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Kaz Susan

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk May 15th 2019

We are currently on the coach back to the ship following our stop in Poland and the old town of Gdansk. The journey from the port is around one hour by coach and we utilised the princess tour "gdansk on your own". The tour guide, initially, walked us from the coach to the old town and seemed to go on and on before us and others actually insisted that she just tell us what time go be back and let us go explore. We didn't want a walking guided tour! Gdansk is completely walkable once you are in the old town... most places will NOT take anything but the local currency but there are places to change money dotted all over. We did, eventually, find a thimble and flags and even managed to use Euros to ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 14th 2019

Barbera didnt really want Gary to come up and play basketball with me and dave but, like a trooper, he completely ignored her and joined us in a game. We played 1x1 with one watching and, once I beat Gary, he and dave had a game together. None of what happened next was my fault....I was a mere spectactor. Dave threw the ball and it richoched off the hoop and onto Gary's head...unfortuneatly, he had his sun glasses on and it was this which did the damage.... The glasses were impaled onto his nose and cut the bridge quite badly.... we did not see the blood at first but once Gary had walked over to us it was bleeding quite badly. Oops!! we then told Gary that he was not permitted to return to Barbera until ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 14th 2019

Once we had again explained that to Barbara that this was a Baltic cruise and Helsinki was the capital of Finland and not somewhere in Japan, we headed off. We had planned to take the bus into the city but again at the last minute, madness prevailed and we decided to walk it. The walk was not too bad, only around 3km....it would have been 2 but we got lost. ooooh before we left we saw the Regal Princess pull into a berth alongside us. She is one of the huge Royal class ships in the princess fleet and she has the coolest air horn ever.... if any of you remember LOVEBOAT and the theme tune...she plays that whenever she is near or passing another Princess ship. I managed to catch it on video and it ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg May 13th 2019

Gary and Barbera did not have a tour booked today and so it was just Dave and me who headed on out to brave the passport control desks. We left early this time to try to avoid the queues but were scuppered when no lines had been opened....not to be detered, we hung around for a few minutes and, no suprise, were interrogated about what we were doing off the ship so early lol. They did however allow us to go through and we waited outside in the docks for everyone else to join the coach. Only 16 people on total on our tour and what a tour it was....a real gem. We walked around a traditional food and sweet market and had time to buy whatever took our fancy. Marzipan was first mass produced in ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg May 12th 2019

New laws recently inacted in Russia and highlighted in our paperwork before we disembarked. 1) NO waving of rainbow flags 2) NO Conspicious displays of same sex affection 3) NO Pride Parades Punishment includes jail and or expulsion from the country.... You get the idea of how forward thinking and inclusive Russia is.... These were just a few of the rules highlighted to us in the Princess Patter before we disembarked for St Petersburg Russia. We have spent the last two days here and this blog will cover both days. Firstly, I love Russia, St Petersburg and the incredible architecture from the opulant churches in the city centre to the stalin-esq stone buildings which lined the streets on our coach journey to see those churches. These stone buildings are actually high rise flats, grey and dank ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 11th 2019

Estonia- We had a wonderful day in Tallinn, Estonia and this place has made it to one of our best ever stops list. The day started with a walk....as usual....from the port to the walled city or town. The walk this time was barely a kilometre and much more bareable than the one the day before. It helped that you could see parts of the town as we walked, spires from churches and the classic Russian style roof of one of the orthodox buildings, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Estonia is independent from Russia, obvious really because the locals are fully aware of how to smile....They declared their independance in 1991 from what was then the old Soviet Union. Estonia is actually one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. If you ever get a chance ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm May 10th 2019

We were up earlyish yesterday to watch the ships progress toward the port of Stockholm. It has to be one of the prettiest routes into port on any cruise stop ever. Stockholm is spread over 14 main islands, several thousand islets, and is surrounded by the Baltic sea and Lake Malaren. The journey to port gave us close up views of some of these islands and islets. Idyllic looking houses nestled amongst the forests which covered much of the landscape and some homes which were perched right up to the waterline. It looked like an amazing place to live but you would need a boat to get around and it would be fairly lonely at times I imagine. Once we had docked, we decided to walk to the city....this was, in hindsight, a possible error of ... read more

Europe May 8th 2019

Considering last nights escapades celebrating liverpool steam rollering barcelona to reach the Champions league semi final...we were up relatively early and in time for a club class breakfast at Sabatini restuarant. The chef had made some nut free danishes especially for me and i never have the heart to tell them that danishes are not really my thing! After breakfast the four of us went to the thermal spa where barbara donned a swimming costume for only the 2nd time in her life. We all enjoyed the heated beds, sauna and hot tubs very much. Dave and I even braved the outdoor pool which is linked to the spa...it was surprisingly warm considering the outside temperatures. The weather today is calm and, whilst it is on the cool side, the sun has been blazing all day ... read more

Europe May 7th 2019

We docked nice and early in Kobnhavn (Copenhagen) and made our way to a leisurely breakfast before heading out. We knew from the moment that we docked that this was going to be a special day. The architecture, the scenary, it was all beautiful. The only downer was that it was bloody cold!!! A hailstorm on the way to the city really did for barbara but the rest of us thought it was funny. You will have to excuse any grammar or spelling errors in this Chapter, but i am typing this after watching the champions league semi final and am on cloud nine and a bit pissed! COME ON THE REDS!!!! Unbelivable. We decided to walk to the city from the ship....it was supposed to be about a mile but with Dave in charge of ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen May 6th 2019

Today is our first sea day and, boo, we lost Barbara already. It had been fairly calm waters leaving southampton but now that we are heading toward the Baltics, it is getting a little more on the choppy. Dave and I burst into Gary and Barb's room this morning and there she was looking like a little casper the ghost. Despite our attempts to convince her to let us take her to the docs for an injection, she would not get up and so we have now left her and come down to crooners for the first bloody mary of the day. Extra Spicy!! Dave and I have also already enjoyed some time in the thermal spa, a suite perk, it was really nice and relaxing....well it was up until the point that an obnoxiously loud ... read more

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