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Getting around GUATEMALA by public transportation

In this forum, you will find ideas about how to get around Guatemala by public transportation; the names of the cities and corresponded prices are listed
7 years ago, November 19th 2015 No: 1 Msg: #194061  
Dear travelers,

after our travel journey around Guatemala, we are happy to share with you important facts about how to get to main attractive cities by taking bus transportation and its prices. Cities, we traveled by public transportation include Santa Elena (Flores), Tikal, Guatemala City, Lago Atitlan (Panajachel), Chichicastenango, Antigua, Monte Rico and the border with El Salvador.

Please note, that the general bus transportation in Guatemala is operated by the Chickenbus (Old American School Buses), you also might find little minivans. Getting around Guatemala with these buses might not be the safest way to travel with, as assaults can occur frequently. We traveled the whole country by them and were not involved in any inconvenient situations.

Let's start with the border with Belize:

If you are thinking about getting to Guatemala via Belize, take a Chickenbus at the border to Melchor.
Melchor to Santa Elena (by minivan) - 30 Quetzales (2h)
Santa Elena to Flores (by Tuk-Tuk) - 5 Quetzales per person (15min)

YES, you can get to Tikal by public bus transportation and stay over night in the National Park!

Santa Elena to Tikal (public minivan) - 30 Quetzales (2h) (note, that the bus gets to the National Park and you have to pay the entrance fee of 150 Quetzales if you are international traveler, and 25 Quetzales if you are Guatemalan)

Santa Elena to Guatemala City (by Línea Dorada) - 190 Quetzales (8,5h) (the safest option traveling by night was traveling by the named company. Other companies as Fuente del Norte are stopping in several cities in the night and increases the probability of assaults)

How to get to Lago Atitlan from Guatemala City?
1. Guatemala City to Los Encuentros - 25 Quetzales (2,5h)
2. Los Encuentros to Sololá - 2,5 Quetzales (20min)
3. Sololá to Panajachel - 3 Quetzales (15min)
--> to get out of Pana(jachel) and in order to reach other attractive cities as Antigua or Chichi(castenango), just get back to Los Encuentros and take a connection to:

(to get to Chichi) Los Encuentros to Chichi - 10 Quetzales (45min)

(to get to Antigua)
1. Los Encuentros to Chimaltenango - 20 Quetzales (1,5h)
2. Chimaltenango to Antigua - 5 Quetzales (20min)

How to get from Antigua to Monte Rico?
1. Antigua to Esquintla - 8 Quetzales (1,25h)
2. Esquintla to Taxisco - 20 Quetzales (50min)
3. Taxisco to La Avellana - 5 Quetzales (35min)
4. La Avellana to Monte Rico (by boat) - 5 Quetzales (30min) Reply to this

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