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Central America Caribbean » Grenada November 27th 2017

Our ship docked in St.George's which is the capital of Grenada referred to as the Island of Spice. It is a busy town selling agricultural produce as well as all the spices.They grow nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves and many others here. At one point the island produced 90% of the world market of nutmeg but a hurricane decimated the crops and they have never really recovered back to where they were. We went to the top of the island which is volcanic and now covered in rainforest. We trekked through the Grand Etang National Park with a guide who was extremely knowledgeable about all the local plants and trees. As we walked through he showed us the nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger ,papaya, banana and cashew trees to name but a few. All have good medicinal properties. ... read more
Stefan at the top pf the Rainforest
Our guide shows us a nutmeg tree
Fording the river

Bequia (pronounced Beckway) is a small island and one of the 32 which make up St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The name means" island of the cloud", but when we arrived it was very hot and sunny. Our ship anchored in Admiralty Bay and we were tendered into Port Elizabeth which is a tiny town of small shops and bars. We walked 1.5 km to the top of the hill where once there was an 18th century fort called Fort Hamilton. Now there are 6 cannon overlooking the water and no evidence of the previous fort. The views from the top are good though. We walked back down to the town and luckily we stopped on the waterfront for a beer. We just got ourselves seated when the heavens opened but by the time we had finished ... read more
Walking round the bay
Admiralty Bay from the fort
Main street of Bequia

Central America Caribbean » Barbados November 23rd 2017

Certainly a good place for winter sun but it is very hot and anti-insect bite spray is essential but still probably wont save you! If there is more than one plane arriving at the airport expect huge long winding queues at immigration- almost as bad as Los Angeles but at least it is air conditioned. We arrived at our apartment at Beach View, Paynes Bay after dark so could not see the surroundings but we were very ,pleased with the 2 bedroomed apartment with lovely large sitting room, dining area and kitchen with a comfortable patio area looking out to the pool. Our first foray was as usual to find a beer which we found on the roof top of one of the 3 buildings which make up the small resort. The following morning, Robin the ... read more
Lunch on the patio
Paynes beach
Marina bar, Bridgetown

Europe » Sweden July 10th 2017

Our final destination on this trip. Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city and like the rest of Scandinavia seems to be a wealthy place. As usual everyone speaks English and the country is clean and tidy. Our morning tour was to the strange 19th century manor house at Tjoloholm. This was built in the Elizabethan style so lots of dark wood and over 30 rooms. It was built by a wealthy Brit who died before it was finished, was lived in by his wife for 2 years before she also died after which the sons had it for a time before the State bought it and kept it as a museum. It has lots of hand painted Art Nouveau walls and lots of passages and stairs. At the moment there is an exhibition of the costumes ... read more
Tjoloholm Manor
Downton Abbey dresses
Central Hall

Europe » Denmark July 9th 2017

The local TV came down to interview someone at the dock and even filmed us going into town on the shuttle bus. Must be not a lot going on down here! Skagen is however a pretty seaside resort. The architecture is mostly yellow painted buildings with red tiled roofs so obviously different from the Norwegian wood. It has a Teddy Bear museum which is very cute and was a must for me. We also visited the loval art gallery which has a fine exhibition of the Skagen painters. To get to this northerly point of Denmark we had come south from Norway through the Skagerrak sea. There was a westerly wind blowing resulting in much pitching and rolling of the ship. The morning lecture on Harald Hardaker, the last Viking King, was postponed until we were ... read more
P1010329 (2)

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway July 7th 2017

We have cruised all the way down the Western coast of Norway and wended our way through the Southern channels. We reached Lillesand, a pretty and popular seaside resort with white clapboard houses all very neat and tidy with lots of roses in the front gardens. It is small enough to walk around so we didn't do the official tour. Don't know why they bothered organizing one really but they hadn't been here before. There is a small church, a museum, a bandstand and the odd statue and that is it. It is too small for cruise ships to come to so our boat is the largest in the harbour. We were lucky to have a warm, sunny day so it was a perfect place for a stroll followed by a beer on the front. Can ... read more
Our boat in the harbour
Lillesand harbour
Tiz with strange statue

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 5th 2017

Another beautifully sunny day when we moored up at Haugesund. However, when it is sunny here there is a keen North Westerly wind so you still have to wrap up. Our coach took us to Avaldsnes which was home to the first king of Norway, Harald Fairhair. He wanted to marry a young lady but she wouldn't have him unless he was important so he set about unifying Norway, by which I mean he set about slaughtering all the other Chieftains until only he was left to be King. The lady then agreed to marry him. A lot of archaeological excavation was going on and they have found many artefacts in this area. We had a nice but very windy walk across to a small island on which they have recreated a Viking village. This is ... read more
Tiz in Viking village
Viking boat house

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 5th 2017

Bergen is a beautiful city, much nicer than Oslo and the natives are rightly very proud of it. It is more cultural with art galleries, concert halls and sports areas. It is surrounded by 7 mountains and one of the local things to do is hike up and down all 7 mountains on one day. We had a tour round down town before driving to Troldhaugen, where Edvard Grieg lived for 22 years with his wife. Here he composed many of his great works. There is a life sized statue in the grounds which shows he was very small. He had a scoliosis so had the left side of his jackets padded out to disguise his curvature. He had a beautiful old house and this has been kept with all his belongings exactly as it was ... read more
cruising to Begen
Sailing past a waterfall
A late sunset

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 4th 2017

Glaciers, tumbling waterfalls, rushing rivers, lakes and fjiords, mountains covered in pine and U shaped green valleys, not to forget some gorgeous rocks, sums up the topography of Western Norway. It is a beautiful country. Of course there is a reason for all the water and greenery and that is it rains a lot. They had a very wet June so the waterfalls are particularly full at this time of year. We have been quite lucky and had some sunny days but we have also had cloud and showers. Come prepared with wet weather gear and good boots. (Needless to say I didn't!). We passed by the rocks of Runde which are huge vertical cliffs covered in half a million sea birds. As we also forgot our binoculars we didn't appreciate it as much. The ship ... read more
Tiz back at school
Rushing water
Stefan by glacier lake

Europe » Norway June 30th 2017

A very active day, first seeing the Globe as we crossed the Arctic circle followed by a lecture on the reintroduction of the white tailed fish eagle to Scotland from Norwegian birds. In the afternoon we were moored by an island and had to be ferried across to it by zodiac boats, This was our first hike up a very rocky path ,steep in parts ,to a hole in the mountain 200 metres up. It is said to have been caused by a king troll shooting another troll but the arrow passed through the troll's hat making the hole. The troll was then turned to stone. Lovely views from the top , not to mention the sense of achievement at having climbed up to it.In the evening we had the Captain's welcome party followed by dinner ... read more
captain's dinner
Seven Sisters ( lady trolls turned to stone\
Zodiac landing point

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