a perfect wedding day and a few hiccups

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gim & mariagim & mariagim & maria

walking to the market

Hola! Pura Vida, Costa Rica!

Pieces of advice: avoid rainy season - (it rains practically every single day), avoid buying anywhere in Tamarindo (better go to the supermarket with Buddha statues - we think it's called Auto Mercado or something like that- right before entering Tamarindo) , bring lots of sunblock and insect repellent, bring your camera everywhere, and DO NOT miss surfing (or surf lessons), ziplining (or canopy tour), and Palo Verde national park tour (if you are into crocs, monkeys, grasshoppers, iguanas, and egrets).

Best time to go- December to April.

Good places to eat: Portofino - inexpensive, good pizza, if you do not mind monoblock chairs. Our favorite so far is one that we call "Mama's place" but we do not know its real name, for some reason we just started calling it "Mama's" because of this its motherly owner who likes serving us super big portions at such cheap prices, like, really cheap! Around 5000 colones for 2 big complete meals, including drinks and lots of fried plantains to boot!!! Luuuv that place. Mama's owner is Colombian. Again, a shack with monoblock chairs, gravel floors, concrete tables (!), barbed wire fence, a puppy (on
tamarindo diriatamarindo diriatamarindo diria

view of our room
a leash), and 2 cute parrots (one of them bites).

If you are craving for sushi (yup, they got sushi), we recommend Wok 'n Roll, moderately priced, good sushi. Some kind of a fusion restaurant. Nice place to hang out and look for eye candies 😉

Best coffee according to the locals - Britt coffee. My parents, the coffee connoisseurs, can attest to this, as Gim and I are no coffee drinkers.

Thank God on the day of our wedding, it only rained in the early morning, but miraculously, it was sunny during picture time (The eggs worked!...for good weather). There is something about destination weddings where all your close friends and families are all together that is unparalleled. It's a one-of-a-kind vacation where the significant people in all aspects of your life are gathered in one place to have a great time - high school and college best friends, parents, cousins, sibings, all in one place doing tours, surfing, ATV, dinners and night-outs! Nothing can beat that. I had a Bridezilla moment (dont' we all?) when it started raining, I didn't like my makeup, I felt so tired, etc, etc. But everything turned out to be perfect.

Here is the link to our wedding pictures..they are kinda expensive if you want to buy them from the original website but we will put those pictures on another website which y'all can download so you wouldn't need to pay.

event ID : gim-maria

That's it for now! Until next time! We gotta start packing now.

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night party

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9th October 2008

El Coconut
I have to disagree on the restaurant choice as a fav. I totally loved El Coconut. There's also the one down the block to the left of the hotel which is nice too. I went there the night of the rehearsal with the guys. I was the pimp getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.... Still itching from it!
12th October 2008

okay... so that's what a barong looks like when wet. hehehe...
15th October 2008

greetings from CNBC...
Gim, My friend, you couldn't have picked a better time to leave the country. In case your not keeping up with all the news, the stock market went to complete Hell right after you left. I blame you. Anywho, best wishes to you and the little lady and when you get back you'll have to tell me all about your adventure. Until then I'll follow along with your blog. Peace, Jonesy

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