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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 17th 2014

Being currently a man of much leisure, I've had time just to let my feet carry me where they wish. I've now spent countless hours in the centre of Tallinn without really realising it. To me, this is the most enjoyable thing about travelling with no plan. Because I don't have to be anywhere at any one time I don't feel like I need to cram my days with all the sights at once, allowing myself to be immersed in the culture of the place, namely Tallinn at the moment. So, after the last time I left you, I've done a lot. On Thursday I had a pretty quiet day, trying to get some things sorted with my bike, packing things in the panniers and trying to decide what to do with my backpack. The afternoon ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 14th 2014

So, I've been a little bit busy over the last few days once arriving in my home country (well not home, but I am now a citizen here). The flight over from London was one of little space, although it all went very smoothly and I was able to get to the airport in time etc. So I got into Tallinn at about 330 and luckily for myself, a friendly face was there to meet me at the gate. Krisi Pungas (a distant relative) was there to take me to where I was to be staying. Helen and Olaf, extremely kindly offered to have me stay while in Estonia. They have two young children, Rasmus and Robert, who are both confused as to why an Estonian looking man is simply unable to respond in turn. So ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 13th 2014

Tallinn Capital of Estonia 13 August 2014 We had an excellent 2 hour ferry trip from Helsinki to Tallinn. It cost 144 Euros with Tallink. The ferry had 10 levels but it definitely wasn't full. We thought it was also used for longer, overnight trips. We said our goodbyes to the Nordic countries which we have travelled through for the past 2 1/2 months. Wow, the experiences, the scenery, the people have been wonderful. We arrived in Tallinn at 6.00pm and drove straight to the Tallinn City Camping which is only available in summer. On the way, we passed through a lot of road works, and find out later that they were renewing all the tram lines throughout the city of 400,000 people. We had dinner in the motor home as it was about 7.00pm by ... read more
A map of Old Medieval  Town in Tallinn Estonia
Linnahall 1980 Olympic Games held here in Tallinn Estonia (1)
Old City Wall in Tallinn Estonia (2)

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 11th 2014

Tartu is about 4 hours from Riga through country similar to what I have seen since Minsk, the very comfortable bus continued on to St Petersburg after I disembarked. First task was to buy my last bus ticket to Tallin, which I did before popping into Mcdonalds for a Royale with cheese (a very tasty burger). A taxi was next, it had a meter so no rip off for once, my hotel is a fair way from the centre but cheap in comparison to what I would pay in the old town. My room has no aircon and as usual I am cooking, I have decided to do nothing this afternoon as there probably isnt enough here to keep me busy for two days, so tomorrow I will go explore. I caught a local bus in ... read more
Tartu central square
Town Hall
14th century church

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 6th 2014

Hi All, We are back in Australia and finally catching up with our travelblog. Feel free to just look at the photos, we won't be offended as we are writing our blog to jog our memories for when dementia sets in, hopefully that is a long way off yet! On the way to Estonia we detoured to the beach at Parnu Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea. We had made this unplanned stop as one of our fellow travellers had moved from Parnu to Australia when he was only a small child. Our tour guide Marta surprised us all with champagne at the beach and time to dip our toes in the Baltic , everyone joined in the fun rolling up their trousers and paddling in the warm sea water. ... read more
Kadriorg Palace
Tallinn Old Town

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 29th 2014

Tallinn, on the north coast of Estonia was one of the stops that was planned for the OCC Baltic Rally. We had heard it was an interesting town to visit so joined the group there. We had a nice dinner together in town with all the rally participants. The next day we found out at the visitor center that there would be a free city tour given in English that day so we joined it to find out more about this city. The first fortress was built in this location in 1050. The city became a very important port for trade between Russia and the Scandinavian countries therefore it became a target of the Teutonic Knights as well as Denmark during the 13th century. It became the northernmost member of the Hanseatic League in 1285, but ... read more
One of Many Attractive Doorways in Tallinn
One of the Attractive Squares
The Pepper Sack Restaurant

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 26th 2014

Today the embassy hosted a 4th of July celebration a few days early due to a conflict with the Estonian Singing Festival, a huge event that only happens every five years. I met many interesting and famous people, ate a hamburger prepared by a fantastic chef, and operated the karaoke booth, which was very popular with the military. All branches of the US military were represented and it felt really nice to help them relax for a bit and have a good time. One of the things this internship has given me is a new appreciation for the sacrifice these men and women make for us, especially seeing them when they are so far from their homes and families. Thank you so much to all who are serving! I am still having a great time at ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 24th 2014

And the winner for best airport is...Tallinn, Estonia. 3 minute security, free public wifi throughout the terminal, and buses that run to the center of town in 10 minutes. Due to the ease of check-in, this blog post comes to you from the lounge by gate 13. In order to get to Tallinn, though, I had to go from London Stansted, which wins the award for longest, most crowded security line. Said security was experienced at 4:30am (where were all these people going?), and my travel process to the airport had previously involved a bus and coach trip begun at 2:50. Such is the price for wanting to jam everything in. My second stint in London was nice as well. I was able to grab dinner with a friend who was there, saw two shows on ... read more
The Royal Punch Bowl
Tallinn Skyline #1S
London Bridge selfie

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 24th 2014

Hello Friends, I've already broken the schedule I set for myself of posting at least once a week, but only because I have been so busy doing super fun stuff. The past couple of weeks at work have been full of events, so I often don't get home until 21:00 (9:00 for all of you in the US), and on the weekends I've been seeing the sights and working on my research and class (although I'm behind on those too...). This weekend Evan Fry came to visit me and we had a great time going to all the museums, walking around Old Town, visiting some beautiful churches, and eating great food. We went to a fancy Russian restaurant and ate bear, a medieval Estonian restaurant that sells elk soup and forest animal pies, and many small ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 16th 2014

So on Day 2, after losing an hours sleep due to time zone on the ferry, we said hello to Estonia and its capital city, Tallinn! It was a beautiful medieval town, with cobbled streets and its old 16th century gates and walls remaining. We started the tour in the Freedom Square, representing Estonian history in its story to eventual independence after aiming to rid itself from Russian, German and Swedish influences. Today Estonia is a country now independently run and has its own parliament, (but remaining part of the EU). We had a really cool hostel, it had air hockey and pool tables and a nice lounge area to socialise in, but the games got competitive! We socialised with other people on the tour, too, meeting people from New Zealand, Germany and Czech Republic. Obviously, ... read more
Estonian Parliament Building
The infamous Cocaine Shot!
Made a friend.

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