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Getting back into the water again after five years land bound was actually pretty scary. I have realised on this trip how age and experience has effected my fear tolerance. No longer am I that young fearless girl who jumps from obscene heights or chooses the sketchy ladder over the stairs. I have noticed that somehow I have begun to tread more carefully, trust less often and be afraid more than usual. This has defiantly changed the path I follow, as I choose not to jump of a broken rusty bridge into the free flowing river below or not to trust the rope swing with my weight I wonder if I am missing out or if I am just growing up?! I didn't really think when I signed up for my PADI Advanced open water about ... read more
Public beach
String of pearls

I miss crawling into bed together and holding each other until sunset. I miss knowing what each other thinks and hopes before even discussing the issue. I miss the peace his reassuring hand gives me. I miss him. I miss closeness, I miss love... but I hate love. I'm confused and lost and searching.... I'm hoping and praying and discovering. I'm lost I'm raw I'm here I insist I'm confused I don't work alone I'm lonely I am me. Ayúdame por favor ... read more

We made it through yet another border crossing ourselves, narrowly escaping getting stuck behind a coach full of people entering Honduras. Like any other border crossing day, we had to rise and shine bright and early for a 0540hrs bus to to Aguilares. From there we got another bus to the border crossing at El Poy. At the border, there is no public bus so we had to get another micro bus to Ocatepeque. In Ocatepeque we got a bus to Santa Rosa de Copan where we transferred to one headed to San Pedro Sula but disembarked in La Entrada where we caught our last micro bus to Copan Ruinas. It was rather glorious as the bus from the border climbed into the mountains an we cooled off (Ashley even got goosebumps!!!). Our only hiccup was ... read more
Hieroglyphic Staircase
Making New Friends

Day 28 The Tatumbla experience – Thank you Riecken Community Libraries Distance driven today: none Cumulative distance driven: 6,873 miles / 11,061 km Today’s trip (in a car): Tegucigalpa to Tatumbla and back, Honduras Visits to community libraries with donated Kindle e-readers: 1 Today we spent all day in Tegucigalpa, together with the Riecken foundation. This is a foundation whose mission it is to build and maintain community libraries in Guatemala and Honduras. They are currently operating 65 community libraries across Guatemala and Honduras, and we are very happy to have donated Kindle e-readers to the foundation to support its mission of increasing literacy in these two rather poor countries. In the morning, two of Riecken’s local representatives, Dazil and Franklin, picked us up, and we drove to one of the community libra... read more
Dazil from Riecken introduces the Kindle e-readers
Device management
Each white pin represent  a community library in Guatemala & Honduras

Day 27 The power of scientific theory and clutch handles Distance driven today: 212 miles / 341 km Cumulative distance driven: 6,873 miles / 11,061 km Today’s trip: La Entrada to Tegucigalpa, Honduras Continued major clutch issues: yes - the paperclip is still saving the day J After yesterday’s adventures, and our late arrival to La Entrada in Honduras after the border crossing, we decided to take it easy in the morning. After brunch we started riding toward the capital Tegucigalpa. Almost immediately, the clutch issues started appearing again, despite the heroic efforts of the paperclip. We would drive for 10 min with a functional clutch, and suddenly it would stop functioning altogether! Rather, pulling the clutch handle would yield no resistance whatsoever, as if all hydraulic fluid in the line had disappeared. Zoe and I ... read more
Tegucigalpa in sight
Local tire shop on the road side

Distance driven today: 185 miles / 298 km Cumulative distance driven: 6,661 miles / 10,720 km Today’s trip: Guatemala City, Guatemala to La Entrada, Honduras Border crossings: 1 Driving in pitch dark: 1,5 hour Major clutch issues: yes, but a paperclip saved the day! First thing in the morning, we went to the Guatemala importer of satellite tracking messenger devices and bought a new one ;-) We borrowed their PC, logged into my online account with the manufacturer, registered the device, and voila, it showed up on my account. We can now, by the push of a button, send a signal to a satellite with our exact coordinates, and publish a digital pin that is juxtaposed on a Google map. We feel safe again, since our family can track us with a very high degree of ... read more
A paperclip saved the day
Beautiful Guatemala
Honduras border crossing at El Florido

Leg 3: Belize to Honduras On Tuesday 12 we were due to take a 3pm flight from Caye Caulker back to Belize City and onto Roatán in the Bay Islands (Honduras). The lady on the morning shift at Sophie's Guest rooms kindly said we could chill out on site and continue to use the facilities. When she left at 1, we also had to make our way to the airport which is not really an airport per's one single room with about 6 chairs and just one run way literally about 50m away! They only expect you to check in around 30 minutes before your flight here, so us being kinda early for them, they offered us an earlier flight. The staff were really nice and friendly, much like everyone else on the island, which ... read more

To get to Copán we had to fly to San Pedro Sula, currently classed as the most dangerous city in the world due to the drug and gang warfare. Unfortunately San Pedro Sula is a transport hub and you have to go there to be able to travel to many other places throughout the country, including catching buses to Copán. The bus station, however, is over the other side of town to the airport and so we caught the first taxi we could and got out of town on a bus within an hour of landing. At one point we were stopped by police, who asked to check everyone's documentation. They weren't really interested in seeing documents for most people - they ignored all the people in the front section of the bus (all locals) and ... read more

We finally had to leave Utopia and it only took 2 days to get to Utila by boat and shuttle. We were traveling with Jenny and Cindy who we met at Utopia. We had to stop overnight in Livingston on the way. It didn't seem like there was a lot to do in Livingston itself but the boat ride from Rio Dulce to Livingston was gorgeously green and lush. The second day of travel saw us taking a boat to Puerto Barrios at 6:30am to catch the shuttle to La Ceiba where we would take the ferry to Utila. That ferry was the rockiest boat we've ever been on so much so that Ashley now understands the true meaning of motion sickness. We didn't have a place to stay booked ahead of time but luckily for ... read more
A Couple of New Fish
Hawks Bill Turtle
Nurse Shark

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194It is sad to be leaving our friends and heading back to Costa Rica. Anita and Rob still have another ten days to enjoy this lovely island. We have had a wonderful visit with them. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Roatan, especially the snorkelling!... read more

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