I am a retired doctor with 2 kids, one of whom lives in Australia so travelling to the other side of the world has become second nature. Apart from socialising and gardening, travelling is my favourite hobby. I love travelling with my husband as we have the same likes and dislikes when it comes to food, wine and things to do (apart from sport that is !)

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Europe » Italy May 10th 2022

After leaving Corsica, the ship headed back over to Italy calling at Porto San Stefano. From here we were taken by coach into the hills to see an amazing park which was started in 1979 by a lady who loved Gaudi's sculptures in Barcelona. It is not very big but is delightful and really entertained all the kids there as well as us! After we had explored this we were taken up into the hills to see a typical Tuscan mountain village which was nice but devoid of people. Apparently it is crowded during the summer. At least the hike up the hill gave us our exercise. Back on the ship our daily activity is the Team Trivia. We have a team of 6 called the Golden Oldies and we have won several times and we ... read more
Entrance to park
A pretty face!
Tiz with ?

Europe » France May 6th 2022

Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and you are constantly reminded of this with the numerous statues not to mention bars and restaurants which are so named. It is a pleasant place to walk around despite a down turn in the weather. At least it only showered a short while we were on the coast. The main product of Corsica is coral but we didn't buy any as it seems unenvironmental to do so. We had a lovely Corsican guide who had a very thick French accent but thankfully we were able to understand him. He showed us the three main statues of Napoleon and his house and garden. Along the coast there are beacons on the hills. These were put there by the Genoese and were lit when pirates were sighted. The outside of ... read more
Close up of Napoleon
Coast with Genoese beacon in background
Loading fish from boat directly to lorry for market

Europe » Italy May 5th 2022

We had been to Palermo many years ago but when we got off the ship we didn't recognize anywhere. The streets were uneven and there was loads of litter so didn't stay long. There were important things to do on board like going to the hairdresser, playing Trivia at which we have won several times and finally having a Hot Rocks dinner on the pool deck. This is where you cook your own meat or fish however you like it and have with a salad so very simple but nice. The following day we docked at Naples, another place we had been to before but again didn't recognize. We had a coach trip all around which was OK but ended up none the wiser. Very busy city and the guide was very amusing. We won at ... read more
Castle in Naples Bay
Naples Bay and Vesuvius

Europe » Italy May 2nd 2022

Having been to Dubrovnik before ,we didn't go on a tour but walked around the town. It was heaving as there were mini Olympic races for kids down one of the main streets. We dived off into a side street for a coffee and then strolled around ending up at the Aquarium which was very good before going back to the ship. We had been destined to sail to Naxos in Sicily but the Captain had had a warning of choppy seas which would not have been good for tendering off the guests so he changed course for Messina which is a safe dock. We knew we were in Sicily as soon as we walked into town. Cars honking horns, double parking and the Sicilian attitude to red street lights!! We strolled around the town and ... read more
Kiddy races in Dubrovnik
Entrance to Aquarium
Cathedral in Messina

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir April 29th 2022

This is the first Silversea cruise we have been able to do for two years thanks to the pandemic. However now we have flown to Venice and after a long tedious embarkation procedure have finally boarded Silver Dawn. So good to be back in a suite on the ship and to meet our butler. Sadly the crew are all wearing masks and we have to wear them on the tour buses and tenders but a lot of people have had enough and are not bothering. After all we couldn't get on the ship unless we had been vaccinated and had a negative test. Great to get to the pool bar for that first drink and then a lovely dinner as we sailed away over to Croatia. The first day we were moored in Split which is ... read more
River in Trogir
St.Lawrence cathedral Trogir
Venetian details on many buildings

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Avoca Beach February 24th 2022

After a week's delay due to all the bureaucracy to get into Australia we finally arrived in Sydney to be greeted by daughter Helen and her fiancée Blowy. They drove us up the coast to Avoca Beach which is their home town. We settled in to a nice apartment near the sea. The following morning we walked along the beach and Helen's dog Metta remembered us and came bounding over to give us a warm welcome. The next few days were spent meeting Helen's friends and Blowy's relatives, eating out and getting to know their way of life. Helen and Blowy live in a shed on a plot of land on which he intends to build a house. We drove up to Hunter Valley and did a wine tour with a good crowd, 9 of us ... read more
Metta waits for her stick to be thrown
Avoca Beach from lookout
From Captain Cook's lookout

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 21st 2020

Auckland is a large busy city. They have finally decided to put an underground metro in so there are road works all over the place which are going to take several years to complete. It has a large Asian community as well as Maori so there are lots of take away cafes catering for these people. For the first time we also saw several homeless on the streets. However down on the Marina , once you have negotiated the road works there are some great restaurants. We had tried Oyster & Chop so the next night went to Soul and had great oysters and crab linguini. On our last day we decided to go up the Sky Tower. It costs about 20$ each just to go to the viewing platform. A far better deal is to ... read more
In Sky Tower restaurant Orbit
View from Orbit restaurant
Looking up

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo Caves March 20th 2020

Everywhere in New Zealand is a long drive to get to. However, once at the destination it is worth it. Hobbiton was a good 2 hour drive from Auckland and was a much better experience than I had anticipated. I never realised that the movie set for the Hobbit/ Lord of the rings trilogy was so huge. We walked through The Shire with all it's lovely Hobbit Holes and even in the light rain it was a delight. Our guide explained that some of the Hobbit houses are much smaller than others so that Gandalf can stand next to a small one and look huge ,whereas a Hobbit can stand next to a large one and look small. The attention to detail is amazing. Smoke comes out of the chimneys and vegetables and flowers grow in ... read more
Hobbiton in the rain
Hobbit veg garden
Pokeku bird

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 18th 2020

It was very sad to leave the ship in Auckland and know that no passengers were going to be boarding and the majority of the crew would be sent home because of this coronavirus. We were the last cruise ship allowed into New Zealand before the total ban. We checked into the Hotel Grand Windsor on Queens St, which is a lovely hotel on one of the busiest streets in the city close to all amenities. Our first trip out was to the Art Gallery, which has a nice small section of International Art but is mostly New Zealand Art. We both love aboriginal art but I am afraid that Maori Art doesn't do anything for us. We fancied a Chinese meal for lunch as Auckland has a very large Asian population. We made the mistake ... read more
Dinner in Oyster & Chop
Holy Trinity Cathedral- new bit
Holy Trinity -old bit

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island March 15th 2020

Picton is a very small but very pretty place from which the ferries over to the North Island sail. It has a lovely foreshore with well laid out walks and little cafes and shops. There is a Maritime Museum which we didn't go to as we made the mistake of going to the Aquarium next door. The poor creatures were in tanks which seemed much too small for them and there was one solitary penguin who looked really sad in this small enclosure which wasn't even open to the elements. I personally found the visit distressing rather than educational. At least the sun came out and everything outside looks so much better. Last night the Captain made an announcement that from midnight no cruise ships would be allowed to dock in New Zealand until the end ... read more
Picton Marina
Silver Muse
Picton Aquarium and Maritime Museum

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