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Family trip to Costa Rica - help please!

Travel coming up soon...
7 years ago, November 10th 2015 No: 1 Msg: #193959  
My family (2 children ages 7 & 5 years and 2 adults) are traveling to Costa Rica from the 19 - 26 November.

Costa Rica fascinates us - we're NZers - and we can't wait for our trip!

I realize this posting is quite late but we need help.

We would like to visit a rainforest to view the diverse flora and fauna. We would also like to have some relaxing time at a Pacific beach. Our preference is to stay away to a certain degree from the touristy locations especially with regards to the beach.

We look forward to any recommendations. We thought we would start at the coast and head inland at the end of the week. We would love not just area recommendations but hotels, bnbs, inns, houses etc. Along with modes of transport. Happy to rent a car.

We land at 7pm on the 19th and depart at 630 am on the 26th so we really only have five nights to explore.

Can't wait to hear suggestions!


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