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Tues 27-Thur 29 November - Day 32 to 34 - Roatán Island Today we headed to the idyllic Roatán Island. This is the largest of the beautiful sun-soaked Caribbean Bay Islands. Development on the island means there was plenty to do, but it was also easy to find a deserted beach lapped by warm Caribbean waters. Here we found palm-fringed lagoons, turquoise water, friendly locals, lively nightlife and stunning underwater scenery, with some of the cheapest diving and snorkelling in the world! We caught the Galaxy Wave ferry across to the island. This took around 1.5 hours. With a swell (which is normal) many people were sick. Tom was OK as he had taken a sea-sick tablet and slept most of the way!! A minibus picked us up as Alfredo had organised it beforehand. Gosh, he ... read more
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Sat 24-Sun 25 November - Day 29 to 30 - Copán Ruinas, Honduras It was time to leave Guatemala after 11 fascinating, fun days in the country. We embarked on a lengthy bus ride to Honduras into the charming town of Copán. Starting off at 8.00am we stopped several times and arrived in Copán Ruinas at around 3.00pm. We checked into Hotel Lauros, which was family owned and soon found the town was small, hilly and with many cobble-stone roads. Alfredo had to take one of our NZ travel mates to see the doctor as she had bn very sick and ended up on a drip etc. The rest of us found ATMs to get some Lempira (17 Honduras Lempira to $1.00AUD). We then found the San Rafael wine & Cheese Restaurant and our Melbourne ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Tela November 26th 2018

Mon 26 November - Day 31 to 31 - Tela It was with great excitement to be heading towards the Honduras island of Roatan but before we did, we continued to the northern coast town of Tela on the Caribbean coast. Tela is a gateway to the vast Lancetilla Botanical Garden, in the south, home to rich birdlife and an arboretum with a bamboo tunnel. In the west, Jeanette Kawas National Park has habitats ranging from coastal lagoons like Los Micos to beaches and jungle, plus the traditional village of Miami. We booked into a Cesar Mariscos Hotel which was right on the beach. Our 1st floor room had a big balcony looking out on the water. It was a beautiful temperature with a gentle breeze blowing. Alfredo took us to the main square, again pointing ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Honduras November 1st 2018

Crossing into Honduras from Guatemala was bitter sweet. I had to watch my Pair of Brown Eyes disappear from my peripheral mirror. But the thrill of a new adventure propelled me onward. Things have changed in Honduras since I was here 32 years ago. First off, I don’t remember there being an “official” border crossing at El Florido. Just a little man napping by the side of the road. Now there is a building and a process. The officers from each country sit side by side in their respectable uniforms behind an impossibly tall teller’s counter. I wait for my exit stamp. They are unfriendly and curt. When I shuffle sideways to get my entry stamp, I’m barked at to get back in line. I look around, I’m the only one in the building. But I ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Honduras September 16th 2018

Getting into Honduras was complicated by the immigration staff on the El Salvadoran side who had neglected to stamp us in or out of the country. This completely flummoxed the man on the Guatemalan side of the border who wanted to know where we’d been for the previous 3 weeks; eventually, we managed to convince him that we weren’t a threat to national security and were allowed to proceed onwards to the town of Copan. Famous for its coffee production – the best we have tasted on our travels to date - Copan is a nice, relaxed town; a welcome change of pace to the frenzied atmosphere in most places we have been to lately. We booked onto a Horseback riding tour and dragged along Joppe, a Dutch lad we met in Juayua; he comes from ... read more
Stunning Copan
Sunset in Utilla

You cannot claim you have dived the world, if you have not dived the places that everybody has heard about. So here I am, diving four days in Roatan. Bear in mind, it is also my first visit to Honduras. Honduras has today the reputation of being one of the most dangerous place in the world when it comes to the crime rate. I have no intention to be the target of any gang or any kind of express kidnapping, so don't ask me to stop on the continent. Roatan is actually a very different place. This place is more Caribbean than Central America, and yes it is safe! I took my night plane on Avianca from Lima to San Salvador. There is a short connection before getting on the ATR72 daily flight to Roatan. On ... read more
Spider crab in a sponge...
These guys are pretty solid!
Sting ray...

Copan Ruinas is probably the second most popular destination for visitors in Honduras primarily because it is the base to see the best Mayan ruins in the country. I knew about the “Macaw Mountain” bird park but wasn’t expecting it to be anything special and it turns out to be just as good as the ruins. To have both of these in the same very scenic and visitor friendly (plenty of good hotels and restaurants) town make this a great place to stay for a couple of days. Macaws, the largest members of the parrot family, are native to this part of Central America and were considered sacred by the Mayans, so there is a link between these two quite different attractions, though this might not have been intentional as the move of the bird park ... read more

Unquestionably one of the highlights of Honduras are the Bay Islands. We’ve come to Utila which is the smaller and cheaper of the 2 main islands (the other is Roatan) and also happens to be closer to the coast so easier to reach by fast ferry. We’ve here for 10 fun dives with one of the PADI dive schools (Dive Altons) which friends had recommended. Utila is really all about diving. There are over a dozen dive schools here all offering much the same sort of deal, but each school has their own slightly different emphasis – some have a bit of a party scene and others a more serious style. Altons seems to be about right for us and has good on-site accommodation which is free on the days you dive with them. The dive ... read more

On Tuesday morning, 3rd of April, I took a very early bus to Copán in Honduras. We left at 4AM to avoid heavy traffic in Antigua, Guatemala City and the border. Fortunately, our shuttle was rather empty, just 6 people, and so we all had space enough to stretch and sleep some more. The night before, at 10PM, Max, Jennifer and Rebecka, the Swedish guys from our hike to Acatenango, had decided to join me on my trip to Copán and I had managed to get the number of the shuttle company from the night watch in my hostel and they had managed to reserve a free spot in the shuttle for the next morning. The bus ride was a bit longer than expected, but that was because the others in the shuttle ordered on our ... read more

Dienstag Morgen, den 3. April, habe ich ein sehr frühes Shuttle nach Copán in Honduras genommen. Wir sind um 4h morgens in Antigua losgefahren um dem Verkehr in Antigua, Guatemala und an der Grenze aus dem Weg zu gehen. Zum Glück war unser Shuttle ziemlich leer, nur 6 Leute, so hatten wir alle viel Platz und konnten noch ein paar Stunden schlafen. Am Abend vorher hatten Max, Jennifer und Rebecka, die Schweden von unserer Wanderung zum Acatenango Vulkan, entschieden, sie möchten gerne dasselbe Shuttle nach Copán nehmen wie ich und ich habe vom Nachtwächter unseres Hostels die Nummer des Shuttleunternehmens bekommen und sie haben es geschafft noch 3 Plätze im Shuttle zu reservieren. Die Fahrt war ein bisschen länger als erwartet, denn die anderen im Shuttle mussten während einer Pause unbedingt ein riesiges Frühstück bestellen, dass ... read more

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