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Backpacking Europe

Requesting tips, including Information I currently know and gear.
14 years ago, March 16th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #30000  
N Posts: 2
Hola folks,

I just found this site while researching my trip... What a great resource.

I'm heading to Europe in a month or so and will be backpacking for 4 weeks. My destination... Estonia and most of the major cities (Tallinn, Oteppa, Tartu...). I'm also in the midst of heading south from there (Germany, Romania, Czech?) and possibly Stockholm...

I haven't backpacked Europe and wonder of the essentials to take for 4 weeks. Currently, I'm thinking of roughing this out (no hotels) just utilizing the hostels to charge my camera batteries and freshen up...

Current gear includes:
  • msr tent
  • sleeping bag & mat
  • large gregory trecking pack
  • waist belt (passport and others)
  • light stove (coffee packs and dehydrated food packs)
  • alcohol
  • first aid kit
  • cambers & rope
  • water purifier & water bottle(s)
  • iodine
  • trekking poles
  • atomic watch
  • compas & map
  • utility knife
  • non melt candles
  • and a few other stuff
  • journal
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