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Kaz Susan

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale March 26th 2018

We couldn’t decide what to do on our night in Fort Lauderdale..... not much in the way of nightlife around the hotel and we didn’t feel like sitting in the hotel bar.... We went for a walk and found a dollar store.... party in the hotel room! Sport on tv....both very tired anyway so a nice chilled evening before flying home tomorrow. we found some random stuff in the dollar store including runts!!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad March 24th 2018

Aruba! Our final port of call was Aruba, an island we have visited twice before and love. We decided not to,book a tour this time but to explore the town and surrounding area on our own. Leaving the ship at just after 7 am was probably, in hindsight, a bit too early.....nothing was open when we first went out. Little little has been here twice before and so, on this occasion, pew bunny accompanied Dave and I on an adventure. We had a quick breakfast at a traditional Dutch cafe and then set about wandering around until the shops and stalls opened. Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island, one of the ABC islands and boasts too, equally gorgeous coastlines. The Caribbean and the Atlantic. If you want to be a beach bum and lounge on the ... read more

South America » Colombia » Cartagena March 21st 2018

Cartagena (cart a hay na) Awesome sauce and a bit of spice at the end. Day 17 - yes a day late but I was tired. We docked in Cartagena, a city we have visited before and still were not sure what we our plans were for the day. Last time we were here we took a horse and carriage ride which, whilst good, offered no shade from the intense heat that this part of the world offers at this time of the year. Cartagena has two temperatures.... hot and hotter.... on this visit we decided that we wanted to see a lot of more of the old city.....the walled city. We headed off the ship and considered taking the hop on hop off bus which was waiting in the port. But the price was actually ... read more

Today’s blog, day 16 will be added to as we go because else it takes hours to upload photos etc. We’ve been through the americas bridge and now just got through miraflores lock. Photos and videos so far. Now we are in Pedro Miguel lock. It’s 9:35 here 14:35 in uk 10:10 am and we are through Pedro Miguel lock on way to centennial bridge. 10:20 we are now passed under centennial bridge . Photos added xx 11:15 passed through the cut and on our way to gatun lock. The cut was beautiful, you could clearly see were the land has literally been cut away by man. It’s crocodile infested waters too! Just passed the huge crane called Herman the German. 12:10 - we are in Gatun lake- still headed toward the Gatun lock. This is ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 18th 2018

David’s birthday day 15 A very relaxing day at sea which started with two hours of pickle ball on the top deck. I had to drag a sweat-soaked David from the court because I feared he would collapse or something! It was fun though.... I AM going to see if there is a pickle ball club in Bracknell when i get home. The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and getting ready for our big day tomorrow going through the Panama Canal. Our transit starts at five am and we will be up from the very start. I managed to tell the guys in the restaurant tonight that it was David’s birthday and, at the end of our meal, they sang happy birthday in front of the whole restaurant and produced a HUGE cheesecake ... read more

Day 14 Costa Rica - Puntarenas. What a brilliant day we have had. We have been to puntarenas before and took a zip line tour that time. We knew, from past experience, that the town itself is very small with a nice market, walk and lighthouse but not a great deal else within walking distance. You need to consider a tour to get the best out of your stop. So, yesterday evening, we booked a tour for today to the highlands and a coffee plantation followed by a stop at a cart making workshop. It didn’t start too well this morning because we were late docking. Part of the reason for the delay was an equally sized Holland America ship was in port next to us.... only one ship at a time can get authority to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 17th 2018

Day .......13??? I think .... day at sea- edited to add pollygog ceremony. We have had a brilliant day at sea today.... I forgot the clocks went back an hour and was up at 5am wondering what to do with myself because Dave was still asleep. So...... I went upstairs to play some basketball alone but, of course, at 5:30 in the morning there was already a bloody pickle ball player there practicing serving....on his own. So I grabbed a basketball and started shooting hoops on the opposite end of the court to him. We didn’t say much to each other for the first few minutes but we did allow each other space to play. I got bored shooting on my own and so I sat down to watch pickle ball man serving to himself. Once ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 16th 2018

Manta part 3 day 12 Dave deciding to choke on plantain was the most exciting thing to happen today. Sorry to disappoint you all. We actually had a really good day in Manta, choking incident aside.... the food was nice as were the beers. We finished up with a game of football....well, a penalty shoot out, with a beach ball purchased for two dollars.... the wind took the ball in all kinds of fun directions but it was still a competitive tournament with Dave coming out as the eventual winner. We headed back to the ship but, contrary to nick’s request, didn’t lock ourselves in our cabins but spent a few hours in the pool and hot tubs. Afternoon trivia was stupid...less said about that the better. It’s not a general knowledge test when the subject ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 15th 2018

Manta part two! Okay so the port of Manta is a working area.....see by the photos, mainly tuna fishing. (i don’t think it’s really fishing when you dredge with a net though). There doesn’t seem to be a, line caught, fishing policy here yet! The ships and lorries are just outside our balcony and they worked all day yesterday and are starting up again now. Once Dave recovered sufficiently from his pass out spell, we headed out again. The artisan market was really nice and I bought an ivory nut necklace. As before, the nut is as hard as ivory, looks like ivory but is completely made from the seed of a plant. Once dried, the ivory nut seed is hard enough to drive coaches over without damaging them. It can then be dyed, carved and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 14th 2018

Day 11 - Manta- part one. Dave causes a medical emergency. (He is fine now...no panicking please Barbara) So.....it’s 10:45 am here and we are back on board with David safely tucked up in bed after a frightening experience (for me!!!) in town. We were up bright and early and off the ship before nine am....everything seemed fine...... though David did comment a few times about the intensity of the heat in Ecuador this early in the morning. We took the short, two minute shuttle ride out of the port and, once we disembarked, started the mile or so walk toward the main town and artisan market. It was hot.....nine am and already mid eighties and, on the seafront, there was no shelter from that heat or the sun. Again, I thought everything was fine....Dave seemed ... read more

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