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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 11th 2013

Many of the guide books give Tallinn taxis a bad wrap. They are rip-offs, and sneaky with it. Not all but many depending on the company one chooses. CS and PP don't use taxis much anywhere but we have to report the one we got from the ferry terminal to our hotel, Radisson Blu Olympia, from the queue and therefore a random selection, was swift, direct, efficient and cheap. The hotel is bigger than some we have had on the trip - 28 floors. We were on ten, which we discovered in the mornings was a bad place to be. The lifts could not cope with the traffic and we were unable to cram ourselves into several downward travelling cars. Just as well we have no trouble with ten flights of stairs! This little 'toy town' ... read more
Tallinn old town
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Another church spire

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 13th 2013

Actually there is a common theme to my recent blogs...merchants. On the Silk Road we followed merchants over land. In the Baltics we find the Hanseatic League, the merchants of the northern seas. Moving merchandize had always been easier over sea than land...that's why the Silk Road was abandoned when the sea route between Europe and Asia was found. Earlier in my life I learned that the cost of shipping from England to Boston during the age of sailing ships was cheaper than the cost from Boston to only 30 miles inland. That's quite a difference, and the merchants of the north had it nailed. I also learned that the best time to travel the Silk Road...we had delightful sunny weather the entire three not the best time to visit the Baltic Republics. 9 April ... read more
Riga Old Town
Riga Old Town
Vilnius Old Town

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn April 7th 2013

Sunday- 7 AM- We boarded the S.S. Superstar (actual name of our ship) very early Sunday morning for our day trip into Estonia, the 5th country on our trip in just over a week! The entire old town of Tallinn is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Walking through the gates of the old town transports you back in time. The cobbled streets and multitude of guild houses, merchant halls, and churches tell the story of a city that has been conquered many times but never destroyed. We began our walking tour with our local guide. She pointed out quirky details in local architecture and strange stories of traditions and people of Estonia’s long history. A large group of us ate lunch in a traditional Estonian ... read more
Aerial shot of the old town
Cozy cafe culture
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn January 19th 2013

I visited Sigulda in autumn and fell in love with the place. Now, winter means snow, and snow means skiing, and skiing means …? Skiing is my favourite hobby since the late 1999 but lately I did not engage in it thoroughly. One thing leading to another, I found myself planning a trip to the mountains to try alpine skiing (to be undertook very soon), and then found out I needed at least to have a look at the skis, boots, etc, try and run several meters on them. The first decision was to go to a ski resort in the vicinity of St. Petersburg (there are several good ones, though certainly no mountains) during the New Year holidays, but on calculating the prices I discarded it off mercilessly. I do not remember how and when ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn January 4th 2013

The ferry ride from Helsinki was smooth and fairly easy going for a 3 hour crossing. We had the chance to grab a couple of drinks while catching up on writing this blog. Once we got close to the dock in Tallinn we seemed to be the last to realise we’d gotten close as the door for exit, yet to be announced, was surrounded by people and their luggage. Walking off the boat into the cool night air was a shock in itself, only to be bettered once we found out which of the four docks we’d come into. Luckily for us it turned out to be the closest to our hotel, so we got our packs on and walked towards the centre of town with some rough directions courtesy of an app on Anna’s phone. ... read more
Dinner at Kalle Kusta
Viru gate by day
Archery Practice in Toompea

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn November 24th 2012

In Estonia, Flowers are the most common gift for social engagements because they are so cheap. O day pho xa co nhieu dau tich cua Lien So. Cach kien truc giong nhu cua Soviet. Thu do cua Estonia la Tallinn nam canh bo bien. Loai kien truc cua Tallinn la loai kien truc thoi Trung co. The ky 15 bi xam lang boi Sweden roi sau do la Prussia, che do Duc hoang ngay xua va sau cung la Russia thoi Cong san cua Stalin. Cuoi cung doc lap nam 1991 sau cuoc noi day chong lai su chiem dong cua Soviet Tallinn la thu do nho chi can di xe khoang 2 gio la het nhung noi quan trong. Noi day ban day hoa va rat re vi tuc le cua nguoi Estonia la mua ... read more
Flowers shop

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn » Laagri November 19th 2012

Estonia - Tallinn I arrived in Tallinn still very sleepy from my trip from Georgia, and in my state of 'half awake' I almost left the airport in riga (which was only my tranfer) before my brain thankfully engaged and I went to the right terminal for my connection. When I finally arrived in Tallinn I then got on the wrong bus, and managed to get slightly lost finding my accomodation. Finally I arrived in the Red Emperor hostel, run by an Aussie guy and I had my own 8 bed dorm for first night. For the rest of the day (after a well needed nap) I explored the old town without map. By now, after 8 months of travelling, I am a happy wanderer and prefer to explore without a map if I have time. ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn September 10th 2012

Sightseeing is prohibited! This amazing phrase revealed itself on the website of UK Visa Department among the rules for transit visitors as I was industriously looking for information about transit and tourist visas for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, upon suddenly learning that Russian nationals were bestowed with the right to pass UK in transit without a visa for 24 hours, the so-called visa concession. I got much excited about the prospect to visit London, no matter for what duration. Also, I’d never guess the possible cheap cost of getting to London; but that’s a matter left now aside for some distant future, since I don’t like the uncertainty of this visa concession and, taking into consideration the relatively simple list of visa documents, I’ll go there in nearest future on a ... read more
Vabaduse Valjak
Kiek in de Koek

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn » Laagri August 28th 2012

I hover above the port lights under the auspices of Kavinsky's 'Nightcall' from Drive (2011) on my Blackberry, in my existential element with Johnnie Walker in hand, thoughts drifting to dreams of midnight in a perfect world. I jet down on time at 9:50 p.m. and hit the bus 20 minutes later, bypassing a group of audibly confused middle-aged Scottish women who I'm sure live a few streets from me back home. I get off at the Viru Centre, a shopping mall beside Tallink Hotel. My mate Andy isn't here and my phone has no signal. The district is empty. I dart across a main road bereft of cars, stall in the middle of a leafy roundabout, and begin to locate the hostel using print outs from Google Maps. A five minute search through deserted streets. ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn August 25th 2012

If it's a one stop shop for all things medieval you're after and you can ignore some questionable authenticity, then look no further than Tallinn. The buildings of the old city of Estonia's capital look as though they've been lifted straight from the pages of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. 500 ish years young, Tallinn has received the full makeover. A nip and tuck, breast implants, Botox and the old boiler scrubs a treat. It's not only the structures that are easy on the eye. You want a job in the service industry here? 3 criteria will give you a decent head start: "Young, female, good looking". The minds driving Tallinn's tourism industry have decided sexing up the "if you build it they will come" ethos was a sure fire winner. And come they do. On ... read more
Estonia giving Russia the boot!
Old town's pastels
Russian holdover

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