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We spent the day visiting a variety of beaches going south from Playa Panama. Jose Diego was our driver today and he did a great job with the navigation and making sure we had a great time. Dantita Beach and Dante Beach were the first stops. We drove and hiked a vista first and then took a walk on the beach. We stopped at Flamingo Beach and took another walk. Another stop at Brasilito Beach . Then we had lunch in Tamarindo and after we took a short drive took a walk on Playa Longosta. We went back to Tamarindo and took our surf lesson from Iguana Surf Shop. We were in a small group lesson with a couple from France. Kendall was our instructor. After a short lesson on the beach it was into the ... read more
Lori surfing Tamarindo
Iguana Surf School Playa Tamarindo
Pedro surfing Tamarindo

Not terribly sure when I made my mental ' bucket list ', but it's been cruising around for quite a while ! :) # 1 SAILING ~ the thought of flapping white sails, blue/turquoise seas, the wind in my hair, hot sun on my face................aahhhh. The dream came true last Monday. My Costa Rica ! My husband booked us a trip on the beautiful schooner, ' Antares', based in Tamarindo. We waded out into the shallows, where the sea was as warm as bath water & climbed into a small motor boat for the short distance to Antares. We crested & crashed through large waves & a shrieking young woman clung to my right arm, as though her life depended on me. She seemed to relax a little once I started laughing, but didn't let ... read more

Costa Rica was a great surprise. Started in San Jose (stayed at the Aloft Hotel for the first night) - fantastic hotel, modern, chic and a great free breakfast. Rented a vehicle from Wild Rider - great guys, good vehicle, cheap on gas. A little more expensive that Hertz, Alamo etc., but I book it the night before I arrived in Costa Rica. (1) Night in San Jose (2) Nights in Manuel Antonio (2) Nights in Monteverde (3) Nights in Tamarindo (1) Night in San Jose Manuel Antonio - beautiful beaches in the National Park $16 entry fee each day. (3) hour drive from San Jose. Falafel Bar was a good healthy choice for food. Monteverde - amazing zipling; Extremo Zipling took the prize for the fastest, longest and highest experiences. Also did zipling in Selavutra ... read more
Manuel Antonio
Selvatura Park

À la plage on a vu un camion qui a piqué notre curiosité! C'est un campeur sur lequel il est écrit les Milaventour... On est allé les voir et ils nous ont accueilli. Ce sont des français qui font un très grand voyage. Ils sont partis de New York avec leur camion. Ils ont fait beaucoup de route! Ils ont un blog eux aussi, c'est! À voir, ils partagent leurs découvertes et aventures sur la route.... read more

Several weeks ago,we returned from another visit to Costa Rica- this time we went for a destination wedding near Tamarindo in Guanacaste. I think CR is now off the list but we did have a good time. The worst part of Costa Rica is the trip to get there. We had to exit Salt Spring to get to Vancouver-that was day one. Day two , we flew to Houston via Calgary for another overnight and day three, we finally arrived in Liberia. Getting there is not half the fun, but it was a self inflicted wound as we had chosen the cheap flight option. This was also our first try at flying with no checked baggage which worked out fine, proving that one can survive with minimal luggage. I think we saved about $25 for each ... read more
Our resident egret
Big male iguana
Our first hike of the trip

It was an early start so I could take full advantage of the car hire and Kate met me just outside the car rental place in the high street of Samara. The car rental firm were called Alamo and they seem to have locations all around Costa Rica and globally. I had the option to be able to drop the car off at another location which would have been good if I needed to go back to San Jose. Once I had sorted out the paperwork we were good to go. I also decided to hire a Satnav as thought this would come in very handy. I felt quite calm given the fact that I was driving in a foreign country for the first time which meant driving on the right hand side of the road ... read more
Beautiful beach
Kate and myself

Pura Vida means pure life (e.g. life is wonderful) in Spanish. Costa Ricans embrace this saying in their daily lives and happily share it with tourists. Their positive outlook, warm smiles and friendly greetings were contagious and made me feel very welcome. From the airports to the restaurants and hotels, we received first class service and a plethora of Hola! Buenos Dias! and Gracias! from local staff. Being in Costa Rica reminded me of my homeland. Do you strive for happiness every day and live with an attitude of gratitude? A smile or kind gesture can truly brighten someone’s day. Our trip to Costa Rica was in June 2013. June is considered “Rainy Season” -yes it was hot, a bit humid but it only rained once. Thanks much weather God. Below you will find a variety ... read more

The last day in Monterverde we both did Ziplining which was frightening yet an experience you wont have anywhere else around the world but in Central America. IT IS A MUST DO! It was beyond lauras confort zones yet she had no option but to complete it once she was on the course which consisted of 7 ziplines *she did try to back out several times, and two superman lines & superwomen lines which are the longest in Central America. Photos and a video is attached. Day three we caught a bus from Monterverde to the main road, then a direct bus to Libera, then another bus to Tamarindo Beach about 6 hours later we arrive. 5 things we loved about Tamarindo... 1. The Sunsets everynight, there was always a crowd of people along bars on ... read more
All harnessed up
our hostel in monterverde

Well, after 4.5 weeks in Tamarindo, we decided to split. OK so don't hate us, we are not bored in Costa Rica....we are in need of a new adventure! I think that staying in one place that long was a mistake as it has started to get a bit monotonous. It would be a great place to live, if you had something to do every day Besides, napping, walking, reading, swimming, reading lol. We finally met some of the other people at our place, and they were also having encounters of the creepy crawly kind too. Everyone had encountered the scorpions but one other lucky couple also had a tarantula! Speaking of tarantulas...... we have rented a car and are heading out tomorrow into the Central mountains to an area called Monteverde. Home central of tarantulas ... read more
Don't know
Pit bull
Beautiful butterfly

As Ian's slowing getting over his cold, we have been staying very close to home, sitting quietly, reading and reflecting. A couple of times I went for my walk by myself as he hadn't been sleeping well at night and was tired. On my quiet walks I have been noticing so many things. The life on the sand, on the beach is abundant, yet so different from home. The ocean here is void of starfish, yet I am so used to seeing all those bright purple starfish from home. There isn't any sea weed on this beach either, or muscles attached to everything. Our First impression of this ocean beach was that it was pretty empty. I have since learned then that is far from true. As you walk along the tide line as the water ... read more
Ocean pods
Close up of the pods

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