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September 13, 2010 Weekend: The past weekend was very relaxing, and reminded me a lot of my recent trip to Dahab and past visits to Mexico. With the town a little sleepy due to the rainy season, there was not a whole lot to be doing. I spent the majority of my weekend in front of a TV watching football. Saturday was college football, and the local sports bar, Sharky’s, has direct TV and 5 screens! I never realized how amazing watching 5 games at a time could be. It was great to see the Huskies demolish Syracuse, and that quarterback from Michigan is making quite a name for himself. Sunday was NFL day, and what a surprise it was to see the Seattle Seahawks score 20+ unanswered points and absolutely stun everyone by beating the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Tamarindo September 11th 2010

Arrival in Tamarindo: Upon landing in Liberia after a very comfortable 3 hour ride from Miami (our 200 seat plane had 30 passengers, so I took row 9 to myself and sprawled out for the majority of the flight) I was disappointed not to be greeted by a name-placard-wielding Tico. However after using a taxi driver’s cell phone to call my school I was told to take a cab and the school would foot the bill. After an hour of moderate driving (compared to Cairo nothing will ever seem bad, however Costa Rica is a bit scarier than driving in the United States) I arrived to my school in Playa Tamarindo. I was greeted by friendly staff and shown to my room, the bottom bunk in a 3 person room, which shares a bathroom and kitchen/living ... read more

UN CATAMARÁN, UNA RAYA, UN PEZ ERIZO Y UN MAREADO. 8h30. Nos despertamos hoy más tarde que nunca. Nos ponemos en marcha bastante rápido. Reservamos la excursión de la tarde, y vamos a desayunar. Son casi las 9h y ¡está todo cerrado! Vamos a un local dividido en dos. Curiosa historia: dos chiringuitos, uno sirve zumos y otro sirve crepes y café. Se comparten las sillas y las mesas pero no tienen fórmulas compartidas. Él de los crepes, no puede servir zumos y él de los zumos no puede servir cafés. Vamos primero al de los zumos a mirar un poco las opciones que tiene. Nos atiende una dependienta bastante borde e impaciente. Decidimos ir a la creperie que tenía una fórmula interesante de una crepe salada más una crepe dulce más zumo Tang (no natural, ... read more
Sonia y Tamim...
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SAFETY BOX IN GRINGOLANDIA 6h20. El teléfono de Sonia otra vez! Qué curioso, ¿no? Todo el año con el móvil en silencio y nunca lo escucha y de vacaciones, a todo volumen y sonando a horas intempestivas, ¡ja! Aguantamos un poquito más en la cama, pero ya estabamos despiertos. Es lo que tiene acostarse pronto, que uno tiene ganas de levantarse pronto también... Antes de nada, ponemos el teléfono en silencio y sin vibrador, no vaya a ser que alguien más interrumpa la paz. A las 7h, estamos en la cocina de Carmen listos para el desayuno. Ya no somo los únicos huéspedes del hotel. Hay una pareja de españoles estilo Coronel Tappioca, y un par de parejas más. Después del desayuno tico (a los costarricenses se les dice "ticos"), nos ponemos en marcha. Tenemos bastante ... read more

Well guys Ive been in tamarindo for about 3 days...3 days too long. This place is super crowded and congested. I did get to surf some 10ft swells yesterday and today...not a bad paddle out either. I surfed all day yesterday till the sun went down. A couple of guys let me use there boards. I caught one of the longest biggest waves I have ridden last night, the only down side is the thick line up of begginers, longboards, and Stand up paddle boarders all out there. After surfing me and a few people I met headed up to sharkys for the NBA finals and some beer. Once the finals were over they had karaoke..yes I sang...threw down some offspring selfesteem. Had the whole joint, of about 100 people, jamming out. Today when I was ... read more

Its been a few days and I have already typed this up twice and this blasted pc, which is some thing out of weird science, keeps shutting down on now you get the abreviated version. After a night of salsa dancing and chilling with just about every one @the hostel we headed to bed preparing for our day coming. The next day we woke up wished Yolla fairwell and chilled poolside for some breakfast and cafe. Afterwards I convinced anthony not to be lazy and head to the falls with me. We also conned Elena and Sophie to ride with. Taxi fee 6dolla one way + Park entry fee 10 dolla = EXPENSIVE but worth it. After about 2 minutes down the trail you get to the intial overlook of the falls. You peer down ... read more

First off, we would like to thank all of those who have been reading our blogs, and leaving messages for us. If you have not already, you can subscribe to this blog and have automatic updates sent to your inbox when we have updated our blog in anyway. Guatemala: We left off in Antigua, Guatemala with a broken window and little knowledge of how and where to replace it. Deciding to have a change of scenery we headed up to a hostel that rested on the edge a moutain, which over looked the city of Antigua and the active volcanos in the distance. This was a Canadian owned hostel called Earth Lodge. We took this time to relax and prepare ourselves for what was ahead in our journey, starting off by setting up our tent and ... read more

The town of Tamarindo is widely renowned for its surfing activities. It was by stroke of luck that we decided to venture into Costa Rica and experience its rich bio-diversity while also rewarded by its rich culture and traditions. As we gear up to write a new page in our travel adventures. Our hopes slowly diminished as good all LAN-Peru didn't pull through, which resulted to missed flight connections to Liberia from Lima. What do you do! That episode deserves a different blog by itself. Arriving in Liberia Airport was impressive. Impressive in a sense that the airport was designed to be an open area; passengers disembark the plane to walk 15 minutes along the tarmac on the way to immigration. I was telling my better half on the side; it’s not that hard for someone ... read more
Dawn at Tamarindo
Colorful starfish
Coral snake

"Con Sus Dedos de Pie Debajo de la Espuma" (With your toes beneath the surf) I must begin this entry with some observations about new favorite art form: dance. I've always loved dancing but I feel my appreciation for it grows every day that I'm here. My two favorite types (both to watch and to attempt) are salsa and meringue. Most of the dancing I've been exposed to has been a direct result of the classes they offer to us on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but I have ventured out a few times to see what it's like out in the "real world". The university hosted a party the first week of classes and there was some salsa dancing. That night was almost like a culmination of a lot of my romanticized ideas about what makes ... read more

Well this day was pretty much a bust. We all woke up at random late times and wandered to the market for food. All of us spent most of the day in various forms of relaxation/recovery. My choice being to lie on the couch with a bag of cereal and gatorade watching the football playoff. Throughout the day the others woke up only to find a hammock or spot on the couches to read or surf the net. At 2:30 Jeff and James headed out on there way back to Canada. I forgot to give them stuff for home but oh well. We did a bit of planning that night for the morning but all in all it was a day of nothing.  ... read more

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