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21st October 2016
A pair of pork knuckles

Gruss aus Stuttgart
I enjoyed reading your blogs and appreciated the comments about your trip. I translated them to Doris and she was also amused about Kellys writing style. We wish you further viel Spaß und komme gesund nach Hause. Liviu & Doris
From Blog: The fatherland
2nd October 2016

Hello from Kirrawee
Hi Kel, Ralph and Dillion. Wow, what an amazing trip you guys are having. Im loving all your pics and Ralph's educational blog of each town/city. Not sure if I've actually read 101 of them though! Cuba looks like my kind of town. Those cars!! The street music!! Love it all. Dillion is certainly getting a vast educational geography lesson. What a lucky kid. Enjoy the rest of your adventure. Cant wait to catch up when you all return. Today here is NRL grand final day for the Sharkies. I don't really care one way or the other, but it would be good for the underdogs to win for the first time. The shire is covered in Blue, Black & White. Well, thats all for now. Take care and love to you all. xx Vanessa.
5th September 2016

Emperor Ralph !?
A good look for you Ralph ! Looks like you are all having a fabulous time !
27th July 2016

worlds strongest boy !
wow ! love the picture of dillon - what a muscle-man ! ralph i do hope you kept the hat from mongolia - it suits you very well ;-) i am really enjoying following your travels and I'm pleased you all look like you are having a great time. we are all jealous that you are out of the office ! i am surprised you are finding such good food - i still have a (clearly wrong) image of russia being all about boiled cabbage ! especially pleased you are finding coffee - that's important. FYI I am down to my last few days at IAG - I was contacted out of the blue for a role at CHUBB Insurance (no - never heard of them either) and I start 9 August. So i'll definitely be gone by the time you are back, but I will keep checking in and travelling with you vicariously on your big adventure. Travel safely Wartas ! Kristie Jones xx
16th July 2016

Nice to read a post about Mongolia with some pics- they are fairly few and far between.
14th July 2016

Poor Kathy...
Too bad about the toilet wals falling down but sounds like you're having an exciting trip 😊
1st July 2016
Planning the trip

planning trip
its 100% agile
From Blog: And off we go
1st July 2016

Good luck
Woow can't believe I am still subscribing to this after 10 years or something.
From Blog: And off we go
30th June 2016

Superb ralph. I read all 43 blogs :). I am a travel freak too.
29th June 2016

Isnpired its more powerful than inspired.
So rad to see this mate. You have been bookmarked and I am going to copy this plan. Dig teh route. Central was one of my all time favourite places. Just avoid Honduras, rest is awesome.
29th June 2016

Thanks & suggestions please!
Send me some suggestions please
22nd June 2016
Everyone has to chip in

Moscow, Moscow da da,da da da da da oh oh oh oh oh oh eh!
Last day of work, one week to go and the Russians have just granted our visas...Dillon's trips to the consulate with me have prepped us well for theit famous hospitality...bring it on!
29th March 2016

Bon voyage :-)
A lot of fun and many new impressions.
22nd March 2012
Nice building

9th March 2012
non-white shop

These signs
Writing a paper on a photograph taken in 1979 featuring a very similar sign!
1st March 2011

My heartfelt gratitude goes to u for ur making of mekele recognized. U r quite sure it is supposed to be the second city in ethio comparatively with in it's population and resource. By resourse it does not mean that cultural or historical heritages , rather that of diferent minerals which can be exported.
From Blog: Mekelle
28th January 2009

The cheesy dessert was almost certainly knaffe (or gnaffe), pronounced k'NAF-fay.
From Blog: Amman and Jerash
6th January 2009

The Train to Cuamba
You were in the 1st class car. The 2nd class car is like normal chapa transportation here. 3rd class is like another planet - if you really want to have an experience that no other white person has ever had before - go on 3rd class. See how long you can last.
30th December 2008

We're famous!
Thanks once again for coming -- we really enjoyed your visit. And someone next to me here wants me to say that he's not fat, just pleasantly round. And of course, orange.
21st November 2008

hey i finally made it onto someones blog!! Hows your travels going, you're near the end of the Africa leg then? Hows Jenny and Dave?
From Blog: Nkhata Bay
21st October 2008

Great writing and pics!
Hi guys! hi Kellie! Jason from CareerOne here. LOVING the writing and the pics. Its all completely fascinating! Jason
9th September 2008

I'm not much of a believer...
but I have to admit: God is cute!
From Blog: I saw God
17th August 2008

Tough luck on the malaria, there. That's one tropical disease we could all do without. Did the doctor put you on chloroquine? If so, it seems you'll have to keep taking that for 4 weeks after you leave any malarial area. Seems the parasites can survive for quite a while after infection and treatment, although the worst should be over in two days... More info at (I know! Trusting medical info on the web...)
18th July 2008

Just the thing I needed after doing nothing for three weeks. --> O.K. Mein Mitleid hast Du. :-)

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