The Wartas


The Wartas

Yes its us again. This time its not about a trip but about a move. Yes we are heading back to Germany...... permanently. So its see ya Australia and Guten Tag Deutschland.

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Russisia, Germany, Cuba, Central America

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 23rd 2017

We are done! That's it. Trip done. We were on the road for over 6 months 23 days or 206 days, travelled once around the world, visited 3 continents & 14 countries & over 57 cities and wrote 28 travel blogs (each taking 3-5 hours. You do the math). We were on the steppes of Mongolia, marvelled at the red Square, had beer in Germany, spend time with family in Austria, visited Castro's Cuba while he was still alive, admired the Panama canal, wondered what the fuss is about Costa Rica, stared into an active volcano in Nicaragua, had a quick beach stop in El Salvador, roasted marshmallows on a volcano in Guatemala, saw our first Mayan ruins in Honduras, explored a cave in Belize, ate tacos in Mexico and visited Mickey in Disney World in ... read more
we started with 2 bags and come back with 5

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City January 16th 2017

Mexico City a quick stopover on the way to Mickey We arrived late in Mexico city after yet another very comfortable, and unfortunately, last bus trip in Mexico. They saved the best for last (if you ask Dillon) as he was very excited when 5 minutes before the bus left the Dominoes delivery man (no kidding) came into the bus to sell Pizzas. Being the good parents we are (and because we wanted him to be quiet) he was munching on a fresh pepperoni Pizza in no time. It was dark by the time we left our new hotel and we headed for the central plaza which adorns the huge cathedral. There we saw one of the natural spectacles of Mexico. A demonstration. Thousands of demonstrators were marching through the plaza with hundreds of policemen watching ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World January 10th 2017

Disney World You might think that giving a trip to Disney World, as a Christmas gift, to a 4 year old is extravagant and you wouldn't be alone as I thought the same when Kellie proposed this. Her logic was that we dragged the poor child across the world for 6 months, had endless fun, great experiences, amazing food, adventures, beach, loads of ice cream and so on. Obviously you have to say sorry for that. Well lets not linger on that for too long. I might have enjoyed it a little too… Our adventure started well. We had a nights sleep in Orlando and we wandered to the front desk inquiring where we could get discounted tickets (hey you should know me by now). And wasn't there just the man to help us. American/Italian salesman ... read more
20170113_160335 - Copy
DSC01462 - Copy

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City January 8th 2017

Ok so now there is delaying something and then there is this. Its now over 1 1/2 years since we came back and I finally sit down to write this. Main driver is that I got around to starting the photo books for the trip. Talk about procrastinating... Anyway here is my recollection of what happened Puebla Nice town, colonial buildings and loads of churches. You get the picture. This time its surrounded by a large city. We only stayed 2 nights but we had a good time enjoying the local food, wandering around the cities and admiring the soldiers with their vehicle mounted machine guns. Wait what? Yes this is also Mexico. A couple of days before we arrived there were large protests and some looting over the most important pressing issue that this world ... read more

North America » Mexico December 23rd 2016

San Cristóbal de las Casas Ok soon you are going to hate me if I say this but… San Cristobal is an amazingly beautiful colonial city. Cobblestone streets, huge cathedral, not one but two placas, pedestrian only streets and loads of beautiful buildings. And it's freezing. The city is in the mountains at 2200m and the temperatures range between 5 and 20 degrees. Quite a change from the 30+ degrees that we enjoyed so far (in Mexican winter!). We are completely not prepared for temperatures that cold and at night we wear every single piece of warm gear we own. The journey to the town wasn't that pleasant either. We were promised a 5 hour bus journey which in the end took 11 hours as the bus took the looooong route and was also delayed by ... read more
Now thats stretchy cheese
Artisan shop
Cañón del Sumidero

North America » Mexico » Yucatán December 6th 2016

We left Caye Caulker to head towards Mexico. It was an uneventful trip apart from that our bus ran out of petrol right in the no man's land between Belize and Mexico. Luckily the Belizeans are very organized and we were whisked away in the back (no seats) of a mini van in no time. Bacalar We stopped in Bacalar as we had enough from sitting on buses and it has a big lake with pretty surroundings and clear water (good for jumping into off the dock). It was a good start to Mexico as we found a really nice accommodation, the small town was pleasant and we had finally our first real Mexican tacos. Not to forget are the first of many cerveza. Kellie ended up in hospital here. Not to worry though it wasn't ... read more
First Mexican lunch
Our accommodation in Tulum
Tulum ruins in the background

Central America Caribbean » Belize November 29th 2016

Hands up if you heard of Belize and know anything about it? Ok looks like you are in the same boat as we were in. Belize is the small country that we had to travel through to get from Guatemala to Mexico. And small it is. It has the second smallest land mass and the smallest population of all the North American countries. Only about 370,000 people live here, which I guess is about the amount that live in our local council back home. Up until 1981 Belize was a British colony and it is very different to its Spanish neighbours. The culture is very diverse with everything from Mayas, Brits, Africans, Indians, Chinese, Garfuna and various mixes of the above are represented. Most of them also speak their own language. English is theoretically the official ... read more
Food stand at the local farmers market
Baby Iguana
Human sacrifice

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala November 19th 2016

We spent a whole day traveling back from Copan/Honduras to the Caribbean coast of Guatemala to a Rasta/Afro town called Livingston. This journey involved two tuk tuks, three chicken buses (complete with vitamin selling sales men, Christian preachers, burrito sellers) and a small speed boat ride. The boat was fun however we missed some of the most superb coastal scenery given the storm we were riding through. We had plastic tarps over our heads to keep us dry that somewhat limited the visibility. Once we arrived in Livingston we went on yet another boat ride to our final destination. Sweet river Rio Dulce is a very beautiful river which makes its way via a large inland lake to the Caribbean sea. The boat trip is spectacular along high white lime stone cliffs or so we were ... read more
Or hut in the jungle
River next to our hut. Comes with rope swing
Hot waterfall

The misleading town - Copan Ruinas After an easy trip in yet another shuttle, we arrived in Copan Ruinas which is the misleadingly named town near but not at the Copan ruins. The town is a miniature version of Antigua. A small town square, cobbled streets, nice colonial house and a generally good relaxed and laid back feel. One we arrived we ventured out to the macaw mountain bird park. It was founded to help the diminishing scarlet macaw population and provides a shelter for injured or rescued macaws. The aim is to quickly release the animals or if that is not possible to breed offspring and release them. Macaws are awesome birds with vivid red yellow or blue feathers and a huge wingspan. The park houses also other endemic bird species and we were lucky ... read more
That's what hot chocolate should look like
First pyramid
Stone macaw

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala November 8th 2016

Guatemala is with Mexico the number one reason why I wanted to come to Central America for a long time. I met quite a few travelers during my South America trip who told me great tales of this country so I hope it won't disappoint. Antigua Antigua is easily and by far the prettiest town we have seen so far. Everything is perfect from the cobblestone streets, to the well preserved houses, the ruined churches, monastery and convents. Antigua was for a long time the capital of all of Central America but the location wasn't chosen wisely. The reason for the many ruined churches is that Antigua was pretty much destroyed by an earthquake a couple of hundred years ago. The Spaniards realised the mistake of choosing this location and moved the capital to Guatemala City. ... read more
Roasting marshmallows
Pool, lake and volcanoes

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