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We spend the rest of the week going surfing and lounging around the hotel. This truly is a vacation even for me. And yes I needed a vacation from traveling. It's been a while since I last surfed and I'm not very good at controlling the surf board. It's a good thing the beach is not very crowded or I would probably hit someone if they were in the water in front of me. Kitt (Adam's brother) comes down from Nicaragua to go surfing with us. He's a much better surfer than we are. I guess surfing for 6 years makes a difference. On most of our surfing expeditions, Cisco is busy taking pictures on the beach and getting sun burned. Actually, we all get sunburned, but mine wasn't as bad as everyone one else. I'm ... read more

Another beautiful morning in Costa Rica. We eat breakfast before checking out the beach next to the hotel. It's very hot so we all decide to take a dip in the swimming pool (water is actually colder than the ocean) and then head to Tamarindo. For lunch, we end up eating in a Soda shop again. The food is good and well priced for the portion size you receive. We explore the town a bit and find a surf shop where Jayne, Adam and I book a surf lesson for the next day. We explore the town a bit more before heading back to the hotel and spending the rest of the day relaxing. We end up eating in the hotel again, but it's quite expensive. We really need to eat somewhere else that is cheaper. ... read more
No! Don't go into the ocean!
Let's bow our heads for a moment of silence
Hey everyone! Why am I in the water?

We head out to Guanacaste. It's a very hot day, but we have air conditioning, so, we are golden. It takes us a good part of the day to drive to the JW Marriott. We stop at a Soda shop for lunch. I order a whole fish and actually finish it. I must have been more hungry than I thought. The food's good, but more expensive than Peru and Ecuador. The one redeeming thing is you can pay in USD or Colones (local currency). We eventually make it to the Marriott after getting lost twice. That's not bad. The Marriott is on the beach. It has it's own pool, jacuzzi, hot tub, gym, and spa. Our room is very nice. It has two double beds--wonder who I'm sleeping with?--a big screen LCD TV, and air conditioning ... read more

Other than the production of coffee and bananas, it's not surprise that Costa Rica makes most of its money off tourists, especially those from the United States. And let me tell you, they certainly have their ways of getting this cash down to a science. I think it's pretty safe to say that the term "refund" doesn't exactly transcend the boundaries of Costa Rica. This is exactly what we learned when we took a (no joke) 3 hour tour...on the pouring rain. Before we left the states, I made sure that atvs in the jungle was on the agenda. As we noticed the raining season was picking up, and our time at the beach was dwindling down, we wanted to make sure we did this activity. After we got back from our catamaran ride, we ... read more
Gear Up
The Unseen Valley
Doesn't the beach look lovely?

"THIS F**KING SUCKS!!!" Ah yes, the infamous words that were screamed from a catamaran lavatory on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica one fine Tuesday afternoon. But how would a harmless boat ride get to this point you ask?...... After a day of relaxing at our hotel, we decided it was time to do a "beach activity". Fortunately for us, there was an activities booth set up near the main reception which we decided to investigate further. One tour operator offered an all day boat cruise which included snorkeling, sea kayaking, and most importantly, beer. For about $60 dollars, this sounded like a pretty good plan. We payed up and a van picked us up and took us to the beach where our catamaran was docked. We took a short dingy ride out to the catamarn ... read more
Pura Vida! Pura Vida!
Steve actually enjoying the ride
Put your stunner shades on

Hola all! Hope all is well. I heard about the incredibly cold weather in Colorado. I'm here at an internet cafe in my shorts and bikini!!! Anyway I'm on the Pacific side in Guanacaste, it's very nice, I like the town a lot, the beach is nice, but it is too cold to swim in. I came down here by myself on Monday and I met some people, some Americans, a British girl, and a Brazilian musician, it has been really fun. I have a nice room all to myself, and it is not beach front, but right across the street from the beach front properties, I can still see the ocean from my balcony. It is going to be a big adjustment to get used to the cold weather again. I'm here until tomorrow morning ... read more
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After a couple of days in La Fortuna, it became obvious that the volcano was not going to show itself, so I decided to head for the beach. I hadn´t heard many good things about Tamarindo but it is a beach, and it is (roughly) on the way to Nicaragua, so I decided to head there for a couple of days and try to do some surfing. I arrived in Tamarindo after a 6.5 hour bus ride, exhausted and hot. I was wearing jeans and sneakers, and of course a huge black backpack. To say I stood out at this beach town was an understatement. I was standing on the side of the main street, looking confused, when I heard a voice from beside me, in accented english... "why don´t you come inside, take off your ... read more
Beach scene at Tamarindo
Surfers at the main beach at Tamarindo
Extreme Unicycle

What's a summer vacation in Costa Rica without going to the beach? Pointless. After we had our fill of the volcanoes, greenery, and cows, we decided to head to the beach in Tamarindo for the remainder of our trip. Once again, Steve took the wheel as we drove around Lake Arenal for an hour to the Pan-American highway, and then another 2 hours up to the beach. Since we wanted to save some money during the trip, we decided to stay at an all-inclusive Barcelo resort while we were in Tamarindo, which included meals and drinks. Now, this hotel had a killer pool and nice villas, but when they slapped on bright yellow wristbands when we checked in, we became a bit suspicious. Our suspicion was further enhanced when we saw the lunch/dinner buffet, with "chicken", ... read more
Beach from Barcelo
Crabs on the Beach
The Discoteca

Hola! Pura Vida, Costa Rica! Pieces of advice: avoid rainy season - (it rains practically every single day), avoid buying anywhere in Tamarindo (better go to the supermarket with Buddha statues - we think it's called Auto Mercado or something like that- right before entering Tamarindo) , bring lots of sunblock and insect repellent, bring your camera everywhere, and DO NOT miss surfing (or surf lessons), ziplining (or canopy tour), and Palo Verde national park tour (if you are into crocs, monkeys, grasshoppers, iguanas, and egrets). Best time to go- December to April. Good places to eat: Portofino - inexpensive, good pizza, if you do not mind monoblock chairs. Our favorite so far is one that we call "Mama's place" but we do not know its real name, for some reason we just started calling it ... read more
tamarindo diria
boat ride in palo verde
maria & grasshopper

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Tamarindo September 26th 2008

Wow it's been 4 years since my last trip. Almost forgot my password to this site. Well this blog will be a few days jammed into one. I left for Costa Rica on Sept 25th and had 2 lay overs. There's not really any direct flight to CR so I would recommend limitting your layovers. When I first purchase my ticket I thought 2 lay overs including 3 hours at each airport wouldn't be bad but until you do the time it sucks. The first layover was into Salt Lake City which I flew Delta. I don't know about the other airlines but Delta was pretty disorganized. I came very close to missing my flight because they were overbooked.I asked the lady what was going on and like a veteran she told me to look at ... read more
Airport Security
Sansa Airlines

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