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Logistics of around the world!!

Hello all!!! My boyfriend and I are planning a year out to travel the world on the way back to settle in Australia. We are hoping to get by one one way tickets to do this but wondered if we will encounter any problems with this?
12 years ago, June 17th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #38895  
We have started our planning for sept 2009 already and looking at itineraries and budget. Any comments tips and advice would be most welcome.
We are both passionate about bears so have to touch on Canada, would love to make it longer but we are planning to be budget travellers so Canada is our luxury western destination.
We found cheap flight to vancouver from london (£160), we want to tour the rockies and then train overland to visit my family in toronto. Can you hop on and off the Via train or once on do you have to stay on it?..... we thought £1000 each for this month each should just do it.

From here we want to go to Hounduras for some chilled out beach action and diving. I heard you can fly there cheaply from Canada?? Which companies or airline are best for this? After hounduras we want to 'do' south america, particularly equador, bolivia, argentina and peru. Not sure how we should get down to SA, how easy is overland travel from Hounduras, or would it be quite cheap to fly and go overland from there? Will we be missing out if we fly down?

I have travelled quite alot in SE asia before on a round the world type ticket...This was a good price but really annoying have to stick to dates or pay to change them as you dont have any idea what might happen and how the trip might pan out.... We were hoping to do this trip on a one way ticket basis, travelling as much as poss overland then getting flights last minute to different countires/continents. Is this going to be possible? One way flights seem cheap at a glance and would appear to work out cheaper and less hasselly than a round the world. Has anyone reading ever done this? Is ther going to be any problems with it in these countries? Also I remember some countries wont let you in unless you have an onward ticket, but in my previous travels never remember any immigration checking this at all?
After SA we will go to africa and then possibly if budget allows india also before Australia. This is almost too far ahead to start planning, but knowing we can get a reasonable one way ticket to africa is all we need to plan for now.
Our budget is low!! This is why we intend on visiting the countries where we can keep budget to a minimum for the rest of the trip outside canada we are aiming to have £7000 each so we need to make it last, will be cleaning hostels etc for a bed where ever possible...does anyone know of any other ways to save money in these countires... ( like in NZ 'woofing' willing workers on organic farms is great!!). As well as working for a bed, we 'd really like to offer some voluntry work... Im sure we will come across these projects as we go along but if anyone knows of worthwhile projects where we can inject our skills/ time straight into the heart of the matter would be handy to know.
The longer our money lasts the longer we travel for! Lots of questions asked I know! Any tips on our plans will be appreciated. Thanks for reading! Reply to this

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