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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 8th 2016

Geo: 59.4392, 24.7586After a cloudy start the sun finally came out and then went in again as a huge Celebrity ship came alongside- appropriately called Celebrity Eclipse!We missed the shuttle bus but it is only a 15 min walk to the centre of the old town through a medieval city gate. We have been to Talinn before but for the life of us could not remember it and no where we saw looked familiar. I love marzipan so we bought some at a little shop which also has a marzipan museum with lots of cartoon figures made of marzipan - very cute.The old town itself has cobbled streets lined with Germanic looking buildings, several churches and towers and lots of bars and restaurants and tourist shops. Do not bother getting the city tour bus as it ... read more
Entrance gate to Talinn
A marzipan giraffe!
More marzipan animals

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 3rd 2016

We had booked private guide to meet at the Information Centre in the middle of the old town at 10.00a.m. Met up with Ariel, such a lovely girl, just the two of us and off we went! Covered so much ground in the two hours we had with her it as fantastic! She is a uni graduate majoring in language and psychology, and as she said that now qualifies her for unemployment but she is lucky to have this job as a tour guide!!! 21 years old and what what a joy she was! Old town of Tallinn is a walled city perched up high overlooking the sea and surrounding areas. Showed us over the upper town and lower town, lots and lots of walking, she showed us a few extra sites as she said we ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 13th 2016

Geo: 59.4392, 24.7586This morning we get to sleep in a little later as our ship won't dock in Tallinn, Estonia until 10am. We have no planned tour other than to walk around the old town. Tallinn is the capital and largest city in Estonia. Tallinn's Old Town is one of the best preserved and intact medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This sounds good and after breakfast, we head out from the ship toward town. The ship is here for only 6 hours, a short time for such an interesting site. We ask about a shuttle to old town but the tour guide says it's unnecessary because it's only 15 minutes away. We've heard that 15 minute story before. In Karen footsteps, that's about an hour or more. There's ... read more
These guys are Set Up at the Port, Waiting
Mom on the HOHO Bus to Old Town
Church in Tallinn. Note Russian Influence.

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 30th 2016

An early morning rise this morning as we were setting off to Tallinn, Estonia in the former Soviet Union. This was the part of the trip I was most looking forward to. Growing up during the Cold War and hearing so much about the Soviet Union, it was amazing that I was going to be stepping foot here, albeit for just a day. The ferry crossing into Estonia took a little over an hour and as we pulled into the Tallinn, remnants of the Soviet era quickly caught my eye. In fact, the harbor that we pulled into, Linnahall, looks like a military fortification but is actually a former Soviet era concert hall and ice hockey rink. From the top of this complex, we could easily see Tallinn's Old Town, one the best preserved medieval cities ... read more
Pulling into The Harbor in Tallinn
Fat Margaret Cannon Tower
Fat Margaret Cannon Tower

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 2nd 2015

Distance from Stockholm to Tallinn = 168 nautical miles Total distance travelled = 638 nautical miles HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Today's German comedy word: Kuntz. A popular German surname as remodelled by Baddiel and Skinner's remix of the Three Lions video. Comedy effect is normally added when the male of the family is given the name Ernst. In formal circles, the German race prefer to use only their first name initial so Mr Ernst Kuntz or to give him his correct Germanic title, Herr Ernst Kuntz…(Some people may think I am making this up as I'm running out of German Comedy words! The attached Photo taken whilst out and about in ‘der Vaterland' demonstrates the surname being used in a firm of solicitors/attorneys. I'll let you draw your own conclusions or formulate your own punch line!!) ... read more
Is this a banky? In Tallinn??
The Lembit Submarine, Tallinn
The confined space of the Lembit sub

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 27th 2015

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 21st 2015

Geo: 59.4392, 24.7586Tallinn es una ciudad pequña, y la parte antigua s todavía más pequeña. Visitamos un par de iglesias, St. Olaf y St. Mary, pero la más importante, la de Alexander Nevsky, estaba cerrada. Entramos al museo del bastión Kiek in de Kök y después de caminar un rato por la ciudad, regresamos al barco. En la noche el show fue un imitador de Lionel Richie, Michael Pitts... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 10th 2015

Thursday 9 July: First, I should apologise for the terrible title of this blog, but I couldn’t resist! Interesting trivia though: Skype was created by Estonians. We woke up to a sunny day and we headed for the old town. Heather had found the location of a laundry at which we could drop our washing and they would wash and dry it for €8 a load and we figured we had two loads. It was a bit out of the Old Town and I reckoned it was going to be a 20-30 minute walk so we stuck it in a backpack and I put it on and we headed off. Just a couple of minutes down the road Heather spotted a laundry! So we went in there to enquire if they did a full service. The ... read more
Captain Zachary ready for mission launch.
Checking out the inner workings of the Suur Tõll.

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn July 8th 2015

Wednesday 8 July: Up in time and all packed and ready to go at 8am. Made our way to the tram stop and caught the two trams to get to the terminal. We had to wait 15 minutes until we could check in, then headed up to the horribly expensive café. After that we went through the gate to the boarding area where there was a children’s entertainer performing a show. Zachary thought this was great and was fully engaged and taking part in all the activities (dancing, skipping etc). At one point there was a magic show. When he made something disappear or appear all the children clapped enthusiastically. Zachary did too but then decided he need to investigate so was looking under the stage and peering over the top of the front of the ... read more
Passing the time on the trip to Tallinn.
The Tallinn TV Tower sticks out much like the SkyTower in Auckland.
Tallinn Port and City.

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 20th 2015

No biking today, total mileage 25 miles. Day started with rain, but cleared off in the evening for a beautiful night. Walked over to the Tallink cruise ship dock and met Bobbie and Gary. They had just completed a cruise from Helsinki to St Petersburg Russia to Helsinki. They then to the ferry to Tallinn, hence meeting them today. They had a great trip, onjoying the many tours of St Petersburg. They also have a blog of their trip at : We showed them around Tallinn. We are now staying at a middle class apartment in a 13th century building - large bathroom, ample space, loads of teas from around the world. Very nice place. Went out to eat at a predominately Russian restaurant. I had Wild Boar ( pretty good). Others had fish and ... read more
Bobbie,Gary and Pam on platform overlooking Old Towne in Tallinn
Heavenly glow above St Nicholas Church in Tallinn
Bobbie enjoying her evening meal at Oleviti Restaurant in Tallinn

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