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Well we survived the night and were both up early to move on. After running a few quick errands, we jumped on a bus and headed towards Tamarindo. It's a beach town on the pacific coast that has seen a huge influx of American tourists. There is a ton of development and the town is crowded with prostitutes. I am not a huge fan but my experience wasn't very nice. The day started well as Matt and I found 60usd on the bus so we each got 30. When we arrived in Tamarindo there were many options for hostels so we picked one from the lonely planet and checked in. Tonight is a wet t-shirt contest at a club so we will find the other guys there for sure. Wait! As we are checking in, Morris ... read more

Dec 2, 2009 Looking forward to a bit of sun and sand, our next destination, Tamarindo, was a beach town on the Pacific side of Northern Costa Rica. From the Alfaro Station in San Jose, we were able to take a cheap local bus to Tamarindo. During our 5-6 hour ride, we noticed that the bus hadn’t moved for a while. A little concerned that we were in yet another roadblock, we quickly realized that there had been a head on car collision with a huge truck. Both vehicles were in rough shape. It probably didn’t help that it was dark and the road were a bit slick from the rain. By the time we got to Tamarindo, it was already dark out but the little beach town was lit, restaurant and bars were still open ... read more
Lights At Our Hotel
Surfing The Waves

We left Liberia to get to Playa Tamarindo early on Friday Oct. 30. We arrived by bus and settled in at La Bottella de Leche (The Milk Bottle) Hostel, a cow-themed establishment. Friendly and chaotic it was packed to the brim that weekend for reasons that had nothing to do with the wildlife or surf. More on that later. Our guidebooks warned us that Playa Tamarindo was overdeveloped and commericalized. Well, it was a bit odd in that none of the roads were paved, but there were several tall, luxury hotels, bars, and pricey restaurants. Still, the beach was very beautiful. It was great to get a view of the Pacific, as we hadn´t seen it since leaving Washington state. Our main interest in coming to Playa Tamarindo was to view the leatherback turtles nesting in ... read more
Playa Tamarindo
Sunset over the beach

My first day in Costa Rica was spent wandering around San Jose, changing money, eating Quiznos, and silently laughing to myself at how excited T-Bag gets when he talks Spanish to other people. We caught a bus out of San Jose on Wednesday, and rode six hours to the beach town of Tamarindo. People like to party here, but not in the methods that Taylor and I are used to. The closest we could find was this dude named Andre who suggested we get three bottle of rum and take it to the bars with us. We are staying at a hostel on the east side of town that is run by a couple of Argentinians. The best break nearby is at Playa Grande, which is a thirty minute walk north, complete with a river crossing. ... read more
Our Digs
Our Digs

Costa Rica is probably the most outwardly "touristy" country I have visited so far on this trip. There are people everywhere and, as I am briefly with my folks again, we're enjoying the amenities provided for proper tourists who can afford to splurge. There is something to this lifestyle. People have short breaks and they want to relax. I get it. They want to be spoiled. I am just not at the point in my life right now where this is my cup of tea, or glass of fruity cocktail, so to speak. My attitude towards travel budgeting is to spend as little money as possible while taking in the culture and being safe. The hotel we are now at would not fit into this budgeting. It is a stunning "eco resort" in Playa Tamarindo on ... read more
How Green is Thy Valley
Retired and Relaxed

We had been in Costa Rica for almost a week, with everyday filled with some sort of activity, adventure, or random act of stupidity. Steve had left town early on Thursday morning, and I believe this is really when our trip came to an end. Being that we were in Costa Rica in September, we had just hit the beginning of the rainy season. We already got soaked on the atvs the previous day, and the rain just did not stop. All day Thursday, it was nothing but terrential downpour. We couldn't go in the pool or ocean, or even lay out by the beach. Thankfully, a beachside bar at the resort and some British tourists provided the days entertainment. We chatted about all sorts of interesting topics like how cool Robbie Williams really is, and ... read more
Sea Bass
Celabratory cigars

Well we HAD to take a little detour and go to Costa Rica, mostly because my parents MADE me spend some family time with them. GOSH. I hope you can sense the sarcasm in my writing because we were stoked to head off to Costa Rica and spend some time in ‘The Good Life.” There is just so much to talk about, especially since we ended up staying for 10 days, therefore I’m going to give you the main highlights. We left the airport from Miami around 6 a.m. and arrived in Houston for our layover. I had a message on my phone from my mom telling me that her and my Dad were having troubles with their passports and weren’t sure if they were gong to be able to make it. I guess you aren’t ... read more
Surfin Costa Rica Style
Kati, ma and pops

I'm looking for cheap or free volunteer oppurtunities in costa rica. I've done some homework and they all turn out to be $2000 or more. I'm also interested in learning to speak spanish in costa rica on the coast on a budget, I would prefer to be on the coast to be able to surf as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Shaun LA , Ca... read more

Claiming that he only had so many vacation days to take in September, our boy Steve had to leave Costa Rica a couple of days earlier than the rest of us. Given the experience we had at Carlos' restaurant the night before, we decided we would try to step it up a bit to give Steve a proper departure. This way the day we went on the atvs, so before we went to dinner, we went into town to pick up a few gifts and have a couple of drinks. This is when I discovered Rock Ice, the Costa Rican knock off of Corona. After finishing the bottle, I decided that I would stick with Imperial. We got back to the hotel and cleaned up, and then headed into town to a restaurant with a great ... read more
Rock Ice
Trio of Fish

One of the things that I enjoy most about traveling is the chance to interact with locals of where ever I am. Most of the time, you will get the inside scoop on a place, and in the end, make a new friend. Another one of my pleasures of traveling is trying out local restaurants, rather than eating in a hotel or at a chain place I could have anytime in the states. When these two forces combine into one in the town of Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the outcome was by far one of the most interesting dining experiences I've ever had... After one dinner of hotel food, our group vowed that we would not eat the inclusive buffet for our evening meal the rest of the time we were at ... read more

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