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San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas

How to get there same day if plane arrives are too late to catch bus?
13 years ago, December 29th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #58540  
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Our plane will arrive too late I think to catch the bus from San Pedro to Copan Ruinas. I do not want to spend the day/night in San Pedro. Any suggestions appreciated! I have emailed the bus companies and the tour operators. Is there a taxi I can hire? Anyone know what would the approximate cost would be?
If we must do the car rental option - I have read on some official travel forum that the roads can be dangerous with bandits. How likely is this?
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13 years ago, January 9th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #59421  
Well, Cathy the roads in Honduras are best traveled during the day. This country isn't like any other you may have visited before. It is possible that you could be robbed while driving at night. I don't know how likely it is, but it is possible.

A taxi from San Pedro to Copan would cost a lot of money. The drive is about five hours, through mountains. On top of that it is at night time. A lot of windshields are tinted making it a pain to drive at night, so even if you do want to spend the money on a cab, you might have a hard time finding a willing driver.

There are many nice hotels in San Pedro and my advise is to take a cab from the airport to a hotel in a nice neighborhood. My brother and sister in law both live in San Pedro, so if you need some names of safe neighborhoods I can ask them.

Maybe you want to rent a car and drive during the day. If you are confident in Spanish then the trip should be very fun. There are always things to stop and see while you are driving. You could buy a tamale. However, if you don't speak Spanish, then I would find a bus terminal and hitch a ride. You will still be able to see all the sights from the bus and it may make a few stops as well.

I recommend getting off at Comayagua for a day. We have some really great architecture and a beautiful central park. Hotels are close by and the city is small enough to navigate on foot.

God Bless.
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13 years ago, January 9th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #59526  
N Posts: 3
Thanks so much Clint for the information - but it looks like we will make the bus to Copan after all.
We are really looking forward to our Honduran vacation!
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13 years ago, February 3rd 2009 No: 4 Msg: #62058  
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I've had more problems with police than anything else in Honduras. I've never seen a bandit although never say never I guess. If you're in a group you can rent a car and drive it which is preferable to a crowded bus. PLus, it's not 5 hours...more like 3. Driving at night is only dangerous because there are really no lights on the road and the same crap that's in the road during the day is still there at night except it's impossible to see. Reply to this

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