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Europe » Netherlands April 13th 2018

We have been to Amsterdam on a few occasions but this trip was slightly different. This was the first time we had been on an Emerald river cruise. The Emerald Sky is a nicely appointed ship. The cabins are not huge but there is actually space for everything and we were on level 2 which means a large picture window, floor to ceiling so you can watch the world go by when sailing. The food has not been the best so far however so we are reserving judgement. Our first morning we were taken in small groups with a guide around a completely different bit of Amsterdam to which we had seen before. We saw the old Jewish quarter, the River Amstel where the canals extend off the river, the church where Rembrandt's 2 children are ... read more
Old houses and the city flag
Dock yard worker representing the uprising against the Nazi treatment of Jews in WW2
The oldest windmill in Holland

South America » Chile March 1st 2018

The San Cristobal Tower hotel is a good location for exploring Santiago. The Turistica bus stops right outside and you can purchase the ticket from the tourist office in the hotel. You could pay 20,000 pesos each for a one day bus ticket but we paid the extra 10000 pesos as this ticket not only lasts two days but also takes you up the cable car and down the funicular so is much better value. A small bus first took us to the base of the Cable car. They obviously expect huge numbers of people as there were long lines laid out as in an airport. However we were virtually the only ones there so we sailed in a got a gondola just for the two of us and went up the mountain from the top ... read more
Going up the cable car
Inside tiny chapel at the top
Large statue of the Virgin

Antarctica » Antarctica February 25th 2018

The furthest South we reached was 64 degrees and the Captain attempted to pass through the narrow Lemair channel as conditions looked good. However as usual in this part of the world the weather changes in an instant and it deteriorated so we had to turn around and head north again. We stopped in Borgon Bay and the expedition leaders took the zodiacs out but once again the sea turned very choppy and they decided they couldn’t take us out. They have to be very careful and assess the conditions. With every landing they take out survival gear beforehand just in case we get stranded ashore in a worse case scenario. However not all was lost today as we spotted several pods of whales so the Captain pulled in close and stopped the engines so that ... read more
Perhaps we can get through Lemair channel
Can't get through
Beautiful sky

Antarctica February 22nd 2018

Plan B as usual. Woken by the tannoy announcement to say that the weather was too bad to land at the initial landing point so we were proceeding into Charlotte Bay. Here it was sleeting but calm so we had a Zodiak cruise around the ice shelf and the ice bergs. The scale of these is difficult to show but they are big and come in some fantastical shapes with lovely blue colours in them due to compression of the ice and absorption of all the light except blue. The glacier all around the bay was continually shifting down and dropping into the sea to form these large bergs. On one ice shelf we saw some cormorants and arctic terns and also a seal in the water. Amazingly algae grow on the ice and turn it ... read more
Algae on the ice
The mainland
Going down for a swim

Antarctica February 22nd 2018

From the South Shetland Islands, the ship has sailed 100 miles further south and we awake to find ourselves in Mikkelsen Harbour surrounded by glaciers. At last we feel we are in Antarctica proper. It is lovely to be the only ship in sight and we feel the Continent is ours. We once more get into the Zodiacs and go over to a small island on which there are plenty of Gentoo penguins and a few fur seals but also a Weddell seal. These are large and pale blue with spots. He is sleepy but a few of the fur seals are more active and we are told to back off as they wake up and don’t like all these people around them. There are lots of whale bones left over from the now defunct whaling ... read more
View from our balcony
Coming alongside in the Zodiak
Whale cemetry

Antarctica February 21st 2018

Ship is anchored by Barrientos- Aitcho islands. (Originally Hydrographic Office hence HO, then Aitcho). Temperature about 2 degrees but wind chill making it below freezing. Bright early with cloud later starting to drizzle. All geared up with thermal leggings, padded trousers covered by waterproof trousers over heavy boots. Jumper, fleece and huge red jacket, hats, gloves etc. All our gear has been checked and hoovered the day before to make sure we are not introducing any seeds onto the Continent. 6 to 8 people on the Zodiac, which moves fast to the shore, swing legs over into the water – only ankle deep and wade ashore. Large numbers of Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins which are moulting. The babies are now about 4 months old and losing their fluffy feathers. The adults have to moult all their ... read more
Teenage Gentoos
Stefan in gear
Whale vertebra

South America » Peru February 19th 2018

Yet again suffered the vagaries of Latam airways. They would not exchange the vouchers they had given us which would have covered the cost of the extra luggage! At Lima we had a driver collect us and take us down town where we met a guide who, considering this was the capital city, had the worst English of any guide we have had. However, her knowledge of the Cathedral was excellent and made the visit much better than if we had just wandered in. Down town Lima now has not many restaurants and hotels but is mainly some colonial buildings, Cathedral and Presidential and administrative stuff. So, we drove through the very busy streets to Miraflores by the coast where all the rich people moved out of town to. There is a very nice park overlooking ... read more
Along the pier to La Rosa Nautica
Inside the restaurant
First course

South America » Peru February 17th 2018

The walk to the railway station is only 10 minutes from our hotel. It is yet another early start but it is a lovely morning. It is best to pre book the train, bus and the Macchu Picchu entrance tickets before you come out here and have them at the ready. The train takes an hour and half going and two hours coming back. It is comfortable and the scenery changes as we follow the river which eventually reaches the Amazon, so finally we are in tropical rain forest. A Japanese tourist boarded. He had obviously been taken by all the things for sale and was wearing the Peruvian jacket and embroidered shoulder bag and of course was carrying a stuffed llama- very useful for going round Macchu Picchu! We were offered a drink of tea ... read more
View from the train
On the way to the bus
First glimpse

South America » Peru February 17th 2018

Both remembered Valentine Cards Another relatively early start and long drive. No guide today, only Miguel the driver, who doesn’t speak any English and we don’t speak Spanish except to get around bars and restaurants, where everyone speaks English anyway. First stop, an Inca site in Pisac, more excellent stones and lots of steps. Peru keeps you fit! Second stop at Moray where there are rounded terraces the size of large roman amphitheatres. Apparently these were an agricultural experiment by the Incas. We are a high altitude but if the terraces are done in circles then the heat is trapped so they can grow more. Clever little buggers those Incas. By the way, to get to these places we have to drive down very bad, bumpy roads so don’t bother if you get car sick. The ... read more
In my little Inca house
Tiz in front of Sacred valley
More steps up to that building

South America » Peru February 17th 2018

There are many Inca sites around the pretty city of Cusco and it is worth buying the big tourist ticket which includes entry to many of them. Our first stop was Tambomachay which is a water fountain still running today. The Incas were very clever at directing water from the mountain springs to wherever they needed it. Next stop was Puka Pukara a sort of fort where the stones are perfectly cut and aligned. Next we went Q'enqo an interesting labrynth in the middle of which is a very cold slab on which the Incas preserved the very important people by mummification. They remove the organs and then dry the body. On we went to Saqsayhuaman (pronounced sexy woman!). Here are really massive stones which had to have been moved from 3 to 5 kilometres away. ... read more
Beautifully cut stones
Entering the labrynth
Deep in the labrynth

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