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4th November 2019

Nomads living in caves.....interesting concept
Rocks and hard places - looks like a fascinating spot even if there's not nearly enough green "stuff" for a Mick. Stef - not at all sure what the heck happened to the team that stuffed the AB's; it was certainly a very different crew that showed up against the Springbok!
4th November 2019

Petra horse
Wonderful to visit but no doubt the horse ride caused more soreness than walking!
7th October 2019

Rocks & hard places!
And how'd the trivia go?
1st October 2019

On the road again
Nice to see you guys are back travelling again after what must have been a record layoff. Hope all is well
From Blog: Back to Budapest
4th May 2019

Things in common
So, the Brits don't like the EU and neither, it seems, do the Poles. Who knew! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Paris next weekend.......hope its an easy ride.
4th May 2019

Things in common
So, the Brits don't like the EU and neither, it seems, do the Poles. Who knew! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Paris next weekend.......hope its an easy ride.
29th April 2019

And would you believe the Japanese are the only big nation to figure out how to use that truism to make their traffic flow!
25th April 2019

That's a long way to go for April showers!
A very long way!
21st April 2019

All looks like something out of a picturebook. Marginally difficult to reconcile with visions of samurai. Maybe that's why 100% of the people I know who've lived in or just visited Japan say it's beautiful - including Tokyo
19th April 2019

Temple closed to public
Never have understood why any place of worship would ever close its door.
21st April 2019

closed temple
Apparently they open it every 45years
4th February 2019

Modern Wonder
How on earth can waterfalls that have been round way, way longer than the pyramids be called one of the "Modern" wonders of the world? And those raccoons look a good deal different from their north american cousins - but equally nasty!
From Blog: Iguazu Falls
4th February 2019

as good as Victoria Falls?
From Blog: Iguazu Falls
1st February 2019

Buenos Aires
Tiz: I suspect that you may be suffering from travel fatigue. Other than Bogata, Buenos Aires is my very favourite city in all of Latin America. Wonderful culture, wonderful buildings, wide open streets - and never really THAT hot. A grand dame who may, I concede, be a few decades beyond her best. But aren't we all.
26th January 2019

Four Seasons
As in: Franki Vallie or Vivaldi
22nd January 2019

Is brigitte still there ,I'm on the next boat .Once had dinner with Britt Eckland but she was boring as all get out and wore her sun glasses in an underground restaurant Does that count.Dont have any photos . Charlotte has challenged me to a swimming race in June so I will be in town ,must get together .On my way to Costa Rica for my annual surfing and bar singing getaway. Maureen s coming with me this year, Filled the local playhouse with friends doing various musical things and will hit the ground in March with an editor for my book "Now where was I ,Tales of a romantic Idiot " of my travels when young and foolish . Hope to see you in June
21st April 2019

Looking forward to seeing you in June. Do give us warning as we are busy!!
21st January 2019

Looking good
Glad to see that you elected for the safe way to tour Rio!
20th January 2019

Sounds wonderful. I loved Rio. I met Selaron and he wrote a message to me on the back of a tile.
8th August 2018

Those flamingoes are so cool, you must have taken their picture near the Salt Pier, right? I recently went there diving and I absolutely loved it, Bonaire is an incredible island and it deserves more exposure! I wrote about my experience here - https://dive.site/explore/site/salt-pier-l5Jg
20th April 2018

Great place for cycling.
I cycled all around Arnhem. If you like cycling Flanders is the place. Food is good too and the beer very strong. Hope you have a lovely time.
20th April 2018

Antwerpen, one of my favourite Cities.
I will be there in June for a couple of weeks staying with Ils. A very surprising place is Flanders with lots of hidden treasures.
19th April 2018

Quiz Time
So, how'd you make out at quiz time?
13th April 2018
The oldest windmill in Holland

That's a familiar face!
Amsterdam in the Spring; sounds wonderful - and, I'm betting, a lot more civilized and less "colourful" than the Amsterdam I enjoyed, a number of times, back in the early 80's with my LIRFC teammates - Heineken 7's. Enjoy the tulips!
From Blog: Amsterdam
22nd February 2018

Oh No!
I hope I never catch Ulhura of Lima.
From Blog: Lunch in Lima

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