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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba October 6th 2014

La ropa. Clothing. It is proving to be an ordeal at the hospital. As a volunteer it is expected that I wear "formal" clothing to the hospital, which was loosely defined as no flip flops, no "tourist" clothes, and no t-shirts. Dresses, pants, blouses, and skirts would be acceptable. As I was packing, I tried to figure out what I own that fits that vague description (not much). On my first day, I curiously observed what the two girls that had been here for a month wore to the hospital: nice sandals, casual pants, and dressy sleeveless tops. I thought I could match that. Except, when the director came to meet me before my first day, my outfit of a long printed skirt, my Birkenstock sandals, and a plain black tank top was deemed inappropriate. Easily ... read more
Where I Wash My Clothes
The Changing/Storage Closet
Lunch Break

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba October 4th 2014

I am starting to feel a but conspicuous. Not entirely because I stand out as a gringo but it seems like everyone knows where I live and work. Leaving the hospital, the taxi driver prompts me with my address. Or all I need to start to say is "en frente de" and they finish my sentence with "el hospital viejo." They know. Apparently I don't even need to know where I live to get home. We took a cab the other day home from dinner and the driver asked us if we knew Tina from Canada. After consulting his phone he recited her number to her correctly. Tina's old phone. Then today, as I was walking home from dinner, a young man started up a conversation with me...and proceeded to ask me if I knew ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila October 1st 2014

My dreams are vivid because of my malaria medication. I love it. I am living in another world both by day and by night. But I had one very unsettling night. We took a weekend trip to the tiny island of Utila. It perfectly exuded sleepy carribbean charm. We stayed with an acquaintance of our host grandma. His house was on the beach, sandwiched between two bars, which were constantly blaring music on the weekend from early morning until late night. We went to bed around midnight. It was hot and stuffy in the room, and it had a moderately assaulting musty cat pee smell. We kept the fan off to save electricity out of courtesy. Our room throbbed from the music next door. We put in ear plugs, although I'm not accustomed to sleeping with ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Gracias September 29th 2014

While sitting in my cozy, comfortable home, typing away on my computer, packing the essentials for our trip, I am reminded again how fortunate I am to live the life I do AND have the opportunity to serve others. My last trip (18 months ago) to build Habitat Home in Honduras had a profound and lasting impact on my life. So much so, that when presented with the opportunity to train to be a team leader and take a group of people to Honduras to help build and advocate for affordable housing, I jumped in with both feet. As a team leader my focus on this trip will be different. Although I will build alongside my team and our Honduran partners, my primary responsibility will be my team. Their safety is first and foremost. It is ... read more

Little French Key Island Resort Last month I had the most wonderful experience during my trip to Bay Islands. I´ve decided to visit once again the beautiful island of Roatan. I consider this place as the most relaxing place on Earth! I really enjoy travelling here because I get out of the routine, breathe fresh air, eat delicious food, and relax in front of the sea. It´s a wonderful experience! When you get to Roatan, people feel like being in another country. This time I went to Bay Islands with my big sister. It was her first time travelling by plane as well as by boat. We had much fun. We really had a great time together because we don't share much time at home. Our daily routine activities don't let us share much time, so ... read more
Flying On The Air
Roatan's View from the Air
Caye Harbour Lodge Hotel

Last Day Today was our last full day, so that means more beach. We got to see a starfish close by the shore. How cool is that?! Both A and I took turns snorkeling. I told B one time there is no way daddy is coming back. He went so far out, out by the SCUBA divers! I didn't go near that far out but still saw some cool fishies. I realize though, still, I am scared if I can see the fish coming for towards me. Ben made friends, he's cool like that. I am, of course, 50 shades darker. B browned up nicely, too. He's got a farmers tan going. I think he enjoyed himself. He's a beach and water person, just like his mama. Now we'll have to make sure he's a European ... read more
Where the SCUBA Divers Dive
B has his bucket

It's a HOT one Started at the beach this morning and stayed for a while. We walked down the beach to the Thirsty Turtle for lunch. The view was delightful but wow is it hot. I had chicken tenders and A had a fish sandwich and B had a hot dog. I guess all that playing on the beach makes him hungry because he ate the whole thing with fries! It is very hot I have to say, the Mexican sweat was abundant today starting at the restaurant. Water Taxi After nap time (for Mr. B, although A joined him) we took a water taxi ($3 pp, if you have 3 or more people, Mr. B was free) to West End to look around and get a couple groceries. Let me tell you about the grocery ... read more
At the Thirsty Turtle
View from lunch table
Water Taxi to West End

So I left the last maya ruins of this tour to take a flight from the world's allegedly most dangerous town - by homicides per capita, that is. My mission was to get form the bus station of San Pedro Sula to the airport. And for some mysterious reason there is no bus connection, so taxi is a must. The price was a rip-off, double the price of a 4 hour bus ride in the morning from Copan...AFTER I managed to negotiate the price by agreeing to take other passengers with different destinations on the taxi. But in a city like this you don't want to argue about prices much. To my surprise I realized that locals paid just as much for the ride as me, so I was not even ripped off. Just had a ... read more
 Departure fee

International Buffet Breakfast, or the "International Buffet" as the sign said, was in the new building they were working on when we were here last. It's a nice little set up with a huge outdoor patio. We opted to sit inside though. Mr. B loved the fruit. The pineapple was especially delish. Not so sure what made the buffet "international" though. Banana Donuts! Mr. B loves the beach so we headed back out there after breakfast. A went out snorkeling out on the reef and got some fish and coral shots. B and I made a friend by sharing our toys. A was in charge of putting on B's hat and finally I noticed it was on backwards. No wonder he couldn't see half the time. Even when it is on correctly though it still does ... read more
Banana Donuts!
Ben makes a friend
Pool Time

We're Back! And We Brought a Guest! We loved Roatán enough to come back, and bring Mr. B! He is a beach person for sure, just like his mama. The day got off to a late start as usual and as I was in line for McDonald's they were already beginning to board our plane. We were lucky enough that there enough open seats that they let us take the car seat on for Mr. B. Flight was good and we got a 30 min nap in the car seat out of B. Better than nothing. Mexican Sweat is Back Also As soon as I stepped out of the plane I knew it was going to be a hot one. And as per the norm it's island time as soon as you land. We were pulled ... read more
Roatan By Air
Britney Moment
Beach time!

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