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January 8th 2017
Published: September 3rd 2018
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Mexico city

Ok so now there is delaying something and then there is this. Its now over 1 1/2 years since we came back and I finally sit down to write this. Main driver is that I got around to starting the photo books for the trip. Talk about procrastinating...

Anyway here is my recollection of what happened


Nice town, colonial buildings and loads of churches. You get the picture. This time its surrounded by a large city. We only stayed 2 nights but we had a good time enjoying the local food, wandering around the cities and admiring the soldiers with their vehicle mounted machine guns. Wait what? Yes this is also Mexico. A couple of days before we arrived there were large protests and some looting over the most important pressing issue that this world has (don't forget it was before Trump….) Petrol prices. Anyway when we arrived all was good again. No protest and I don't blame them given there were busloads of soldiers just tucked away behind the cathedral. I wasn't joking about the large mounted machine guns. Not sure exactly how they protest in Mexico but they certainly don't take any chances.

We did the usual big red bus tour, that we do in any city that we go to. Nice sums it up.

We were nearly heading towards disaster though. One morning our trusted travel companion and most beloved family member got lost. Yes that's right we lost Geoffrey the giraffe. As all good parents do we initially lied to Dillon and pretended everything was fine while we panicked internally. I even googled to see where I could get a “replacement” Geoffrey from.

Luckily I managed to speak to the manager who spoke to the cleaning staff who discovered that Geoffrey got tangled in the linen they replaced that morning. Disaster avoided.

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