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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn March 31st 2018

A day in Tallinn Tallinn is the capital of the country Estonia and is actually the national capital that is the closest to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and the city we live in. To go from Stockholm to Tallinn is really easy. There are several direct flights each day and there are also ferries going between the two cities every day of the year. On this trip we took a ferry because it was cheap and because we enjoy going on ferries. It is very convenient and time efficient way to travel. You board the ferry in Stockholm in the late afternoon and wake up in Tallinn the next morning. There are restaurants and bars on the ferry so if you wish you can have a "night out" at the same time as you transport ... read more
City gate
Kiek in de Kök defence tower

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn October 8th 2017

Today was a good day in Tallinn, Estonia. We were awake early today and ate breakfast with Paco and Wilfred, two gentlemen from a retirement community just outside of Brownsville, Texas. Paco has been to over 100 countries but he can’t hear a damn thing. Wilfred is super sweet and funny. Wilfred told us that Paco kept getting questioned about his wine in his suitcase yesterday but since he couldn’t hear them and they couldn’t understand him, they just let him go. We learned at dinner tonight that our escapade with customs has been talked about by seemingly everyone on the tour and the majority of them seem to think we were setup. Most of them have no trust it seems.. at least not in Estonia’s custom agents. They are all on "our side." So, just ... read more
Swan Park
Kamie in front of Peter the Great's palace

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn October 6th 2017

We are here and it’s been quite the adventure. As I write this, we have been awake over 31 hours. I have NEVER been this emotionally or physically exhausted traveling. Our flight out of Chicago on the world’s second largest passenger plane was delayed 30 minutes because 70 passengers were missing. The plane was huge by the way so 70 passengers didn’t feel like lots of missing people. Lufthansa is a German airline so the overhead announcements were in German followed by incredibly muffled and quick announcements in a hard-to-understand English. We boarded the plane, waited for the missing passengers, and finally, the German pilot comes on and says a bunch of gibberish in German and follows the announcement in English with “No passengers so we leave.” And so we left 30 minutes late with lots ... read more
The scenario of what happened
HUGE plane
O'Haire Airport

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 30th 2017

Time for our annual family holiday! 😆 ☀️ ✈️ As James' and Andrew's holidays coincided again in August, it was decided to go North. We aren't really a sunbathing type of family and sightseeing gets a bit much in 40'c heat so heading North seemed to be the sensible option. We decided on Tallinn after been lured by pictures of the gorgeous old town 🌇 the proximity of Tallinn Airport and the good value. Once that had been decided it seemed rude not to head to Helsinki too as the two cities are only separated by a short (and cheap) ferry trip. 🚢 After doing the research and discovering how expensive Helsinki was 💶 😮 it was decided to spend the bulk of the holiday in Estonia. We rented a 1-bed apartment through AirBnB for 6 ... read more
And we are off....
Outside the Apartment

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 25th 2017

I saw a post once, an advertisement on Facebook I believe, showing photos of Tallinn in Estonia. This captured my attention immediately and I knew I had to go . So when my uncle (a travel enthusiast also, it must run in the family!) asked me if I wanted to go, I jumped at the chance, this was amazing!**fact of the trip** Wi-Fi was founded here in Estonia! I bet you didn't know that!We found cheap flights, leaving the UK early Friday morning and returning late Sunday evening giving us just over 2 full days to exp... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 21st 2017

Tallinn - the final stop on our 8 day trip between the three Baltic capitals. The smallest of the three capitals, but by far the busiest due to it being on the cruise ships' itinerary. And it showed. We were in town for two days and during peak hours, say 10ish to mid-afternoon, you could hardly move in some areas for the accumulation of tour groups, each guide with their own way of leading their group. The best we saw was a lady who was clacking a set of spanish castanets to help keep her group together! For a change, we'll comment briefly on our hotel, The Three Crowns. Whilst being very well placed right in the heart of the old town, it has been converted and modernised... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 19th 2017

Bouncing Around the Baltics – July,2017 My feet are getting itchy. Cabin fever is building. It’s time to pack a bag, grab my passport and blow this Nevada joint. Feel the need to walk in new pastures, discover interesting back alleys and bars. And where should I do all this, you ask? Why in the Baltics of course! This upcoming trip will add four new countries to my portfolio….. more stamps for the passport, just what I need. It’s my usual morning routine getting to the airport via Super Shuttle, and boarding the various Delta flights for the first stop on my latest adventure: Estonia. I even get to try out a new airline – Air Baltic – probably a local rinky-dink crop duster, held together with tons of duct tape and good wishes but what ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 15th 2017

So with a quick stop over in Laitse Castle we are in Tallinn, Estonia. You know this all came about because I saw a show on TV about must see Old Towns and knew I must see it. Tallinn was under the old soviet rule until 1991, so I was sure what to expect would it be dull and grey and unattended to, would it be run down and still needing love, well I was delighted to be proven wrong. It was to put into a word intoxicating! As we entered the city we notice how green and park like it was, the main streets lined with large fairy tale like trees, I fell in love with it before even getting to the old town. We found a small hotel attached to the walls of old ... read more
Busy town square
These Ladies were found outside of the shops
Hand made Estonian fair

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 11th 2017

Au premier abord, Tallinn n'a pas le charme classique de Riga, sa voisine, ni, j'oserais dire, son raffinement. Elle a un caractère bien différent! Elle se divise en quartiers éclectiques offrant chacun leurs lieux de découvertes. La vieille ville date des temps médiévaux. Déjà, à cette époque, la ville est un port de commerce important de par sa situation géographique entre la Scandinavie et la Russie. Mais c'est l'envahisseur danois qui fait ériger au 13e siècle, la forteresse et les magnifiques remparts qui ceinturent la vieille ville qui sont surmontés encore aujourd'hui de 26 tours de guet qui résistent au temps. À la seconde Guerre mondiale, 50 % de l'espace habité de la grande ville de Tallinn a été détruit par les bombardements mais miraculeusement, seulement 11 % du centre historique a été touché. Toute l'effervescence ... read more
Les maisons de bois typiques
Le palais d'été et ses jardins
Une des portes d'accès à la vieille ville

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 10th 2017

Our ship arrives in Tallinn the capital of Estonia. We bought a ticket for a shuttle ride into town but it is not far and we could have walked. We are let off at the walled city's gate. We met a woman handing out free maps to the city and she informs us of a free tour in english that starts in half an hour. We check out the main square and I buy a christmas ornament while we wait for the tour. Our guide is a college age girl who has grown up in Tallin. She is very knowleable about the history of Estonia and is open about the positives and negatives regarding the country's past. Estonia borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. The official language is Estonian which is closely related ... read more
Midevil houses
This is a walled city
Main town square

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