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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Lake Yojoa November 11th 2021

After a good night of rest, we woke up and headed to the hotel restaurant for a caffeine fix and breakfast. We got on the road around 8:30, and knew we had about 8 hours of driving ahead of us, plus a border crossing, but were hoping we'd be able to make it to Leon before nightfall. Today, the weather had cleared, it was sunny and beautiful, and the traffic was pretty light. We were feeling good about the time we were making. We did a short stop for photos by Lago Yojoa, and then continued on. We were getting near the border by around 4, and knew that Leon was still almost 2 hours on the other side, but were still hoping we wouldn't have to do too much driving in the dark. We had ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba November 10th 2021

I woke up to the sound of rain teeming down. 'My umbrella is in the car' was my first thought- the car which was already shipped over to La Ceiba. Fortunately by the time I got up and had breakfast, the rain was already done. I sent a quick message to Sylvia and Cherry, making sure they were both up, then finished getting myself ready to go. I got Auri up to say a goodbye, then got a message from Cherry that the taxi had arrived. I headed down with my backpack and purse, and we had the taxi take us over to pick up Sylvia. Once we had Sylvia, we had to double back for a minute to grab her spare car key to have, 'just in case', and then we were on our way. ... read more

Once upon a time, my dad went to college at UC Santa Barbara. In a lonely little chemistry class, he met a woman named Jen. They became very good friends; and if you have been reading this blog for a while you would know that my dad, Jen and I have travelled together. Well, this summer we are going to Roatan, Honduras, where Jen lives. Luckily, Roatan is only 2 hours away from Miami. When we got to Roatan, we me Jen, and her husband, Steve, at the airport. We drove to their house and after we settled in we went to an area called West End, which consists of restaurants, shops, and diving centers. We went to a restaurant by the water, which was quite clear in Roatan, called Sundowners. I got 2 bracelets from ... read more
West End
Drawing portraits at Sol
Buying Bracelets at Sundowners West End

JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: HONDURAS 2021 May 28, 2021 (Friday) The alarm clock was set for 4:35. Before I retired about 3 weeks ago, my (every other) Tuesday morning alarm was always set for 4:50. Hey, I've got this. Most everything was packed last night. There's just a few last minute items to get. We left the house at 5:30. As Janet dropped me off at the United Airlines entrance, she asked if I had my phone. Oh no, I was still charging the battery and left it behind. Well, we just won't communicate for 9 days. After checking in my luggage, I waited 15 minutes and called home. No answer. A few minutes later, I called home again. Next, I called her cell phone #. She had just returned to the airport... with my telephone! My day ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras March 18th 2021

My fourth stop to my Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Central America Trip 2016 is Honduras. Off to Tegucigalpa... read more

Off to Valle de Angeles from Tegucigalpa 2016... read more

My original plan was to take a Hedman Alas bus from La Ceiba to spend a night in San Pedro Sula before heading west to Lago de Yojoa. But in the morning the German owners of the hotel informed me that the bus wouldn't be going. I asked if it was too empty to go, and they said no - that the driver had been shot the night before. The news channels in Honduras cover the violence and protests non-stop, and people can't seem to look away. It was pretty surreal to watch press conferences akin to Leslie Nielson's character in Airplane telling everyone that the situation is under control and to remain calm, and then other interviews with a man wearing a ski mask. I asked my host mom if he was a gang member, ... read more
Lonely Soldados in the Great Plaza
Exit sign
Parque de Las Aves

Most tourists pass through La Ceiba quickly to get to a ferry to one of the Bay Islands or transport to Rio Cangrejal for rafting, hiking, etc. The city itself is probably not worth a visit on its own, but it's fine for a night if necessary. I spent a week here at Honduras Spanish School. The owners are very responsive and kind, and I enjoyed my stay in the middle-class community of Colonia Sauce. The historic city center consists of dilapidated colonial buildings, a defunct train line, and a fledgling mercado, a result of mass corruption and an influx of (and tax cut for) fast food chains and big box stores, which causes the periphery to resemble an American highway town (see photo). The heat is absolutely stifling during the summer, and the daily power ... read more
American Fast Food Invasion
La Ceiba

I did some research comparing the larger, Miami-esque island of Roatan to the laid-back, backpacker-friendly Utila and decided to go for the smaller, quieter option. THE FERRY BARF-A-RAMA Utila is 40km from La Ceiba, and the trip took about 40 minutes on a super-fast ferry, meaning that we were moving at over 32 knots (60 km/hr or 37 mph), which is insanely fast on open Caribbean waters. The math doesn't include the no-wake zones at either end. This translated into basically being stuck on the Bayern Kurve (Pittsburgh reference) for 40 minutes. When we left the port in La Ceiba I wondered why four crewmen stood around the perimeter of the main cabin. At first the passengers were giggling and making roller coaster whoas in unison when we ramped off sizable waves at that speed. But ... read more
Rock Harbour Canal
Dock at Bando Beach

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán November 29th 2018

Tues 27-Thur 29 November - Day 32 to 34 - Roatán Island Today we headed to the idyllic Roatán Island. This is the largest of the beautiful sun-soaked Caribbean Bay Islands. Development on the island means there was plenty to do, but it was also easy to find a deserted beach lapped by warm Caribbean waters. Here we found palm-fringed lagoons, turquoise water, friendly locals, lively nightlife and stunning underwater scenery, with some of the cheapest diving and snorkelling in the world! We caught the Galaxy Wave ferry across to the island. This took around 1.5 hours. With a swell (which is normal) many people were sick. Tom was OK as he had taken a sea-sick tablet and slept most of the way!! A minibus picked us up as Alfredo had organised it beforehand. Gosh, he ... read more
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