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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 30th 2023

To Tallinn. Our 4th country so far unless you include transit stops then 6th country. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is just a stones throw from St Petersburg (in Russia). Again, close but not interested in crossing the border. We got to the ferry terminal to see masses of people leaving the ship. They turn them around very quickly. Tickets done and into the waiting area with lots and lots of others. Suitcases, dogs, kids etc. Our turn and on we get. Where to go. No idea. End up at the pointy end 1 level down from the bridge. Can see the skipper getting ready to go and right on time we slip away from the dock. Giant u turn then head out through the many little islands towards Tallinn. Breeze picks up - ... read more
Old church
One of the oldest buildings in Tallinn.
Lots of these tiny buildings in the old town

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 24th 2023

Les pays baltes ne sont pas grand, nous ne ferons que les traverser, les ayant déjà visités il y a quelques années. Pour les curieux il est possible en lisant les blogs de faire marche-arrière dans mon blog en allant sur la page que vous consultez à gauche en haut où il est écrit "preview"... Vous pouvez faire marche arrière tant que vous le souhaitez, mais attention, vous risquez d'arriver à quelques années en arrière avec plusieurs voyages... Ca, c'est pour ceux qui s'ennuie un jour de pluie... et qui souhaitent voyager avec nous dans le passé !!! Nous arrivons donc en Estonie après avoir un peu exploré la Lettonie... et nous prendrons le temps de nous promener à Tallin tout en prenant le bus à l'entrée our presque du camping qui nous mènera au centre ... read more
le ferry que nous prendrons pour nous rendre en Finlande

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 21st 2023

This wasn't in the original plan, but it was a relatively easy ferry ride from Helsinki so it wasn't hard to talk Jacqueline into a day trip (she's a planner). I'm so glad we did, and one day simply isn't enough. We did our best to see as much as the "old town" as we could in 1 day ... I think we did a pretty good job. Some history: After centuries of successive rule by the Teutonic Order, Denmark, Sweden, and the Russian Empire, a distinct Estonian national identity began to emerge in the mid-19th century. This culminated in the February 24th 1918 Estonian Declaration of Independence from the warring Russian and German Empires. Estonia declared neutrality at the outbreak of World War II, but the country was repeatedly invaded and occupied, first by the ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 8th 2023

Rento paluupäivän ohjelma. Rauhallinen aamupala. Bussilla satamaan. Laivalla Helsinkiin, ja sieltä bussilla Tampereelle.... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 7th 2023

Aamupalan jälkeen menin bussilla satamaan. Halusin selvittää seuraavan aamun reitin rauhassa ilman matkatavaroita ja aikataulupaineita. Kävelin takaisin keskustaan. Tapasin tuttuni. Käytiin kävelyllä Toompealla. Lounaaksi söin kanaa. Lisukkeeksi tuli jotain pyttipannun kaltaista. En katsonut ruokalistaa niin tarkkaan.... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 6th 2023

Hotellin aamupalalla oli väljää. Lähdin hotellilta klo 12 ja kerkesin hyvin Länsisatamaan ratikalla. Laiva lähti klo 13.30. Tapasin tutun, jonka kyydissä pääsin hotellilleni, kun hänenkin majapaikkansa oli sillä suunnalla. Illalla kävin syömässä lohta vanhassakaupungissa. Loppuillasta sai olla jo pipo päässä ja hanskat kädessä, eli oli selvästi kylmempää kuin Englannissa.... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn March 4th 2022

The Estonian parliament building, Tallinn old town and Telliskivi In March 2020 we took the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn in Estonia. We went on a so called cruise, meaning that we spent two nights in the ferry and one day in Tallinn. Little did we then know that we wouldn't travel abroad for almost two years. Now let’s fast-forward to March 2022. Now we once again found ourselves on a cruise to Tallinn. Even though we have travelled quite a bit in Sweden these last two years, we have to say that it feels very good to finally be able to travel to foreign countries again. Tallinn historical city centre The main attraction in the Estonian capital is the World Heritage listed historical city centre. The old town with its city wall is an unusually ... read more
The white hall
Plenary Hall
Corridor in the parliament building

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 26th 2021

This is the record of my trip to Estonia from 5 June - 11 June 2021. I am going to Estonia to support an artist friend of mine who is staging an exhibition in Tallinn - "Kimono: The Essence of Japanese Beauty". I am going with her to demonstrate the Tea Ceremony.... read more
On 5th June, 2021 The Narita express

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 28th 2019

I walked some more in the medieval portions of Tallinn this morning. I walked by the parliament building and looked in the Russian Orthodox church across the square. There was a service going on in the church when I was there with incense and a men’s choir and many parishioners. My guidebook says that it’s OK to visit the church during services, but I felt awkward doing so. (No photos are allowed inside, service or not.) I left the church and a little later I came to a nice viewpoint that looks out over the medieval center of town. It was crowded with tour groups and I had to (figuratively) elbow my way to the railing to get a picture. In the afternoon I visited the Estonian National Art Museum called Kumu. They have displays of ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 27th 2019

Today I arrived in Tallin, Estonia after crossing the Baltic in the overnight ship. Tallinn’s best feature is its medieval Old Town and I wandered around there today. I saw the hotel called The Three Sisters and, of course, had to take a photo for Maggie and Carol and Diane. I visited the museum of Estonian History and learned a bit more about this corner of the world. In the Middle Ages it was dominated by the German traders of the Hanseatic League. After WWII it was occupied by the USSR, but then staged a successful - and bloodless - revolution to gain its independence when the Soviet Union fell. Today it is a part of NATO and the European Union and is a modern, foward-thinking country, even if most of us Americans couldn’t find it ... read more

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