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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » B├║zios January 22nd 2019

Our first stop down the Brazilian coast was at Ihla Grande, a large island covered in Atlantic rain forest. It used to be a quarantine island in the 19th century for ships coming over from Europe. Rio de Janeiro used to be the capital of Brazil and they didn't want to import any diseases there. Later the island became a prison and also had a coffee plantation. It was then decided to let it all grow back to natural rainforest and is now protected as are the surrounding waters. There are many walking trails through the forest with some lovely trees and occasional pool from the rivers which come down from the mountain. We took a leisurely stroll through the forest away from the hectic village then later back for a beer before joining the speed ... read more
Hi Brigitte !
Coastal village
Trek through rain forest

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana January 20th 2019

For a first time visit we decided a guide and driver were essential and we chose BeFree Tours run by Marcelo who was himself the guide and driver for the day. We set off early about 8.15am to get to Christ the Redeemer statue before the crowds. It was already hot and humid. A tram takes you up to the base of the statue. Good to pre buy the tickets to make sure of a place when you want. We had 9am tickets but got onto the 8.40am tram. There is a lift at the top but unless you are disabled you might as well use the steps and avoid a queue as it is only a short distance. It was already very busy but we managed to get the usual photo of the 38 metre ... read more
Christ the Redeemer
View from top
Lizard in Tijuca Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth November 25th 2018

Our arrival in Perth was via the Indian-Pacific railway. We soon transferred to our apartment in the Fraser Suites on Adelaide Terrace, a lovely huge 2 bedroomed, 2 kitchen, 2 bathroom suite of rooms with lounge and balcony overlooking the Swan River. Although it was sunny it was quite windy and sadly too cold to sit out on the balcony. Helen had arrived the previous night so we went down to the bar and met some friends of ours from Sutton for a drink- small world! They had had a late lunch so didn't want to go out to eat so we wandered down the road and came across an unassuming looking Indian restaurant called Aachi. It had several Indian customers ,always a good sign so we tried it. It turned out to be one of ... read more
In front of a Boab tree
With lovely Louise
A typical street in the CBD

Oceania » Australia November 25th 2018

We had not been on a long train journey since we went from N to S of France when the kids were small but that was only one night. The Indian-Pacific we were about to embark on was 3 nights 4 days to get from Sydney to Perth. We checked in at Sydney Central station which was easy enough. The info had told us to be there 2 hours beforehand which we duly did but then spent the time sitting on the platform. We were told there would be a welcome party an hour before boarding but a bottle of Sarsaparilla was all that materialised. This did not bode well. We were glad we had bought a sandwich on the way. However, at 2pm we were allowed to board and settle in. Thank heaven we were ... read more
Our cabin- one end
Our cabin bed
In the bar with the Yorkshire girls

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Newcastle November 19th 2018

Nelson Bay is part of Port Stephens and is where our daughter bought a house a couple of years ago. It has a lovely climate and is a holiday destination for lots of Aussie families. The Brits have yet to discover this lovely place. There are multiple bays to explore all with great beaches. Daughter Helen lives near Bagnall Beach as this is the only one specifically for doggies so her dog loves it. However it is a clean beach and bags are provided for you know what and are expected to be used! Out to sea are a collection of beautiful black swans only to be found in Australia. This bit of the coast also has a large variety of flora and fauna so the mixture of different trees makes the place more interesting than ... read more
Bagnalls or doggie beach
Black Swans on the sea
A walk through the woods

Europe » Netherlands April 19th 2018

Carol Kline, the famous gardener boarded our boat and gave us a talk after dinner. Today she also met us in the Keukenhof Gardens to give us an introduction to the place and later we had a Q & A session before the final dinner. The Keukenhof Gardens are 45 minutes drive outside Amsterdam and they are huge. Every year they plant over 7 million bulbs and have several small Inspiration gardens based on a different theme each year. This year the theme was Love. The Garden is only open for 8 weeks so do not miss it if ever you come to Amsterdam when the Gardens are open. My photos do not do the place justice. It is a profusion of colour and the most fabulous tulips you have ever seen. They also grow hyacinths, ... read more
masses of tulips
my favourite colours
fabulous varieties

Europe » Netherlands » Friesland April 17th 2018

We are extremely impressed by how clean and tidy and pretty are all the Dutch towns. There is no litter anywhere. The houses and gardens are all well kept and all their windows are shiny and clean. Even in the busy front of Volendam with all it's fish shops and bars , there is no litter to be seen. It was here that we finally had some delicious prawns and french fries. There is no seafood on board so we have withdrawal symptoms! There are so many shops and cafes selling gorgeous food in this place right on the sea front so a lovely place to visit. We also visited the pretty town of Edam which is smaller and very cute. One of the attractions of the day was a visit to a cheese making factory ... read more
Along the front in Volendam
Tiz on the breezy front
Attractive Edam

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand April 17th 2018

Operation Market Garden was a huge and risky bid for the allies to try and end WW2 by crossing over the bridge at Arnhem, bypassing the Siegfried line and surprising the enemy troops. However it all went disastrously wrong and many airmen lost their lives while others were hidden by the Dutch resistance and later helped to escape. It began with a massive parachute drop 6 miles away from the bridge by the 1st Airborne Division supported by Polish troops as well as some Americans and Canadians. They also dropped some guns and ammunition but some of these dropped in enemy territory. Little did they know that the Germans were heavily fortified with guns and tanks and they didn't have a chance. We went to the Museum which was Hartenstein house, which was used as the ... read more
The Museum
Memorial from the Airborne Division
Soldier with child monument

Europe » Belgium April 16th 2018

Antwerp is Europe's 2nd largest port and therefore one would not expect it to be a pretty place. How wrong you would be as we discovered. Lovely cobbled streets with some narrow medieval walk ways and lots of bars and restaurants not to mention the lovely chocolate shops. Rubens was born here so you can visit his house and there are lots of museums with lots of art which unfortunately we didn't have the time to visit. However the most famous of Ruben's paintings are in the Cathedral and should not be missed. They are the huge Ascent on the Cross and the Descent from the Cross and an Assumption of the Virgin in the cupola. For the first hour we were taken round by a very funny Belgian who told us some very amusing tales ... read more
Cathedral Spire
Little boy with his dog
Ruben's House

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand April 15th 2018

.Yet another highly amusing Dutch guide took us around the delightful village of Veere. This was once a very active fishing village but once the storm surge barrier was erected the fishermen didn't have such easy access to the sea anymore and now it relies on a little bit of tourism. The streets are cobbled and the old houses are very attractive. There was a huge influx of Scottish people in the 16th century when the local lord married a daughter of James 1st of Scotland and he allowed the Scots a monopoly on the wool trade. One of the largest and prettiest houses is the Scottish wool house now a small museum. The city hall from 1474 is also a very attractive building. We were very lucky that the sun was shining so sitting by ... read more
A Vermeer scene
The Scottish wool house
Roman cistern by the church

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