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Yesterday we went for a little excursion up the estuary near our new home away from home. We brought along our new American friend Mike. We met Mike on the bus out from Alajuela and ran into him later that week and told him about where we have been staying at the Gardenia Hotel. Anyways, off we go down the beach with me, Karen and Mike and we are looking for Juan - a tour boat operator we spoke with a few days earlier. We had promised Juan if we were to come back and do an estuary tour we would use him. As we were heading up towards the estuary a "tico" introduced himself and asked if we wanted to go for a boat tour. We said no, we promised to use Juan. He of ... read more
Up the crick
American Croc

ANTS! COCKROACHES AND SCORPIANS.....OH MY! Welcome to Costa Rica! I'm going to get my bug rant over first....Being the peaceful non killing vegetarian type we are, we have been very busy shoo-ing the big black and white ants out of our room. Sweep sweep little guys, out the door you go! But alas, just as we were getting ready for bed last night, I was pulling the large curtain closed to cover the sliding glass door, when on the back of the curtain I thought I saw little legs ..... Of something.... Now as some of you may know I have been working VERY hard to get over my Arachnephobia considering we were heading to Central America for 6 months...right? So instead of shrieking like a banshee, I did a little yelp and ran my behind ... read more
view of the beach
self explanatory :)
lava rocks and waves

Hola from Tamarindo! I LOVE it here. Even though the journey here wasn't very pleasant, it was totally worth it. We left Friday morning around 8:30. Our first stop was the airport to pickup my camera that had flown from Connecticut with my friends parents. We incorrectly assumed that we could take a bus from the airport to Tamarindo, and ended up having to go back to San Jose and catch a bus from there. Aaaaand we missed the bus by 5 minutes. The next one wasn't for like 5 hours so we decided to instead catch a bus to Santa Cruz, and then Tamarindo. By means of uncomfortable, but cheap, buses we got to Tamarindo around 8:30pm. A long travel day. But our hostel, called Pura Vida, is super neat and comfortable. There are a ... read more
dorm room at hostel
road to hostel
storm coming in after sunset

A lot has happened this past week. It has been difficult to connect to the internet on my computer, so I’ll try not to leave anything out now…however, it may take a few entries to get up to speed with everything. Tuesday my dad and I rented a car and drove out to Jacó from our hotel in San Jose. On our way out there, my handy dandy travel book gave us a tip to stop at a bridge that passes over the Río Tárcoles. We pulled over the car and walked out onto the bridge to see a huge population of crocodiles. We counted as many as 30 crocodiles laying out on the river banks and floating in the water. It was amazing and I’m glad my dad noticed that section in the book; otherwise ... read more
Mamo Chino
La agua

We had a couple of days to relax in a really nice 5-star beach resort on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. The sun is hot (80 - 100 degrees F), and we have a nice sandy beach and surf to play in. The second day is really windy, so we had to get off the beach as we were beiong sandblasted. But, the resort has a very nice pool, and by afternoon we are sunburned and hot anyway, so we head indoors to the air conditioning. The food is fantastic - there are so many deserts we couldn't try them all in 2 days! Sunsets across the water are beautiful both nights. Steve took a time lapse photo showing the surf and the moon shining on the ocean.... read more
Pool area on JW Marriott Resort in Guanacaste
2012-02-28-10 42 03-W60-0003
2012-02-28-11 13 02-W60-0040

After investigating the places we wanted to see, and examining the layout of the country, we decided to deviate from our normal traveling methods and rent a car. Our Ticabus ticket would give us a ride from Granada all the way to San Jose, Cost Rica's capital but that was 3 hours past the turn off towards the Costa Rican Gold Coast. We didn't really want to have to backtrack that far if we could avoid it because our rental car was at Liberia, in northern Costa Rica and near the Gold Coast we planned on visiting. We talked to the bus driver when we got near the Costa Rican border to find out if we could get off the bus before San Jose. This was a common occurrence we were told. We were dropped off ... read more
Entrance to Hotel in Playa Tamarindo
Public Beach at Playa Tamrindo
What a Beautiful Beach!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Tamarindo September 18th 2010

Friday September 17, 2010: It is Friday! I’m on my 20 minutes break between grammar and language practice right now, and I don’t normally spend it on the computer but I am in such a good mood after talking with my grammar professor that I had to get my thoughts down on paper. My professor L.G. used to teach at the school I will be spending a month at (CPI in Playa Flamingo) and informed me that it has a much bigger facility, a pool, and a very great staff. She named 3 or 4 other teachers here at my school in Tamarindo that used to work at CPI. It struck me as odd that they would all leave if it were such a good school, but then again they also live in Villareal which is ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Tamarindo September 17th 2010

Thursday September 16th: After a lousy night’s sleep (the rest of the group decided to go swim last night and I said no way José, I need my sleep yet I was awoken during their 4 am return) I had class at 8 and spent my break running into town to get my shuttle to Monteverde straightened out. Thanks to Michelle at CR Paradise for having it all ready for me when I got there! After break was language practice which consisted of conversing with my professor Marietta about how she spent her day off, and the gossip of her and her friends. Apparently one of her friends is in the middle of a love triangle of sorts and has two boyfriends, one for the day and one at night, whom she lives with and who ... read more
Mi Amiga Pilar
The Groom having some fun

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Tamarindo September 16th 2010

Wednesday September 15, 2010: Today was independence day as I noted earlier, however I didn’t do much to experience the parades and parties I fantasized about. Getting to Villareal by 8 am was not practical and instead I utilized the day to sleep in until 10 am and relax on the beach with my fellow students. After a nice (but fairly expensive) breakfast with 3 of the German students at an Italian café, I watched a half of the Real Madrid game and then went to the travel agency to book myself on a catamaran cruise tomorrow afternoon, and to order my shuttle for Sunday’s trip to Monteverde. After that it was off to the beach for 4 hours of sun and fun. We played volleyball for the majority of the time, with a few breaks ... read more
Golden Monkey
The leftovers
The fruits of our labor

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Tamarindo September 15th 2010

Monday night and Tuesday: Monday night was very interesting to say the least. After the US Open was delayed for rain again, we went to the pescador, a little restaurant on the beach, for our welcome drink. Since there are only a few students here now, we all went (but only us news ones got a free drink!). There are currently 8 students and 2 interns, and one of the intern’s friends. 11 people, 8 of whom take class regularly. A month (or two) ago, the school had 80 students a week! Wow, it really is low season. Back to the evening, we had our welcome drink, got a pitch from the lady who runs the local travel agency, and ate some chips and guac. Then my friend Dustin and I headed to Sharky’s (the sports ... read more
One big grasshopper
Sounders Game!

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