Robert Edgell


Robert Edgell

I just graduated from the University of Victoria and decided to travel throughout Central America for a few months with friends 😊

Well today I awoke early because there was free pancakes from 7-9am. The others were sound asleep so I snuck out to make breakfast. They were still asleep well after I finished so I headed down to the pool to relax and write this :). Noon rolled around and they were still asleep so I headed to a little local place to grab some food. It was the typical beans, rice, and chicken but done really well. After that it was a day of relaxation by the pool. The four of us did absolutely nothing, barely making it to the supermarket for more food before returning to the pool. That night the boys decided to go out again. I decided to just watch some olympics before heading to bed.... read more

So we can take a direct bus in two hours or a collectivo right away. We opted for the collectivo and what a mistake. The four of us awoke in the familiar hostel Pangea, one of my favorites on this trip, and packed all our gear. After a leisurely breakfast we were off in a taxi to the Coca cola bus terminal. It was ten in the morning and we had those two options I previously stated. Jumping on the collectivo we prceeded towards Manuel Antonio on he Pacific coast. The bus didn't go more than five minutes before stopping to pick people up. Four hours later we had covered under 200km but were finally in Manuel Antonio. The direct would have been much less painful and the twelve o'clock arrived a little after we did ... read more

Ah slept in! My alarm was set an hour late because of the time change in Panama. Banging on our dorm door woke us up at 6:55am as Morris was waiting for the three of us. We quickly jumped out of bed grabbed our bags and went quickly to the docks. It was important we didn't miss the boat because we had to be near the border at ten to catch a bus we had payed for. One of he first times on this trip that I can remember sleeping in. It ended up working out though when we jumped on a later boat but still made it with time to spare. We bartered for a cab and then jumped on the bus for the long trip back up to San Jose. The border crossing went ... read more

Today sun rays were coming through our window when we woke up. It was early yet the heat was already making us sweat. We headed down to make pancakes and figure out the days plans. After talking to a few guides and checking prices, we decided on heading to bluff beach just up island. The first taxi we tried wanted an outrageous price so we waiting for the next. It ended up being a pickup truck so we hopped in the back for a bumpy but cheap ride. The beach was empty with some great waves letting us ditch our stuff in a nice spot then head in. Matt and Morris stayed by the gear while Justin and I headed to the water. It was a really steep slope into the huge waves so we had ... read more

Awesome pure blue sky this morning when we awoke. Wizard beach had been very nice and we wanted some photos because last time we had forgot our cameras. Matt, Justin, and I decided to boat back there while Morris checked out a different beach, Bocas del Drago. We ate breakfast, bought lunch at the supermarket, then headed out in a little boat. It wasn't nearly as wavy this time so we made it without a hitch and jumped off in the shallows. We picked a similar spot to last time to leave our stuff. Matt wandered off for some photos while Justin and I decided to crack some coconuts first. We spent the day swimming, taking photos, and lying in the sun. It was a great day and eventually the boat came back to get us. ... read more

Today we were really looking for good weather because we wanted to check out a different island. It was not to be however as it was a blank white sky. We moped around the hostel in the morning debating what to do before settling on Red Frog beach. It is on a different island but has a few appealing features. Being a park it is undeveloped and a little out of the way from the main town. It gets it's name from the little poisonous red frogs in the marshes nearby. We were hoping to wander through and find some of the little guys as well as body surf and beach bum around. So onto the boat we jumped and headed through the mangrove covered water passages. Eventually we pulled up the island and jumped off ... read more

Well it was a very amusing wake up. I was wet with my head down at the wrong side of my bed. We all exchanged stories then went out for a very late breakfast. It was cloud covered and for once we didn't mind. The whole day was spent watching movies and reading. The town is getting read for carnival so a bunch of guys in costumes chase the locals. They are dressed like devils and hit the ground with whips to make loud cracking sounds. It looked entertaining as teens ran around the devils trying to grab them without getting hit. After lazing about all day we just went to bed early to get a good day in tomorrow.... read more

Today I awoke around 8:30am and wandered down to make another pancake breakfast. I settled in a comfy seat and read a book for most of the morning. The others came down later and went out for breakfast, opting not to eat pancakes. We all just hung out in the hostel for the rest of the day, alternating between sleeping and laying down in the common area. I wandered through town checking out the shops but couldn't sum up much energy to do more. It was cloud covered so we decided to chill and go to a different island tomorrow instead. Tonight is ladies night on a little island a minute boat ride away so we need to rest up for that. Oh boy, I will refrain from the details but we all got really drunk. ... read more

Alright, up-and-at-em. I rolled out of my bunk and headed downstairs for breakfast. This hostel has a free pancake breakfast so I made myself a huge plate of them and settled down in the common area to eat and wait for the guys. One by one they awoke and we headed into town for some more food. After loading up we jumped into a boat to head to one of the little islands. There are tons around this area, all with massive white beaches. It really looks like picture book material. So our little boat took off with 6 of us aboard heading to Wizard beach. There was some huge swells twice the size of the boat but that didn't purturb our local driver who, with his 200hp motor, launched us over them. We would smash ... read more

This is one of the first travel days that had a relaxed wake up. Our bus left at 10:30am so we had time to get breakfast and stroll leisurely to the bus. It was sweltering hot and a long bus ride was not what we were looking forward to. Matt, Justin, and I had to stand most of the way while Morris managed to find a seat. The ride was about two hours to the border. We jumped off expecting the usual border hassle but to our surprise it started nicely. We checked out of costims in Costa Rica quickly and were off towards the Panama check in. This was where we got the usual rip-off. We couldn't get into the country unless we had proof we were leaving. No paper proof=no entry so they made ... read more

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