, barbed-wire was immediately put up and, being so good, local were excluded and military personal enjoyed the scenery for almost fifty years. It was raining when I left Tallinn and it was raining when I arrived in Viitna shortly after 10h00. Once dressed for the rain, I set off for a walk around the lake. Hardly had I left the bus than I was being attacked by mosquitoes - not two or three, but twenty or thirty at a time. The views around the lake were spectacular, but spoilt by the constant biting. Moving on, I went to ... read more
Palmse Manor House
Palmse Manor House

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 1st 2012

After a breakfast of muesli and yoghurt, washed down with bacon and "egg", I left the hotel and walked through town to the Kaubamaja Centre to look at buying a ticket to Helsinki. Decided that the 47€ return was too expensive so made my way through the shops to the tram stand, and waited for the number 3 to Kadriorg. This beautiful part of town comprises traditional wooden houses. So I started by the Swan Lake and paused at Kreutzwald's statue, before heading off to the Kadriorg Palace. Unfortunately, this was closed for renovation from today until end 2012! I therefore moved on to the Presidential Palace, Peter the Great's Cottage and the Kumu Art Museum. This latter proved to be rather interesting, particularly the only floor I managed to see which covered Estonian (i.e. Soviet) ... read more
Hollywood Nightclub ...
The President is in!
Kadriorg Palace

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 30th 2012

Slept through the alarm this morning, waking up over an hour later. But, after a leisurely breakfast, left the hotel at 09h45 and headed into town. Walked to Freedom Square and up to Toompea Hill, stopping quickly at the Cathedral and Parliament building before joining the cruise ship clients at the Patkull Viewing Platform. Descended to the Town Hall via the steps and went off to buy a Tallinn Card. Back in the main square, immediately used the card and went up the Town Hall Tower. The rather narrow, steep and dark stone spiral staircase was interesting but the views from the top were incredible - even to one afraid of heights! I then went off to lunch at the Kiek in de Kok, before heading off to the Hotel Viru to join an official sightseeing ... read more
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Singing Festival Stage
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 29th 2012

Wasn't expecting to come on this trip! Within a few hours of receiving a phone call, I'd packed and arrived at Manchester Airport in preparation for the flight to London and on to Riga and Tallinn. Today was just a day to look around ... the pictures tell the story!... read more
My Hotel - Tallinn
The drink was nice, but the Russian biscuits were ... well ... c*appy
Independence Monument

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 14th 2012

ESTONIA Estonia is a small country with a coastline of more than 3700 km on the Baltic sea with a population of 1.34 million people, a large number of them living in Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia. We will be in Estonia for the annual celebration of Victory Day (June 23) and Midsummer Day (June 24). Estonia is proud of its technological advances. Skype was developed by Estonians and Wifi, usually free of charge, is very popular throughout Estonia including buses, trains and even in outdoor areas in the country. Estonia has a strong environmental ethic and is making an effort to become paperless. Estonia was one of several countries under the control of the Soviet Union. In 1990 I, along with several others from New England, was privileged to be a Bridges for Peace Delegate ... read more
Martin and Heli preparing dinner
Wine, chocolate and good conversation
Hotel Viru

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 24th 2012

Motorhome News from Estonia Sunday 20th May 2012 I was just four years old at the outbreak of WWII. My memories of those years are somewhat vague after all that time; the fearful whine of sirens, school lessons in dark underground shelters, the drone of German aircraft overhead, the bombed out house with the lampshade on top as I walked to school, watching the VI 'buzz-bomb' gliding past the front door, our Anderson shelter, shrapnel through the front-room window, evacuation to Birmingham when the V2's started to fall around London and the VE Day street party by the local concrete-shelter. But World War II didn't end there for some. The Red Army returned to Estonia in September 1944 forcing Germany's Nazi troops to surrender, leaving the country under the dark cloud of Soviet domination once again. ... read more
Janice at Kaali Meteorite Crater
Hans-Erik at Liiva Church

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