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Honduras to guatamala travel help

Honduras to guatamala travel help!!!
14 years ago, July 30th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #43647  
My new wife and I planned our honey moon in guatamala. We plan on flying into honduras and driving to guatamala. We are looking for recommended paths to see some cool things along the way.

So we are headed to San pedro sula, honduras by plane. We then need to drive to puerto barrios in guatamala. We are interested in doing this the most scenic way possible with out hopfully getting too lost!! All the maps I have found are WAY OUT OF DATE, and have little to no road infomation that seems relivent to our travel plans. We are wondering if anyone can suggest routes, or guide us to someone who may be able to help us out. We are REALLY excited to be traveling through all the beautiful terrain we can find!! and seeing many ruins if possible, given we only have one week there.

thanks for your help!!

matt runyan Reply to this

14 years ago, August 1st 2008 No: 2 Msg: #43950  
Matt, check our maps on geoeye.com or even on yahoo.com if push comes to shove: stop off at any military base and they'll sqaure you away on info Reply to this

14 years ago, August 4th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #44295  
Thanks, I will check on geoeye.com. good idea about the military bases!!

thanks again!!

matt Reply to this

14 years ago, August 9th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #44902  
Hi Matt,
Make sure you see Copan Ruinas, lovely town and lovely Mayan ruins.
As for driving, I don't think you need a very up to date map. We hired cars in Argentina and Chile and just had our Lonely Planet guide! There are signposts around, you can guess lots of it, and if stuck, just stop and ask a friendly-looking local.
Have fun,
Ruth Reply to this

14 years ago, August 18th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #45890  
We just got back and had an AWESOME time!!! Its had to believe how beautiful the rainforests are down in guatamala. Thanks for the help everyone!!
Once we realized that you can take the 13 freeway north and not just south it only took us around 3 hours to drive from Puerto Barrios, Guatamala all the way to San Pedro San Sula, honduras. The north drive is very nice along the ocean most of the way, and the road is in GREAT SHAPE. If you drive south (like ruth suggested, which we did and enjoyed greatly) you go through some very beautiful mount scapes, drive by the infamous copan ruins, but it took us almost 9 hours to drive. I would suggest if you go that route that you spend the night some where on the way to really enjoy the trip.

Thanks for the help,

matt Reply to this

14 years ago, September 7th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #48174  
B Posts: 17
I got to you too late! Sorry! The area I enjoyed most was the Rio Dulce area (near Puerto Barios) from Livingston south to Rio Dulce by river boat, then the drive from Rio Dulce, Guatemala to La Ceiba, Honduras was very scenic with many river crossings and green areas as you have pointed out. At La Ceiba you can catch the ferry to the fabulous bay islands of Honduras. Then I headed south from La Ceiba toward San Pedro San Sula (direct route, not through Coban, which I regret). The driving south from La Ceiba via the direct route was not as exciting as from Guatemala east until I arrived at Lago Yojoa which is a few hours south of San Pedro San Sula. That area is tranquil and beautiful I think, so if you go back, check that one out too.

From what you say the detour over to Copan was a rewarding. You did pick a very nice area for your honeymoon, however. Nice that you enjoyed it! You make me want to return!!!! Reply to this

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