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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 5th 2018

We arrived in Tallinn as we were breakfasting in La Travazza - our favourite breakfast spot. We were off on a tour at 9am. After walking down the long pier we were directed to the old beaten up green bus, incongruous with the sleek modern white coaches. This was our Soviet Flashback tour with a local tour guide, Comrade Jerjomin, dressed as a Russian military man. The bus was kept locked until all of us had assembled (about 14 of us, in the early morning drizzle - thank heavens for waterproof jackets) and we were told to form one line, tell him which country we were from, for he was “looking for a spy amongst us, comrades” and then marched around the outside of the bus. We then filed inside the 1991 bus (1960s model) and ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 29th 2018

We spent our last day in Tallinn on a medieval walking tour of the lower part of Tallin with our two tour guides dressed in medieval garb. The tour took us around some of the most important medieval sites around old town Tallin and gave us a great insight into the towns history and boom to bust fortunes. One great story was of the Danish Conquerer who constructed the first castle overlooking Tallinn who was captured in his sleep, killed due to debts he owed and body placed in the St Catherines church cellar where it was forgotten. More than 100 years later, someone opened the cellar and found his perfectly preserved body and so Tallin’s first tourist attraction was born - people would travel from all around Europe to view his body and poke his ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 28th 2018

We started our second day in Tallinn with a 2 hour free walking tour around the Old Town which started in Independence Square where we received a rundown on Estonian Customs and history which was very relevant to where we were standing as it is the centenary of Estonian Independence (1918-2018) even though that first independence would only last 1 day. Estonia has however enjoyed 27 years of independence since the fall of the iron curtain in 1991 however we were left with the impression that the multiple conquests over the last 600 years by the Fins, Swedes, Russians, Germans etc have left their mark on the country’s 1.3 million inhabitants in 2018. From independence square, we walked up into the Toone area of Tallin visiting the old town wall and towers and hearing about the ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 27th 2018

After our high paced tour of St Petersburg, it was good to relax in our Princess Anastasia cabin for 18 hours as we travelled to Helsinki (arriving at 7:30 am) and then onto Tallinn in Estonia arriving at 12:00 pm. We had priority exit so we were whisked through Estonian customs at 12:30 pm and walked with our luggage around 1 km through the twisted cobblestoned streets of Old Town Tallinn. After checking into our Hotel on Munga Sreet we wen exploring the medieval town of Tallin. Old Town Tallinn remains untouched with most of the buildings dating back to 14th and 15th centuries. Many parts of the original Old town wall are still standing but there is only a 320 meter section that people can walk on top of with the remainder of the wall ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 16th 2018

Today was Seth's 12th country and a new one for us as well, we woke up in glorious sun for Estonia. Being an hour ahead none of us were entirely sure when we should have breakfast but we did all at least manage it in the correct dress (we'll forget Seth trying to pull his t shirt over his head in the restaurant.....) and headed out. The shuttle bus took us to Tallinn and its safe to say we all loved it. Seth was mesmerised by yet more public transport (if you have a child who likes things that have engine si think a cruise is the very best holiday) and we loved the cross between prague and bruges as well as the much cheaper prices. Seth caught up with some much needed pigeon chasing, he ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 17th 2018

16th July Tallinn Capital of Estonia, it’s post independence renaissance has bred new life to this city. The old town has a beautiful tableau of gabled roofs and turrets. The spoiler was the four other cruise ships in, offloading some 12000 passengers plus us into the cobbled streets. Again a few pics to give a flavour of the city. We had a great lunch with local beer in restaurant/cafe and we didn’t hear an English voice. Magical!!!... read more
Tallinn 2
Tallinn 3
Tallinn 4

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 15th 2018

Spent just one night in Tallin, which was sufficient. The old town is fairly condensed with encroaching buildings that obscure the view. Folks here are rather different than Scandinavia. Drivers more aggressive, especially the taxi delivering us to our apartment. There is less refinement. We board another ferry for a hop across the eastern Baltic to Helsinki. Unfortunately Trump and Putin will also be there, creating a traffic nightmare and making our movement more difficult. There seems to be no reason for the meeting, other than assuaging Trump's narcissism. Oh well, we do have a few shots of Tallin for you.... read more
Got 'em Here Too
One of Two Major Gates
Great Coastal Gate

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 11th 2018

Bonjour à tous, 0 km en voiture, mais 11,5 à pied, dont des centaines de marches d’escalier. Si toutes les journées étaient aussi agréables que celle-ci, ce serait merveilleux. Peut être en faut il des mauvaises, pour apprécier encore plus les bonnes. Souvenez vous lorsqu’un soir j’étais à Malmö, je vous avais dis que je savais plus où donner des yeux tellement il y avait de jolies femmes à regarder, et bien aujourd’hui, même chose mais avec tous les types d’architecture qui sont concentrés dans cette ville. Et pour augmenter le plaisir, les jeux de couleurs. C’est environ dix siècles d’histoire réunis dans les murs d’enceinte. Je ne pense pas ce soir faire un blog très long, je vais plus privilégier les photos qui seront plus éloquentes moi. La dernière fois que j’ai eu du plaisir ... read more
les 3 sœurs
Skoone bastion

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 10th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Exceptionnellement je commence ce blog à 13h en attendant le départ du bateau à 15h. Hier au soir je me suis un peu lâché sur le resto. J’ai super bien mangé, un saumon grillé, avec des petites pommes de terre nouvelles, brocolis, sauce aux champignons, un régal, un service de classe, la note très peu de différence avec une simple pizza, Dans mon petit hôtel vieillot, une chaleur à mourir. En Europe, contrairement à l’Amérique du Nord, il n’y pas la culture du sceau de glace. Je me suis toujours demandé ce que pouvaient bien faire les américains à venir chercher des glaçons jusqu‘a tard dans la nuit. Et quand ta chambre est à côté de la machine à glaçons ça tient bien réveillé, surtout dans les petits hôtels comme hier. Mais malgré ... read more
première vue de Tallinn
elle n’a pas de frein !!!!!
autoroute pour paquebots  la Baltique

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 22nd 2018

This morning we visited Kadriog Palace ( Museum of Foriegn Arts) with our guide Nikolai. The Palace was built in 1718 under orders of Peter the Great as a summer residence. While he built many wonderful palaces in St Petersburg he liked smaller places which was unusual as he was 2m 3 cms tall . He also wore size 38 shoes and had small hands, so he had to use walking sticks to assist his balance. It was designed by Italian Nicole Micheti and was supposed to look like an Italian villa. There is a selection of Western European and Russian paintings. The main attraction is the Great Hall which ranks among the finest examples of Baroque decorating styles. There are forested parks, ornamental gardens, statues and ponds to explore. After free time for lunch (we ... read more
Finnish flag
Kadrogi Palace gardens
Tourist photo bomb

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