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The fourth peak on my list of Central America's high points was Cerro Las Minas in Celaque National Park, Honduras. The name of the park means "box of water" in the local, extinct Lengua language possibly owing to the fact that the park contains 9 rivers supplying water to 120 cities and pueblos. The peak is not very high, 2,849 meters or 9,347', and the visitors center is at an elevation of 1,400 meters so there is not a lot of vertical to overcome. However, that is a bit misleading as I found out. The trail is very steep in places and crosses many creeks, dropping and rising through each one, so the cumulative elevation gain is much more. Not only that, I am certain that the trail is much longer than the reported 7.5 km ... read more
Summit Pose
Victory Cigar, Flor de Copán's Finest

This is another port and adjacent port area that has been built with mooring so the ship has no need to use tenders to reach shore. As we have done various organised trips every day so far, we thought we would not have one today, and stay around the port instead. This proved to be extremely relaxing and great fun. We had a wander around all the normal tourist shops around the port. Within the port shops there were several interesting items that been put out for photograph opportunities. Many of these were comical character feet or bodies with heads missing. One object that caught George´s eye was a cake that opened up, like you would get at a birthday party. He found that there was a door at the back of the cake to enable ... read more
Carnival Glory
Mahogany Bay - Roatan
Theresa at Mahogany Bay - Roatan

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 17th 2014

Last week we drove to Miami then flew to Roatan to attend the wedding of nephew Scott and his bride Lindsay. It was a very pleasant getaway - but for American Airlines losing our luggage for 5 days. We had arranged to borrow clothes from relatives then the bag showed up unexpectedly the evening before the wedding. Here are a few pics of our week. We are back boat-sitting Gust O'Wind until the end of the months, then head across Florida to Dunedin to spend March in the sun. We may not be in a hurry to get home in April. Peg, the lady who does a walk around at our Sauble home once a week reported that she couldn't make it last week as there was 10 feet of snow in the driveway. She sent ... read more
West Bay
Water taxi
Clear water

Our honeymoon began with an 11:45pm flight out of Fort Lauderdale, direct to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. A short flight (in which we were asked to sit alone in the emergency exit seats due to us being the only English speaking passengers… not sure how we would have helped 100+ Spanish speakers in an emergency, but we liked the bigger seats and additional room to lay down, so no complaints) later we landed in San Pedro Sula at 1:15am central time and experienced the BEST customs experience ever. Short and quick. Once we grabbed our luggage and they scanned it, we found our hotel cab driver holding a sign with our names and off we go. We stayed two nights at Casa Del Arbol in the city center and it was the perfect location. The hotel ... read more

Today we arrive at Rostsn in Honduras, along side we have 2 cruise ships one with 2400 people and the other over 3000, we are herded into small mini busses and go to the bird and butterfly garden but the main attraction is the baby spider monkey the loved being cuddled by the grannies, we also saw many other birds and animals, then across to the butterfly's and wow how beautiful they were many species and vibrant colours, from there to the botanical gardens and I not Margaret climbed up the hill some 800 metres to the look out for a great view along the coast, then down and look at all the plants and trees, from Cinnamon to Chocolate all herds and spices really interesting, back to the ship and we sail for Laughing Bird ... read more

I am back , did not get sea sick although the ship did a bit of rock and roll across the swells. Arrived into Lemon, Costa Rica but on the Atlantic side and were taken by boat into the Tortuguero Canals through the area known as the Costa Rican Amozon rain forest, along the canals we saw Spider Monkeys, Sloaths and many very brightly coloured bird, the guide also found a brightly coloured frog very toxic to its predators, back to the wharf and along side our ship of some 4000 to 5000 tonnes is the Holland America ship of about 100000 tonnes, carries close to 300 passenger to ours 100. We set sail overnight for our next stop San Andreas in Colombia. We are taken by taxis around the island, well taxis, no speedo, no ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 24th 2013

A Glimmer Realized, An Opportunity Jumped At Having previously travelled to Honduras via C130 on a whim with my friend David Verde, we flew over some exquisite photo opportunities on the way to visit his family in Tegulcigalpa (the capital) and Palmerola. Sitting in the cockpit with the pilots, I asked about the Earth's artwork that we saw. "Oh, that's Roatan." I had never heard of the tiny little Honduran island, had never even thought about Honduras as a diving destination. Of course, at that point, I had only been diving for about a year, but it sparked an interest and I carried that as a place I'd like to see one day. Who would I take? Now, add a chance view of a former high school classmate's Facebook page. I see a photo of Ronna ... read more
First Dive
Zen Krysten
Surrounded by Sharks

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Danlí November 25th 2013

Good afternoon from Danli. A great spot for a cigar and a couple nights rest. Quiet town of 100,000 or so on the way to the Nicaraguan frontier. Very mellow folks here not like Tegus', which was nice but kinda keyed up! I will post pics to the other blog if the correspond to it and some here as well! I realized last night I'm kinda blowing through things a bit fast so I decided it was time to relax a couple nights here and one or two nights in El Paraiso....a tinyyyyyy town just south of here. The church here in Danli is awesome! The wood beam ceilings are scary cool! And the clock is one of the oldest in the world! Found a great little hotel for 15 bucks a night insanely cheap considering ... read more
Hotel in Danli.

So I made it alive to Honduras! I left El Salvador hastily because it had a weird vibe to me...but thats just me. Bought myself a ticket on a hugeeeeee,nice bus to Tegucigalpa....or so I thought! Looking back a few nights ago is kind of hazy, but I'll do my best to recall! So I had 3 hours or so to kill before the bus left the Sheraton Presidente in San Salvador. So what to do? I know how about breakfast poolside for 12 bucks! Cool though theres a convention of Different ministers of Latin American countries. Who am I seated with? Ha only the Minister of Defense of Peru and his wife! I sit quietly with no sudden moves this man has a visible entourage of at least 3 secret service agents! Post breakfast its ... read more
Coke is everywhere!
Tegus' cathedral

Following a border crossing, and two 8 hour buses we made it to San Pedro, which is the second biggest (and most dangerous apparently) city in Hondorous. Honduras has the city with the highest murder rate per capita in the world so we knew we had to be careful and stay safe. We were staying in a hostel down from a super big shopping mall so headed there (walking with a serious purpose to deter any thiefs, crooks or artful dodgers) in the hope of food. We needn't have worried too much about anything happening to us as outside every business shop was a guy with a massive pump action shot gun ready to go at any trouble. Even INSIDE the shopping mall there were lots of security - best to be safe than sorry l ... read more
West End divers where Craig got his PADI
Some yummy home cooked food
Our balcony

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